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  1. Welcome back to the game, and thank you for the kind words! I find the BXS a bit shorter than BX overall. I lose about half a club with irons and wedges – mainly because of the lower launch, and additional spin BXS provides over BX. I find BXS to be close with driver, but into a strong wind or softer fairways, BX wins in the 5-10 yard range. In the cooler temperatures, I play BXS and don't have an issue quickly adapting to the different yardages. My club has wicked firm and fast greens, and I am giving some thought to giving the BXS
  2. As you suspected, the 105 ball speed is more of a marketing guideline than a hard rule. Ultimately, Bridgestone uses swing speeds to put their ball in "categories," and they believe swing speed is one thing most players know about themselves. Using myself as an example - My average driver swing is 100 mph. But after going through a ball fitting and playing several rounds with multiple balls, I a firm fit into BX... It suites my swing and playing style. So you may want to give a couple of them a try. Here is a list of wedge spin from highest to lowest: 1. BXS 2. B
  3. Chrome Soft X LS is most likely the ball you are looking for. It is missing the super high launch you request. But assuming you have a higher swing speed, you may find it launches plenty high for you.
  4. Hey, buckethat, you are correct; TP5 will have a fair amount more spin with short irons and wedges than 21 TP5x and BX. In my playing and testing, I've found BX has more bite than TP5x - perhaps 10-15%. For my game, TP5x hits and often rolls past my intended target. Whereas BX hits and bites - minus pulling back and making a good pin high shot a 10 foot uphill putt that I would get with a TP5. Referring to my statement of BX being "high spin." To put it in context, I find BX to be the "highest spinning ball" on approach shots out of all the "low spinning" long game bal
  5. I fear sounding like a broken record… so I apologize upfront… But for me, the BX is just that good. In my experience, V1x was in last place of the three balls mentioned in the title, when comparing driver accuracy and green side spin. In my testing, BX won the green side spin by a wide margin with 21 TP5x coming in second. When comparing straight flight off the tee I found BX and 21 TP5x to be virtually interchangeable. Hope this helps!
  6. Bridgestone Tour B X in the heat Bridgestone Tour B XS in the cold
  7. I spent a fair amount more time testing 21 TP5x against BX. TP5x is a good ball, but I can confidently say it did not do anything better than BX... but for me, a solid second place.
  8. Yes, I have one but it is a tour only head, they do not offer it retail.
  9. Yeah. I thought it was interesting that they tested the low spin version for slower swing speeds (RX) and then tested the high spin version for faster swing speeds (XS). I would have thought, at the very least, it would be the same "version" for both swing speeds.
  10. Bridgestone Tour B XS has as much spin as any tour ball on the market. Give it a shot... if you want spin, B XS will be your friend.
  11. I'll just drop this right here for some fun viewing once Masters coverage is over today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdTMkRTwrxs&t=655s
  12. Tour B X or Tour B RX should give you what you are looking for. B X will likely be longer with the driver and more spin with irons. B RX will be straighter with driver and a bit less spin with irons. Both should give you all the greenside spin you are looking for. Good luck!
  13. I had a chance to spend some time playing 21 TP5x on the course and comparing it against my beloved Tour BX. I have not yet had the opportunity to test them side by side on Trackman. I will post updates here if I find any conflicts when testing on Trackman. My initial on course impression of 21 TP5x is easily summed up in two words – HIGHLY IMPRESSED. A few posts back, I said if Tour BX were not an option, I would quickly switch to 21 V1. In early testing, the 21 TP5X is a solid contender as well. (FYI - Yesterday I tested both balls in a 30+ mph wind - this
  14. Truly my pleasure... as you can tell I'm bit of a nerd and enjoy all the testing. Always cool to hear when it actually helps someone out!
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