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  1. For me, BX and LD are about the same length off the driver. Mid irons BX has a bit more spin, enough to make it more predictable than LD. With short irons, BX has more spin and a much softer feel. For me, the LD can produce the occasional flyer and be tough to hold firm greens. Around the green, it's no contest - the BX has the most control of all the tour balls I've tested and played. For my game, the BX reacts perfectly with every club in the bag... in short, the best ball I've played to date.
  2. This ^^^ Played SIM last year with AD-IZ - high launch low spin shaft. This year for the first time in many years, I switched to a 'forgiving Max head.' SIM2 Max with AD-XC - a low launch low spin shaft. Getting slightly higher launch with slightly lower spin than last year's SIM with a touch more ball speed... the Unicorn! The kicker is with MOI over 5000 I'm finding very consistent ball speed and distance from all over the face... it's a dream come true!
  3. Winston collection can make anything you can dream up and incredibly high quality. They make custom head covers for most of the top 100 courses in American... hard to argue with that success.
  4. In MY experience I find V spins more around the greens and X spins more into the greens. That said, my friends at Titliest all tell me that I am crazy. Then we go out on the practice green and they see it for themselves.... V bites harder on short chips and pitches. But that's just my findings... Again Titliest doesn't agree with me... shocker. lol
  5. I get what you are saying. However, if you read my post, you will see I have had access to 21 Prov's for almost two months and have played them extensively... and for me, the BX was a better ball. That said, more amateurs and professionals will play Pro v's thousand times more than any Bridgestone... So Titleist wins the war!
  6. I play and love Tour BX. A close friend of mine works for Titleist and works hard to get me back with Pro V's. He got me a couple dozen white box V and X about six weeks ago. He believed the 21 X would easily beat BX with driver distance and greenside spin... however, I did not find that true at all. 21 X is much firmer than BX. I would say it's similar driver distance but launches higher than I like. Plus, it has more spin in the middle of the bag tea BX, which I don't like. The final nail in the coffin of 21 X, for me, is it has nowhere near as much greenside spin as BX... and wh
  7. G-Bone

    New ProVs

    I would strongly suggest you give Tour BX a run. It’s a lower launching TP5x off the driver with TP5 spin around the greens. best balanced ball I’ve found.
  8. G-Bone

    New ProVs

    I, too, am a gear freak, and more specifically, a golf ball freak... so I think I can help a little hear with your frustration. I've had access to the 2021 V and X prototypes for a couple of months now and have played and tested them thoroughly on course. Also, I have spent a fair amount of time with a Titleist rep discussing and playing the new balls. I will first share what the rep has told me about the balls and then share my experience with the balls with you. From the Titleist Rep: - 21 X will have the most spin separation of any Titleist ball made. In other word
  9. G-Bone

    New ProVs

    Here you go: https://www.titleist.com/fitting/golf-ball-fitting
  10. G-Bone

    New ProVs

    For me the 15 X was a great ball and the last X ball I played. I have tested 21 V and X for about six weeks now and I can tell you the 21 V picks up right where the 15 X left off. I predict you will thoroughly enjoy the 21 V.
  11. For Sale - No Trade Please Titleist TSi3 8º Driver Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6 stiff shaft Played one round and used in two range sessions - Shaft graphics down at standard A1 setting - Standard length (45.5") - Golf Pride MC+4 grey grip (three extra wraps of tape) - Retail Price $760 Price: $525 shipped (continental 48 states)
  12. I find current model Tour BX and BXS to be the most stable wind balls I've played. Several time in crosswinds I have setup to allow the wind to push it back towards my target only to find my ball starting and staying on the line I aimed. BXS is legit wind fighter.
  13. Got it! Well, then you and I suffer from the same disease... so here are my thoughts based on hours of testing on course and dry ball data. (in order from lowest spin to highest) With full iron shots AVX, Left Dash, TP5x, Tour BX, and V1 (21) are the low spin champs. With the tee ball Left Dash, AVX, TP5X, Tour BX, and V1 (21) win that game. The best ball for my game is Tour BX, followed closely by 2021 V1 (have been testing prototypes for a couple of months). BX also has by for the most green side spin of them all (chips, pitch, and bunker shots). Le
  14. OP, what shots are you trying to lower spin - woods, long irons, wedges? Each ball handles each area a little differently. Once I know your desired results, I can toss a few recommendations at you.
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