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  1. 1. Columbus, OH 2. 0.3 3. Yes 4. Srixon z745 - 4-P - Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 5. Consistent distance and dispersion 6. ABSOLUTELY!
  2. Let me know if you have one you're willing to sell!
  3. I will take one for you tonight when I get home from work. thanks!
  4. 1. True Spec Golf, Columbus OH 2. Columbus, OH 3. 0.3 4. Taylormade SIM 8.0* - Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 75 6.5TX 5. Partially fit at Taylormade Kingdom 6. TSi3 7. Absolutely! Would love to test and provide numbers using my GC2.
  5. Looking to replace the blue 7x I have in my SIM 3 and 5 woods. Just a little light. Anyone out there have a good deal (preferably used to save some cash) on Ventus 8x and/or 9x in either black or blue profile?
  6. Wow that’s a pretty significant amount! Something that is definitely worth the wait if that ends up being true. That’s for sure LST vs LST?
  7. Do we have any insider info on how much lower spin the 425 LST will be vs. 410 LST?
  8. There are definitely other manufacturers who use metal 3D printing from prototyping shapes of new clubs. If you're only producing a few versions, they can be printed relatively quickly and I believe in most cases can even be robot tested due to the material.
  9. I would love to see Yes! putters make a comeback!
  10. send some offers! Want this thing out of my possession before I leave on vacation this weekend
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