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  1. I use the 8” 3/4 hp Jet grinder with the trick tools attachment that is 4x48”. The 2” one works fine I just got a deal on the 4”.
  2. I’ve ground a bunch of them myself. That said, if you’re doing it, I’d make sure I had a grinding belt with a rubber front wheel. Trick Tools has one that you can buy with a grinder or as a grinder attachment. You want the rubber wheel so you can press into it and it not bounce
  3. Sub70 unhemmed pants and RLX White pants. Package deal only $55 shipped conus
  4. 1. Scotty polo size Large. $80 shipped worn once 2. Scotty best of 08 cover $70 shipped 3. Scotty TCC Fairway cover $130 shipped 4. Scotty club covers $50 each or $120 for all 3 shipped 5. Tiffany Blue day of the dead girl putter shoe. $55 shipped (I have Tiffany paint to match for paintfill if needed) 6. Odyssey Merica cover $30 shipped 7. HZRDUS red Hybrid pull $55 shipped 8. Cally XForged w/ Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Black Onyx s400 $55 shipped 9. Adams prototype putter $45 shipped conus All prices shipped in conus only trades considered is for a Patrick gibbons strang
  5. Would consider carbon Newport 2 heads as partial trade bait
  6. Scotty T22 Newport 34” new, grip in plastic, plastic on insert and sole. Bag opened for pics. $580 shipped CONUSScotty Welded buckle with black tejus lizard size 34 House of Fleming belt. This has been worn approximately 10 times. Belt has a little curvature to it which is common curvature. $235 shipped CONUSL.A.B Golf Directed Force putter. 34”, 68 lie, 4° loft. $285 shipped CONUSTitleist TS3 15° fairway with Diamana Ahina X flex. Head was refinished in satin black when I got it so don’t know who did the work. $150 shipped CONUS
  7. I’ll get my hands on one of these eventually. The T1100 is in the bag and has been since I tested it on here. The EF T1100 made a brief appearance but nothing has remotely come close to supplanting the original t1100 for me. This green hulk is interesting for so many reasons in the 60 TX.
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