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  1. Always weird to me when a company makes him a special putter with the long neck Juno and he has incredible success with it. Nails clutch putts to beat JT in a playoff and then later wins a major in the same season. Then poof it was out of the bag. You would think all these young kids who grew up watching Tiger would hold the if it ain't broke don't fix it mantra a little closer to heart.
  2. Got it, so as long as we say with all due respect first it's basically open season.
  3. He probably sets his quad up with a 20 mph tailwind programmed in for the gram.
  4. Flight Scope can't love Bryson out on the range with a GCQuad.
  5. If that's all he can do right now it's stupid to even show up. It's one golf tournament that he has no chance to win in this condition and any setback could cost him a dozen tournaments.
  6. When the grind is programmed into the machine you know you are getting the same exact grind every time. It limits variation from one club to the next. Taylormade's tour truck has done a good job of explaining this benefit because once a player like Tiger has their unique grind dialed in they can scan it and recreate as many heads with that exact grind as they want. They aren't going to have to hand grind out the imperfections or differences each time you want fresh wedges. So you as the player know if you replace the head the next one should perform exactly the same as the last.
  7. In the second set of pics I agree with you, but the first pic looks like a different shaft. Could've been testing something different seeing that he's clearly on the range during an off day. If you're going to try something new that would be the time.
  8. I miss the pressure of the single elimination bracket. Every shot meant just a little bit more right out of the gate. Dove Mountain was also a much better golf course.
  9. KBS Tour C-Taper X-Stiff 130 gram pulls. 4-AW set. They were never hit. Came directly from Srixon in a set of ZX7s at +1". Grips are also brand new Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G White standard +1/32" of tape. $200 shipped. SOLD!!!
  10. I just look at the fact that the TXG guys are really the ones who poured gasoline on the fire and they won't even put it in their own bag. That should speak volumes. Also, I'm typing this random sentence in bold italics because apparently it lends more credibility to what I'm saying. Trust me!!!
  11. Here come the onslaught of Ventus Purple videos from TXG...
  12. I'm kind of surprised this hasn't caught on as standard for all wedges at this point. I can't see any reason not to provide the extra versatility.
  13. Seemore Nashville z3c Black Mallet. Used for 10-15 rounds, looks almost new. Specs are 35" length, 68.5* lie, 2.5* loft. Has a Seemore 95 gram grip and the standard Seemore True Temper shaft. Comes with both Nashville and Groovy Black head covers. $200 shipped.
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