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  1. Found it on Facebook Golf Club Traders group
  2. Just got a great deal on a 1k 60tx, tipped 1", with a Titleist adapter. Most of the year I've been testing a TSI3 and Radspeed with Ventus Black 6x, untipped. Radspeed won out mostly based on the spin and launch being lower. Mishits were also a bit lower spin and kept decent distance. Not sure if the 1k will reduce the spin in the TSI3 enough to make it my gamer but I'll certainly test and see what happens!
  3. I have almost this exact putter coming. What didn't you like about it?
  4. How do the new backpack straps compare to the older ones where you could move the padding up and down?
  5. How do the new Ping straps compare to the old style where you could move the padding up and down on the strap? Those older Ping straps are my all time favorite and I’m hesitant to get a new Hoofer because they don’t have those adjustable straps
  6. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1) Tour issue Taylormade Spider X center shaft putter. Chalk color Small sight line Black KBS shaft with Pingman grip 35” There are some imperfections in the paint near the sight line (clearly seen) Price is $425 OBO 2) Ping G410 LST 9degree driver head Absolutely fantastic condition. Price is $old 3) Aldila RipX 65 TX. Tipped 1/2”. Only hit probably 50 balls. Adapter is a Club Conex Unifit (will pull if not needed) Price is $120 OBO 4)
  7. His putter actually has more loft than this driver...haha
  8. Right hand x flex shaft or head only
  9. Confirmed in the comments by Kenny to be a prototype
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/CallawayWorldofWunder/comments/mbfe7x/epic_speed_101_an_introduction/
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