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  1. I'd give anything to see Si Woo Kim and Sungjae Im in a playoff for the bronze medal.
  2. The Staff Model and Staff Model Raw ball is fairly high compression already. It's right up there with all the other tour X balls so if you think this feels firm it must be up there in the left dash neighborhood.
  3. Two different flexes in the same shaft profile is a new one for me.
  4. Lol the link for the discussion on the GCQuad is for a unit in the classifieds section.
  5. Nothing about this looks comfortable. The last place I want to be standing over a putt that I need to make is in a position of discomfort.
  6. I went with the Zip Cores over these. If I could get the V Sole Mid Grind with the Heel Toe releif like the tour racks I just ordered I would've been all about the full face. But the single grind option was a no go for me on these guys.
  7. Awful lot of people like the 57 Chevy...just sayin.
  8. Odyssey throws back to White Hot. Scotty throws back to Studio Style. Not a lot of original ideas in the putter market from the big brands these days.
  9. I thought my other driving irons didn't fly high enough. This flies higher than the others which I view as a good thing. I wouldn't call it too high though. Spin is in a good window for me and I don't see any ballooning.
  10. Yes big time improvement over the U45,U65, U85 iterations. Much more compact and far less offset. Feel and sound are also miles better. Launches higher for me as well even though the footprint is much smaller. Huge improvement.
  11. I have a 20* ZX Utility bent to 21* with an MMT 100 TX Hybrid Shaft pencil trimed in. I've had Srixon U45, Taylormade P790 UDI and Mizuno MP 18 MMC Fli Hi previous to this club. It is easily the hottest face of the utilities I have owned. Still putting it through it's paces to determine if it's the best. When struck in the sweet spot it is the highest launching of the utilities I have owned and what I would consider neutral in terms of spin. My swing speed with it is about 95-97 mph with -3* to -5* AoA and it produces about 3200 RPM backspin on average for me. As far as
  12. Bryson is both part owner and on the board of directors for LA Golf. Not sure how giving Bryson money and supporting his business is a "troll move".
  13. Hoepfully there is a lightweight head option for overlength builds this time around or some porting offered like Vokey does. At +1" and 3* upright I've tried Milled Grind, MG2 and Hi Toe wedges along with P770 irons and they all came out to E3 swing weight. How bout some love for the tall guys @TaylorMade Golf?!?!
  14. My Srixon ZX7s are perfect. Like so many have said in this thread there is nothing else you could do to make them better. I'm already considering loading up on extra sets for the future. They are that good.
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