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  1. Price includes shipping and is OBO Callaway Mavrik SZ with HZRDUS smoke green 6.5tx in 60g (Hulk shaft) 9° loft SST pure on the shaft Incredible condition. Hardly played. Includes headcover price is $425 Head separately $210
  2. Sounds like a lot of people are enjoying this driver. Debating between picking up a Max LS or a Speed Triple Diamond LS
  3. I have one in armlock. I love the set up of the putter...but I dislike the feel of the putter I've tried many different armlock styles and the DF 1000% sets up the best. The forward shaft lean makes it much more comfortable and allows me to set the putter down square and I don't feel like I have to hood the putter to get into position. The feel of these things is just...not good...IMO. I'm going to keep putting with it and compare to my SIK armlock. Again. love the set up. Don't love the feel and how far forward the ball needs to be in the stance
  4. I was under the impression the Max LS is the lower spinning of the Callaway models this year. I don't believe it's marketed that way but from some of the reviews I've read it seems that may be the case
  5. Would really appreciate those who have one to keep updating this thread with their thoughts!
  6. I've tested almost every driver out there this year with the exception of a select few... Drivers Tested: Ping G425 Max Ping G425 LST Cobra Radspeed Titleist TSI3 Titleist TSI4 Taylormade Sim2 Currently only 2 are still in the running. Radspeed with Ventus Black 6x and TSI3 with Tensei 1k 60TX I have Smoke Green TX that has a Callaway adapter on it...anyone out there truly think the Max LS is worth giving a shot? I get good numbers with that shaft and the Mavrik SZ but the ball speeds are much slower than the others.
  7. Has anyone turned one of these into a full length armlock yet?
  8. I ordered this through Golf Galaxy and saved 15% with a new email sign up. I wasn't sure if the promo code would work but it did. I think it came to $235 including tax. Seems like a good deal if the rangefinder is as nice as it seems
  9. Bought a Sik armlock today and just like that feel a bit more. I will say the forward lean of the shaft makes setting up to this a breeze. By far the most comfortable I’ve tried
  10. Price includes shipping and is OBO Just received this earlier this week and I practiced once and played one round. Putter is mint (sorry the pic has some grass stains but that will be wiped off obviously) 43" 78* lie angle 5* forward lean 21" armlock grip Sets up beautifully, just going to stick with a different putter this year. Cost me over $600 all in Price is $500
  11. Right hand 35” (10g weights)
  12. Found it on Facebook Golf Club Traders group
  13. Just got a great deal on a 1k 60tx, tipped 1", with a Titleist adapter. Most of the year I've been testing a TSI3 and Radspeed with Ventus Black 6x, untipped. Radspeed won out mostly based on the spin and launch being lower. Mishits were also a bit lower spin and kept decent distance. Not sure if the 1k will reduce the spin in the TSI3 enough to make it my gamer but I'll certainly test and see what happens!
  14. I have almost this exact putter coming. What didn't you like about it?
  15. How do the new backpack straps compare to the older ones where you could move the padding up and down?
  16. How do the new Ping straps compare to the old style where you could move the padding up and down on the strap? Those older Ping straps are my all time favorite and I’m hesitant to get a new Hoofer because they don’t have those adjustable straps
  17. Price includes shipping and is OBO 1) Tour issue Taylormade Spider X center shaft putter. Chalk color Small sight line Black KBS shaft with Pingman grip 35” There are some imperfections in the paint near the sight line (clearly seen) Price is $425 OBO 2) Ping G410 LST 9degree driver head Absolutely fantastic condition. Price is $old 3) Aldila RipX 65 TX. Tipped 1/2”. Only hit probably 50 balls. Adapter is a Club Conex Unifit (will pull if not needed) Price is $120 OBO 4)
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