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  1. Cant go wrong with the ping g15s. Even the pros are using them, i.e. Kj choi.
  2. Playing with dad and brother. And those pure shots that make you feel you're on the precipice of dominating the PGA.
  3. I say keep it unless you have a lot of time to practice and money for lessons. Trying to change my swing was the worst thing I did. That was in 2008 and I'm still not back to where I was.
  4. Went out last Friday in Michigan when it peaked at 50*. No range at the course. Shanked my drive onto the 9th fairway and almost hit a lady. I decided not to keep score.
  5. I live in Michigan and have a park behind my house. On days with the temp over 20* I go out to the park with a shovel and my cold weather golf gloves, clear an area where I can hit balls from, and hit my ball, jog after it to stay warm and dig it out of the snow, clear an area to hit, hit it towards my first clearing, jog over and find my ball.. rinse repeat. My neighbors must think I'm crazy but I love it, keeps the swing grooved, and its good exercise.
  6. Get the ZStar yellow. Great ball and will put you in a zen like trance
  7. The yellow ball craze is just beginning now that the yellow zstar is discounted to $30.. at least by me. I bought 2 dozen and love them. And yes my playing partners assumed I was messing around and playing a crappy ball until it showed off its spin.
  8. Awesome putter, I want a Monaco just like that.
  9. I agree the TM inserts are awesome now. Better than C groove and Method and more forgiving.
  10. I think its time to get groovy. I'm a big fan of the Kia Ma 2010 Taylormade line up. They feel amazing and put a great roll on the ball.
  11. I've been very impressed with the new Clevelands when I've tried them out at the store very good feel for the money. I have a Yes Tracy putter and on a good stroke the feel is amazing and better than any other putter I've hit but its not the most forgiving putter. If you have a very consistent stroke I'd say go with Yes but otherwise I'd give the cleveland a go.
  12. I prefer the 9064 with the proper shaft.
  13. R11 if you like the white. Its a beast.
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