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  1. I own one i would let go of for better than 299! JT still plays this head
  2. Right hand er2b 34 in 355 gr head, pistol grip very minimal use 295 obo shipped east of miss river Add 15 west Paypal only Cont usa only No trades
  3. Very hard to locate 915fd 18 degree, HEAD only, model used by JT Wear on face, otherwise good condition Asking 220 shipped obo Paypal only Cont usa only No trades
  4. 8.5 2016 m2 Is there a way to check serial numbers on tm clubs Would live to know specs This thing looks barely hit
  5. 34.5 Kia Ma Imola 8. 135.00 34 Rife Abaco 85.00 34 Odyssey Black Series 6 120.00 No headcovers Shipped and paypalled in cont USA No returns.
  6. 4-aw. Heads only Std Great shape. Very few rounds. SOLDshipped.. Paypal only. Trades considered. Interests are jpx tour, titleist 620 cb/mb
  7. U500 3 iron. MMT UT 105 tx shaft. Only small scratches on sole. 230.00 shippedScotty Special Select NP 2.5 35 in. Like new. Headcover included. SOLD shippedCont USA only, no trades, paypal g&s
  8. Ordering a 105 utility shaft for my sin who is about to start freshman yr of college golf. His 3 iron speed is 100. Should i go s or tx??? Thanks going in a u500 3 iron head
  9. Std length. 400 obo in cont usa. 15 extra west of Mississippi. PayPal consider trade for mavrik sz
  10. what lofts ddid u have in m5 and now sim
  11. Ping g410 lst 10.5 head. SOLD shipped cont usa M2 9.5 head. small black chip on white. Paint rib on bottom. 115 shipped cont usa no headcover or wrenches
  12. I have always been skeptical of these changes. I do not feel that a small weight can affect closure rate, as some say... but im not an engineer
  13. I could never spine them! Labels would be all jacked up! Gotta look right! Lol
  14. BarronDDS

    Vokey SM8

    No 54 m grind in sm8! Wish they offered it
  15. BarronDDS

    Tour Ad XC

    Has anyone compared 6-X to 7-X or S??
  16. Does anyone think the 718 ap2 was a better all around iron? Seems like a lot of good players still playing ap2
  17. Std length from srixon 785. New grips. 100 shipped cont usa. PayPal only
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