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  1. That is correct. The Dash and Dot are based on the "chassis" of the 2013 (Dot) and 2017 (Dash) golf balls. Many times when you read a player is playing a "2013 Pro V1" is because they are play the Dot.
  2. I would say you are pretty close to spot on. Lower launch than LD and a bit more spin with irons and around the green.
  3. I'm hear rumblings the the "Unicorn Status" Left Dot may have an extremely limited retail release... coming soon. Stay tuned...
  4. For the most part, the 2015 V1x spun more than the V1 also. I made several posts here regarding that then and got roasted for saying it lol. When they officially "flipped" in 2017, it gave me a little "street cred." Changes like that happen slowly over time. Titleist doesn't make radical changes to their franchise cash cow... they happen slowly. My guess is the 2013 balls are where the script began to flip.
  5. You nailed it... I believe we are the minority as well. But I must admit, the additional height and spin are a welcome addition to my iron game. I am very interested in your testing results. Good luck on your trip!
  6. hammer, you are wise to be firmly in the BX camp; it is an outstanding ball. When I started playing BX prototypes in the fall of 2019 it was the first ball that blew me away in a long time... it was a game-changer. In my opinion, V1x is an evolution of BX. It sounds like we have similar games... I too, butter my bread 100 yards and in – so short game performance is paramount. As I have mentioned in the past, my club's greens are firm, fast bentgrass. So to find a ball that holds them is a big deal for me, and V1x is a winner here. A young man who caddies for me summed it up best... "the thing I love about you playing this new ball is we don't have to spend as much time doing the math on where to land an approach shot and let it bounce and roll out to the pin. You can just hit this thing and know it's going to stop right where it's supposed to." I couldn't have said it any better. I still believe with short chips, BX bites slightly more. However, the upside to V1x is I find its behavior more predictable around the greens. Occasionally BX wouldn't bight and would run out when I thought it shouldn't. On other occasions, it would overbite when I least expected it. V1x seems to have the right amount of bite on each shot and is very consistent and predictable.
  7. cw, thank you for the kind words and great question. You are corrected - I had posted in the past that I found BX to be faster and longer than BX when I did some testing over the winter... which was accurate. That said, the day we did the Titleist Tour Fitting, we only hit a few of each on Trackman, and we did see similar speeds with a bit of extra launch and lower spin with V1x. The most significant difference was peak height - V1x was around 10-12 feet higher than BX, and that day Trackman had V1x the distance winner, which did indeed conflict with my previous post. I'm not sure why I had conflicting results a few months apart. But only playing to a five handicap, I certainly have days that I strike the ball differently than others. I believe as I have improved my angle of attack (hitting up a couple of degrees more than in the past), it has benefited my performance with V1x. From what I have seen, BX does spin less with neutral or negative angles of attack when compared to V1x, and it seems when hitting more up on the ball, V1x drops a fair amount in the spin category. After playing V1x exclusively for a few months now at my home club, I can confirm V1x is longer for me with driver than BX. Not buy miles but certainly by a handful of yards on well struck shots. So I have to assume the higher and perhaps flatter peak height gives me a few extra yards of carry without sacrificing rollout. I recently purchased a GCQuad and plan to do extensive testing of speed, spin, and launch characteristics of these two balls, plus some others. Once I do, I will post a lot of that data here in the ball forum. To your comment of V1x having higher long game spin - I cannot confirm or deny that. I have not got that finite in my test, YET... that will be coming soon. We know V1x spins more than V1 in the longer clubs, but I don't know how V1x compares to others in the market when comparing the top end of the bag.
  8. Haha... sorry about that!! I am sticking to my word... the BX is a spectacular ball in every way. So happens V1x is a bit better in the middle of my bag and the conditions at my club favor anything that can help me hold the the greens.
  9. It was explained to me that 21 V1x has more ball speed than 19 because they brought some LD tech into 21 V1x. However, they LD is still faster and less spin with driver. You may want to grab a sleeve of the 21 V1x and see if you like it.
  10. Stanks, you are correct; the ball fitting was 100% Titleist bias. To be clear, this is the exact fitting process Titleist staffers go through to determine the best TITLEIST ball for them. That's why it was important to me to give full disclose of that in my post. I spend a lot of time testing balls each year on my own, which is how I ended up in the Tour BX for the past season and a half. Before that, I played 2019 V1, 2017 V1, 2015 V1x, TaylorMade Lethal, several Penta generations, Red LDP and a few Callaway's mixed through out. I knew going into this fitting exactly what I was getting myself into, and being honest, I did not believe I would switch back to Titleist... the Bridgestone is that good. However, a good friend of mine is a Titleist rep and has been trying to get me back in V1's since the day I left lol. So he lined up the fitting, I agreed, and technically, we both won... I'm back in Titleist (his goal), and I have a better ball for my game than I was playing previously (21 V1x over the Tour BX).
  11. tsecor, during the driving range portion Titleist had bags of all four tour balls. I asked if they just left them out there, and I was told they would sort through and take their balls back at the end of the four fitting that day. We did not test any BX on the practice range. Once we determined the best Titleist ball(s) for me, we then compared against the BX on the short game area and golf course, where it was easy to retrieve the balls we hit. To answer your question directly, I brought 12 or so BX from my shag bag, and that was more than enough to run through what we wanted to see. The final piece of the story is Titleist gave me a dozen V1x at the end of the fitting to play and test on my own. It took me a month to post this review because I wanted to play several rounds in varying conditions before confirming V1X was better than BX for my game. Once I was comfortable and convinced, I made the switch and made this post.
  12. Here is another wonderfully comprehensive video on ball testing. We now have three examples of great reviews... but they all slightly conflict each other lol. Tons of great data... but nothing beats a personal fitting!
  13. This is great material... Thank you for sharing! A great reminder of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to test a lot of equipment myself. Had I fit myself to a ball off this video or the TXG video, I would be playing the wrong ball for my game.
  14. Great question. Launch is slightly higher but as I mentioned in my original post peak height was the game changer for me. That day V1x average was 90 feet and BX was 82. Last year I believe BSX was 80ish for me. Again, like I mentioned, BX is an awesome ball. Read my past posts… not many people support it as much as I do. But for me, V1x won this round. I’ll have prototype BX and BXS this fall… and you can believe there will be a battle with V1x as soon as I do!
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