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  1. I coach tennis and have been fortunate enough to have had some great players. Some that came to me after they were great, others that I started from the very beginning. One policy I have at tournaments (and there were times I would have 30+ kids at a tournament) is that I will not talk about a match until at least 30 minutes after. If the kid wants to talk earlier than that, they always can. But every player I work with knows this is how it is. There are so many emotions right after a match (or round) and most kids do not know how to handle immediate disappointment in a way that is product
  2. How I caddy: In tournaments, just push the cart and talk to him about video games, football etc. Have him get his own yardages and decide on a club himself. If he asks for help on reading a putt, do it. They learn to "caddy" for themselves in practice, not necessarily as much in tournaments. The more they make their own decisions in practice, the easier and more routine they do it in tournaments. This is for any sport. If you play, play WITH him as a playing partner. If you don't play, drive the cart and spend the time with him. Time with your kid is SO SHORT. I absolutely love any am
  3. Is this new? My son always had to play in the age group based on his age by the end of the tour...
  4. This has really been a great thread with some good points. Reading back over all of the posts (especially mine) I realize that I may not be giving US Kids enough credit for what they are doing. Tournament golf is not just for kids that can score low and compete at the highest level. It is extremely important to have a platform for all skill levels and golf will (hopefully) always be a sport where someone that shoots 90 can play with someone that shoots 70. The new status gives KIDS a chance to see success. For a 9 year old boy to shoot 90 but still see that it earned them something can bu
  5. > @hangontight said: > Someone made mention that criteria for worlds would be out soon. It was my understanding that they would still fill the field in waves , starting with the highest level , then down , until the field was full. Is that incorrect? > > > Correct. Starting with 12 and then 11 etc.
  6. > @kcap said: > There is a notch benefit for shooting low and winning the tour. If your son had shot 76 twice and not won the tour his status would have been 9 but now he is 10. > > I am going to assume that US Kids had bunch of data and where kids score in each age group for locals when deciding the cut-offs - and thus they chose 72 and 76 (win the tour). > > I do believe they do not give enough credit to winning/placing in the Worlds/Regional. Placing 4th or 5th in the worlds or 2nd in a regional is a 10 which is the same as winning your local tour and shooting
  7. > @darter79 said: > Agree 100% there is no real reward here for winning and placing well at the bigger events in terms of status. I would like to see a bit more status on winning the local tour as well. But at the end of the day score matters more now. Go shoot lower scores and you can walk away with an good status where before some age groups you could shoot 48 on 9 and have guaranteed status. I do believe this system is better than the old. I agree with this as well. The new system will eliminate players (parents) that chase weaker tours and win with their kids shooting in the m
  8. > @mrshinsa said: > I'm sorry he missed out by few strokes. If he's shooting 74/73, it's only a matter of time before he can shoot low, and he still has at least a couple of seasons to do so. If a kid's best score is a 76 and gets a Level 10, he will be invited to all the regionals and state. However, if he gets invited to the Worlds, he will most likely be shooting in the 80's, due to the longer yardage and tougher course, which is the bottom half of the group. > No-one knows whether the cutoff will be at Level 11, 10 or even 9 yet so all this could be a non-issue. > &
  9. > @kcap said: > > With all due respect, I do not get it. Are you not happy that the cut - off is 76 or that he missed full status to his buddy who shot a lower score. > > We could debate the cut-off endlessly but they needed to draw the line somewhere and they chose 76. If your son had shot 75 and the cut off was 74..you would have probably not liked that as well. > Anyway, I think the priority status fixed a big flaw with the prior system, kids who shoot low tend to be the best and should make it to the worlds. This will give the stacked local fields from FL/T
  10. > @CTgolf said: > > @tobaccoroad said: > > > 4) Just won his local tour against tough competition this past summer shooting low rounds of 73 and 72. (THIS IS KEY TO MY POINT) > > It was 74 and 72. > > Having played against both your son and his friend many times before, I don't think it's really fair to say that S, who shot 71 twice (last two rounds of the Summer Tour so it wasn't like it he planned it), is less deserving to get status to play at Worlds. > > Worlds should be a competition among the best players, not who is most committed to the
  11. And IMO almost 5200 is perfect for 11 year olds at a regional. The good players will score, the average ones won't. 11 year old World's is just under 5600 so it is right in line with that.
  12. Good discussion and I have some strong opinions. Background (not a passive brag I promise - just to let you know our history/experience): 1) My son is 12. Birthday is on the last day of the summer tour almost always so he has gotten used to playing longer yardages in the summer. 2) Played his 4th Worlds this past August. Finishes between 40-80 with a spike at The Legacy in the 10s. You had to hit the ball 200 to have any chance but those that did lit it up. 3) Just won his local tour against tough competition this past summer shooting low rounds of 74 and 72. (THIS IS KEY TO MY POINT)
  13. Also- if you check the third pic you can see how shiny and slick the surface is.
  14. Please don't take this post as a complaint or whining. My sole purpose was to warn my fellow wrxers about buying grips on eBay and in particular call out a seller to avoid. $28 is not something I am losing sleep over. But if someone else might get ripped off by this POS and I didn't do anything to warn them then that would be something I would regret.
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