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  1. Best wooden tees on the market by miles. Louis the owner is a great guy and solid business man. They make tees for some of the best clubs in the country... Congressional, Whisper Rock, Orchard Lake, and a handful of others. Ironically Louis also owns Stinger Golf - home of the Stinger tee mentioned above. The Stinger is a thinner shank with a smaller cup and they are made of softer wood - designed to break easy and give less resistance. WB tees have thicker shanks than standard tees and made of pure hard wood... for durability and class. Awesome designs a
  2. I played V1 for several years, TP5x rarely, and this year made the switch to the 2020 Tour B X... here's why. For me, BX is like playing two different balls - it's low spin with strong trajectory and FAST off the driver, but the closer you get to the greens, the more spin it delivers. Before I tried the new BX V1 was the best compromise for what I was looking for - low spin off the driver and enough spin into and around the greens. The magic, for me, of the new BX is it's lower spin and longer off the driver than V1 with more spin and control into and around the greens than V1. How could I g
  3. That is not the 2020 model. The 2020 model is available in yellow in Japan. Hopefully it does well and they bring it the the US.
  4. BX will be firmer than both but most certainly falls right between the two for spin characteristics. Also, with BX being the firmer of the three, most will find it the longest off the driver. For me BX gave me exactly what I was looking for - Long and stable tee balls with with controlled fight and spin into the greens.
  5. They (Bridgestone) does in Japan. I'm hoping they eventually make their way over here.
  6. Starts tomorrow! [img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/344/HN5WELJ1Z9ZX.png[/img] BSG Buy 3 Tour B free personalization.pdf
  7. Hey JD, I do not play mine at 4 open, I found 1.5 open fits me best. But for the short time I had it at 4 open I did not have hook issues, nor at 1.5.
  8. That's easy... Get an M5 open it 4º... and slide the 65 gram sole weight to fade. A stiff tipped shaft won't hurt either. I'll give you $100 buck if you can hook it... Without stopping your hips and flipping your hands, that is!
  9. Out of curiosity , what are you not comparing 18 BX against 20 BX?
  10. Man, it's funny how different swings offer different results. I found the exact opposite - 2020 BX has more approach and greenside spin for me than V1 I played for the past couple years. Plus, the new BX has less spin and stronger trajectory with my driver when compared to V1 - which equaled extra yards for me on my tee shots.
  11. 2020 Bridgestone Tour B X for me. After several years of Pro V this Bridgestone blew me away! It’s like playing two different balls: 1. Low spin and long off the tee - 2. Soft and high spin around the greens.
  12. I played 410 LST from early last season until a month ago, when SIM knocked it out. For me, SIM has more ball speed, higher launch, lower spin with equal or greater accuracy... plus SIM sounds and feels like heaven, to me. I traveled with LST and SIM on the past two golf trips because I wasn’t convinced Trackman data was proof enough SIM is better than LST on the course. 15 rounds later I can tell you the LST was not put in play one time and SIM is firmly on the team for 2020. Believe me, I’m shocked... I believed I’d play LST for several seasons before something knocked it out.
  13. I’ve been told Bridgestone has it plant running 24/7 to keep up with demand for their 2020 ball. This means the answer is almost a guaranteed no on the buy three get one free deal.
  14. swiz, you may remember that I have always needed low spin heads. It's interesting to see so many people here are struggling with standard SIM. I did not think anything could knock G410 LST out of my bag... and I mean anything. For me it was the best driver I have ever played... it's just plain long and finds fairways. Of course the hoe in me tried all the knew ones this year, and I almost didn't bother with SIM as it has been over ten years that I have played a TM driver. So you can imagine the shock when SIM beat LST on ball speed, distance and equal or bettered forgiveness. I was so shocke
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