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  1. Sorry if this has been answered but will this putter eventually be part of the full LAB line? Or are we talking 1,000 protos available and that's it?
  2. Right hand Ideal shaft would be Project X LZ 6.5 Would consider other builds or heads only
  3. Right hand Ideal shaft would be Project X LZ 6.5 Would consider other builds or heads only
  4. Just as the title states Playing at least standard length. Regular chrome or black version welcome
  5. Price includes shipping and is OBO Tour Only offering in 8.5* Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS. 8.5 stamp, actual loft of 7.5 as seen on the spec sticker Perfect condition. I only hit around 15 golf balls with it price is $old
  6. Idk if my 8.5 can end up beating my TSI3 but maybe for the first time in my life I’m going to do the smart thing and not test it. I’m hitting my TSI too well to even mess with. If anyone is interested please let me know
  7. Looking for an HMT Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with
  8. Price includes shipping and is OBO Studio Select Newport 2 Midslant. Really solid condition for it's age. There is a nick on the bottom cavity that can be clearly seen in the photos. Headcover included but it is well used. I believe the length is 34" but I can double check tonight (forgot to measure this morning, apologies) Price is $300 OBO
  9. Driver shaft. Not tipped more than 1" Callaway adapter is ideal but not necessary
  10. I’ve tested both pretty extensively (on course, not scientific) and I like the LAGP more. It has so much more feel compared to my Stability 2 Tour. Just made more putts with the LAGP for some reason played both in Sik putters However, does it drive anyone else insane that they always come installed in putters where you can see the graphic near the tip of the shaft? Why not just rotate it a little bit so it’s clean. Drives me nuts
  11. Nothing tipped more than 1" but would like it to be long enough to be tipped, if it currently is not Callaway adapter is ideal but not necessary
  12. Directed force putter for sale Used condition but still quite good! Small scratches very easily clean up with soap and water 35” 69° lie Press No2 grip Headcover included Price is $old
  13. I have an 8.5, actual lost 7.5 on the way and should be here this weekend! Can't wait to put it up against my TSI3
  14. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel DONE 2. Search for your local Club Champion location DONE 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? - Columbus, OH 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes, but only woods 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? - Irons and Wedges
  15. The photo's of the top of the putter really make the condition look worse than it is. A quick wipe down and it's in very very good shape!
  16. Price includes shipping and is OBOSik DW-C Armlock putterMatte black finish with single toplineLAGP shaft and Jumbomax 17” grip 43.25”6.5* loft (told by PGASS)77* lie (told by PGASS)Price is $old
  17. Anyone have some insider pricing info on this? I wonder if there will be an upgrade program so I can go from GC2 to GC3?
  18. Looking to purchase a putter loft/lie machine
  19. https://puttr.co/ anyone seen this or had the chance to test it out? Looks pretty cool but there’s also pretty minimal info on their site. very curious what the software and games are like
  20. All prices include shipping and Or Best Offer 1) Tensei 1K 50TX. Tipped 1”. No adapter or grip. Fantastic condition Price is $240 2) Ventus Blue 6x. Tipped 2”. Don’t shy away. Still easier to hit than my Black untipped. No grip or adapter Price is $old 3) TPT Red 14 Hi. Golf Pride grip with Honma logo. Unsure of tipping Price is $old 3) Ping G425 Max head. 9*. Includes weight kit with multiple lighter and heavier weights to dial swing weight. Very good condition. Please reach out for more pictures Price is $old 4) Cobra Radspeed 9* head. Lightly gamed this year. Includes slightly used adapter Please reach out for more pictures Price is $old 5) Callaway Mavrik Subzero 9* head. Fantastic condition. Please reach out for more pictures Price is $old
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