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  1. For me it’s the TSi3 and it wasn’t close. First Titleist I’ve put in the bag since the 907d4 and that was the first one since the 905R. Before that 975 JVS. Haven’t played a ton of their stuff but it’s a slam dunk this year for me. Haven’t driven the ball this straight with as much control moving it either direction in a long time
  2. Headed to bed because I work real early. I’ll respond to pm’s in the morning
  3. The shirts out of packages are ones I had multiples of for my personal closet. The ones for sale are the packaging. I’ve put pictures from the shop in this reply as well
  4. 1. Masters Tee Shirts ALL SIZE LARGE. Pimento Cheese tee, Egg Salad Tee, Navy Concessions tee, Grey Concessions tee (2 available) $60 each shipped conus 2. Scotty Art of Putting Santa Fe. Never been refinished. Perfect project. Shaft band in great shape. Has original cord grip on it. NO COVER. $300 shipped conus 3. Scotty Serape set. 1 NIB fairway, 1 utility, 1 putter. Utility and putter in great shape. Don’tappear to have been used very many times as fur isn’t dirty nor piled how they get when used. $550 shipped for the set to conus (no interest in splitting). Only trades wou
  5. Peroxide, salt and a spray bottle. They’re the tour raw also.
  6. 5 wood isn’t in much lately. 4 iron is out most of the time. 64 can rotate out instead of one of the others. If it’s a long course usually 4&64 out.
  7. I’ve been around just don’t post nearly as much as I used to on here
  8. Been a LOOOOOOONG time since a update to this. Been through a set of PXG irons and a couple experiments it here’s the current setup (the 4 iron or 64 rotates in or out most depending on where im playing, that’s why both are in the pics) I haven’t played a Titleist product period since the 907d4 driver... Irons since the Dci990... Now after extensive testing for myself I’m nearly all Titleist. Titleist TSi3 10° with Tensei White Raw 65x Titleist Tsi3 15° with Tensei White Raw Taylormade Burner T5 17.5 (bent to 18.5) with Diamana Blueboard 95x Titlei
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