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  1. Will there be a replacement for the Z Forged blade?
  2. Anyone know if there will be a new blade released as well?
  3. I have iron covers on my blades which are in my staff bag which has my name stiched on it ?
  4. Everybody play what you want. It’s your money. If you play better or play worse and you’re ok with it it shouldn’t matter what others think. The main thing is to enjoy the game in whatever way YOU like.
  5. > @paztormike said: > I just tried the 785's for the first time over the past week. They felt fine on the range, but when I took them onto the course, I was blown away by the feel and performance. > I've had them on the course the past few days after work for a few holes, and can't stop being impressed by them. > > Knowing that they are $300 cheaper than Mizuno's and $500 cheaper than the Apex 19's; makes me feel like they are comparatively a great bargain. > > They have the most solid and soft feel of anything that I have hit recently and are surprisingly forgi
  6. I have a full set of each but mostly I play 4-6 Z785 and 7-PW ZForged. Good combo for me. The blades are like lasers.
  7. I have both and on the 7-PW I personally don’t find much difference. 4-6 you do get a little forgiveness with the 785’s but the Z are very playable.
  8. I rarely if ever post. Just enjoy coming to site but had to comment on this. I recently purchased a set of irons from Will mostly because of the positive things I’ve heard about him on this site. My experience was extremely positive. He was great to communicate with and provided a great experience. He has a customer for life.
  9. I went with P790s as well. Just felt better to me.
  10. Look amazing. Will these rust over time? Anyone have any pictures of SM6 that show what they look like months after being stripped? Thanks!
  11. If you just judge your club purchases off of 4 shot reviews on YouTube then you likely would never even see his distance on your best drives to his mishits. He literally didn't make a single solid strike on any of the 4 and one still almost went 300 yards. It's comical people actually base their purchases off of a review on YouTube. No wonder Titleist signed Crossfield to their gear because guys like Silverstang drink the kool-aid. So funny thing is I’m not buying the cool aid after all I’m not buying a Titleist driver. Not sure how watching you tube reviews for information is any differen
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