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  1. I believe that's what OnlyFans is for...
  2. It's not a 1 piece forging. The ZX5s have a different material face welded in so it has to be a badge. Because of the different material face they probably used some sort of foam adhesive to quiet things down while also softening the feel and created a badge that looks as close to the cavity of ZX7 as possible so people feel good about comboing them. Just really well thought out engineering, design and marketing collaboration if you ask me.
  3. Chat support on the Srixon website said they thought some lightweight heads for over length builds were in the works for these irons. Was that mentioned to you by the Srixon rep at all?
  4. Should be fairly similar to the pro orange you are used to, it's just not "counter balanced" although still more "counter balanced" than a steel iron shaft. That's why it's so much lighter in swingweight than what I normally play. Otherwise it still has a little more wiggle in it than I like. Mine is tipped 1", wish I went 2". What feels boardy to most feels good to me so I might not be the best person to gauge off of.
  5. I originally had a C-Taper 130X to match my iron set in my Mp 18 mmc fli hi, Switched to the Tensei CK Pro White 90 in a TX flex. The flight and spin to me is identical but I am 5 yards longer with it. That's probably a combination of the fact that A. The shaft is lighter and B. I had to add a half inch to keep the swing weight up. So longer and lighter club was worth a handful of yards. Dispersion about the same. The swing weight is the big thing to take into account. A graphite hybrid shaft is going to be 20-40 grams lighter than your iron shaft and it will also have a higher ba
  6. Whoever designs clubs for Fourteen is an absolute artist. These new wedges might be the prettiest on the market. I miss their FH1000 blades though. Those were beautiful as well.
  7. I'll bet a custom fitted Sim 2.0 that within the first 10 comments once you post pics someone says it's ugly and hates the color scheme.
  8. I keep talking but eventually they stop listening. That's when I tell them it's not them it's me and replace them with a younger model with bigger sweet spots.
  9. For some reason Titleist and Callaway are the only two brands that understand face angle and lie angle need to be separately adjustable. Super frustrating when there is a driver on the market you really like but adjusting to the loft you need pushes the toe in the wrong direction.
  10. Wish they made light weight heads like Mizuno. Really like these but they would come in around D9/E0 at my specs.
  11. Did you guys know Bobby Brown used to be on Dustin Johnson's bag?
  12. Part of me wonders if the field would have a chance if Tiger dropped his driver for a driving iron and another wedge.
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