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  1. Sadly I don’t have the Ping drivers yet I did hit both at a retail store and I actually spun the max significantly less than the LST Hopefully I’ll have them soon
  2. I'm looking to get another armlock in the near future here and I'm wondering if anyone on the site has used both of these. I've had a couple SIK armlocks before and I have had a couple regular and broomstick Directed Force putters before. To me, the LAB armlock sounds super intriguing given that the forward lean is drilled into the head instead of bent in terms of loft. I always struggle with the closed look at address of many armlock putters
  3. Looking for a Sik armlock LAGP preferred but will listen to all options!
  4. I LOVE the knee method I practice on a homemade slope board and I measure where my knee "pops" out to, using my shoelace holes as a reference. There was a great post on this site of someone who uses this method but I can't seem to find it. I'll keep looking and post it if I come across it
  5. Anyone have one they're willing to part with?
  6. Leupold is finally releasing a new rangefinder in March. It’s on their website now. Has some additional features, one of which is fog mode
  7. I have a DF 2.1 with Stability Tour shaft. Does anyone else feel like these putters take quite a bit of extra "hit" to get the ball to go the same distance as other putters? I used it for the first time on greens that were running 11+ last weekend and I literally left every putt short. Just felt like the input didn't equal the output
  8. Please don't be afraid to make an offer. I'm willing to deal on some of this stuff! Have my sights set on a few things for the upcoming year
  9. I purchased an F35 Let's Face It last night on eBay. I know they're intended to be used as sidesaddle or armlock I'm excited to try it for an armlock putter. With the amount of forward shaft lean, I would like it would allow one to set up much more naturally for this style putting We'll see!
  10. Price includes shipping and is Or Best Offer! 1) LAB Directed Force putter. 74* lie and 36.5". Upgraded Stability Tour shaft. Includes 2 different grips, as seen in the photos. Overall in very good shape. This putter used to belong to Bryan LaRoche (BryanGolf) and I purchased it from him after chatting on Instagram. Includes headcover This would cost over $750 to build right now on the LAB site. Price is $old 2) LAB Directed Force Broomstick. Purchased this from another member on this site but I've decided I'm sticking to armlock or regular and
  11. I’ve actually owned the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized. Best optics by far IMO but I hated the stabilization feature
  12. Anyone use one for an armlock and care to provide thoughts? Seems like the forward lean would be perfect for armlock
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