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  1. How do these hats do in staying cool compared to other golf bucket hats? I love the sun protection but every bucket hat I own is so darn hot
  2. Alright which bucket hat does everyone feel does the best job at staying cool? I have one that I believe is Nike that’s thick and gets so darn hot Imperial old Norse looks like it could be good https://www.imperialsports.com/product/cc050-the-old-norse-cooling-sun-protection-hat/ the adidas is so light and thin but unfortunately even the L/XL doesn’t fit my head https://www.adidas.com/us/uv-sun-hat/FI3032.html?cm_mmc=AdieSEM_Feeds-_-GoogleProductAds-_-NA-_-FI3032&cm_mmca1=US&cm_mmca2=NA&kpid=FI3032&dfw_tracker=29156-FI3032-00
  3. I've tested a lot of drivers this year originally Radspeed won out due to the low spin and launch characteristics. I really started to miss the right/left adjustability so I purchased another TSI3 head and I'll most likely go back to that club I had the Max LS and honestly the sound was so off-putting that I could never play it. So high pitched. Like hitting a railroad spike. I've heard some people say it's not that bad so either their driver sounds different or their ears aren't working properly (kidding!) TSI3 is the best sounding and feeling driver I hit
  4. Here’s another picture. I looked closer and it seemed to be more of glue residue than paint. I cleaned it up with acetone and it’s much less noticeable
  5. Price includes shipping and is OBO Callaway Epic Max LS 9* head. Headcover included Slight paint imperfection near where the hosel begins but it's really hard to see from address Price is $old If interested, I have a couple options in TX flex shafts
  6. After about 3 months and probably 20 phone calls...Bushnell is finally replacing my Pro X2 with a Pro XE I just purchased a BlueTees 3Max and it's actually pretty nice. Nice clear display and gives distances very quickly. But with the Bushnell coming I'll most likely return the Blue Tees
  7. Looks like the armlock models are only available in 72* lie angle. That's a huge bummer as I really wanted to try these, but I def won't be attempting to bend something 5-6* upright
  8. Kind of crazy they aren't showing what the display will look like with all that information being shown
  9. I just got mine yesterday. Haven't taken it to the course yet but playing around outside, I like a lot of things about it. Display is clear VERY fast at showing distance The red and black text both display very clearly Slope switch seems sturdy and doesn't wiggle back and forth Dislikes - The case with magnet strap is not strong enough IMO. I wouldn't feel comfortable not zipping up the case while riding on a cart - Weight isn't hefty which is different for me coming from a Bushnell Pro X2 For $235 (golf galaxy sign up coupon) I thi
  10. https://www.cobragolf.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=putter Some really good looking options IMO
  11. Price includes shipping and is OBO SELLING AS A LOT ONLY 10 shaft adapters ($200 value new). Some used. Some brand new. All good condition Sleeves included with set 1 Taylormade 1 Titleist 2 Callaway 3 Cobra 2 Ping 1 Mizuno extra washers and rubber rings Price is $old
  12. I was able to grab a LS. Although I haven't had much time to hit it, I did hit 5 or so balls on the range and honestly the sound is horrendous. Someone else mentioned it sounds like you're driving a railroad spike, and I couldn't agree more. Going to be hard to get past that
  13. Just got off the phone with them. They're coming "in the future." No exact date yet. Theyre still working out pricing and timing, etc. But they are coming
  14. Sik makes a "mini Flo" which is roughly 370g. I reached out to them on their gram and they put me in contact with someone who is checking final prices for me. I haven't seen pics yet but I'm hoping some will be sent over!
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