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  1. Need a price so I can get my heart broken, lol!! So sexy.
  2. Figure some of you may have upgraded to a different brand and have some accessories sitting around. Looking for: - Mesh Net - Cooler Bag - Bag Cozy Let me know if you have any of those. For the Clicgear, NOT the Rovic. Thank you! Josh
  3. I did. Will leave appropriate feedback.
  4. I bought the Mizuno H4 3 iron. Same here. Ghosted after follow up as well. finally replied to me today telling me it was shipped Saturday. Said he would follow up with tracking as well. no apologies or explanation. Hope all is okay with OP.
  5. What is the length and lie on the HMBs? thanks! josh
  6. Dumb question that is subjective…how do the 125 MMT stiff play to flex? I play PX 6.0 (really between a Stiff and an X). X100 is a bit too much for me, but s300 is way too soft. Thanks!
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