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  1. Peroxide, salt and a spray bottle. They’re the tour raw also.
  2. 5 wood isn’t in much lately. 4 iron is out most of the time. 64 can rotate out instead of one of the others. If it’s a long course usually 4&64 out.
  3. I’ve been around just don’t post nearly as much as I used to on here
  4. Been a LOOOOOOONG time since a update to this. Been through a set of PXG irons and a couple experiments it here’s the current setup (the 4 iron or 64 rotates in or out most depending on where im playing, that’s why both are in the pics) I haven’t played a Titleist product period since the 907d4 driver... Irons since the Dci990... Now after extensive testing for myself I’m nearly all Titleist. Titleist TSi3 10° with Tensei White Raw 65x Titleist Tsi3 15° with Tensei White Raw Taylormade Burner T5 17.5 (bent to 18.5) with Diamana Blueboard 95x Titlei
  5. 1. Jumbomax Tour Medium pulls. Set of 13. These were on for a couple range sessions and a couple rounds. Installed with air so no tape residue. $155 shipped conus 2. Dynamic Gold 105’s in x100. Set is 4-pw,50,56,60. Have taylormade golf pride strips. Were pulled out of a set of standard length p790’s and MG2’s. Sold as a set only. $165 shipped conus 3. KBS TGI 80 in stiff. Pulled out of a PXG 3 utility 0311x. Has blacked out golf pride mcc cord midsize on it. $45 shipped conus 4&5. Scotty Visors. Black and Tiffany and White and Tiffany. New in bag. $60 e
  6. This feels like the correct topic to post this in as it’s a look at who I came to know Breck as, a doting and devoted father. I was devastated to log on to Facebook this morning and see that Breck (Deerslayer) has sadly been taken from us so soon. He’s one of the first people on this site that I interacted with on a regular basis and became friends with and followed outside of here. Breck lived his life doing what he enjoyed, his passion for his family and the outdoors shining through. I know Stratton gets on occasionally on this account of his from time to time and I wanted to leave him a not
  7. Sent a pm for payment info. I’ll take the f7m2. Been looking for another gold one for years.
  8. I use the 8” 3/4 hp Jet grinder with the trick tools attachment that is 4x48”. The 2” one works fine I just got a deal on the 4”.
  9. I’ve ground a bunch of them myself. That said, if you’re doing it, I’d make sure I had a grinding belt with a rubber front wheel. Trick Tools has one that you can buy with a grinder or as a grinder attachment. You want the rubber wheel so you can press into it and it not bounce
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