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  1. Reference the Miura blades they are indeed the Tournament Blade not the Baby blade as advertised. My other set are the Babies. Is there a way to edit or modify the post? I am not interested in trades, thanks for the questions.
  2. Here are some beautiful clubs for sale! 1. Miura Tournament 3-P standard lie and loft with PX 6.0 shafts sans shaftbands. Assembled and blueprinted by a GolfWRXer, the clubs are standard length and weigh D3 for 3-7 then D5 8-P. These clubs have seen limited play and are in fantastic shape. $800.00 2. Tour Issue 2005 TM CB's with swirls 2-P. These could be Miura forged or Endo clubs and come with DGX100 Sensicore shafts. Clubs are .5 inch long and are standard lie and loft. Sweet clubs with great life left in them! $450.00. 3. Titleist T stamp irons. 3-P, clubs come with S400 shafts and Tiger's preference for Golf Pride grips. Clubs are virtually new, very minor mag rubbing, 3 iron unhit, the rest hit off mats and hitting Titleist balls. These are the real deal! $800.00 4. NIke Split Cavity Prototypes, 3-P, beautiful clubs with DGS300 shafts cut at normal length with standard lie and loft. Clubs are in very good condition and offer a very soft feel! $700.00. Thumbnails attached. attachment=1255992:face.jpg]
  3. [quote name='jdalton82' timestamp='1281304292' post='2626464'] KBS Tour 4-PW shaft pulls. These are x-stiff flex. They were installed in R9 tp irons and were installed 1/2 inch over standard length. 4 iron raw shaft length is 37.5 inches. The PW raw shaft length is 35 inches. They have taylor made tour velvet grips. These iron shafts were used for 6 rounds. These are a one time pull and I bought them new from Taylor Made. $100 shipped conus. [attachment=638836:DSC01031.JPG][attachment=638837:DSC01032.JPG] Cash Offers Welcome [/quote] pm sent
  4. Take a look at NewtonRunning.com too.
  5. I'm just coming off right shoulder surgery. I had a torn rotator cuff, SLAP labrum tear (about 2/3 pulled off the joint), and frayed bicep tendon. I went to pre-hab for a month to strenghten the joint prior to surgery. Surgery was Oct 31 last year. PT started the next week with passive movement done by the therapist. That went on for three weeks before I started any movement on my own. It was slow going first developing range of motion followed by strenghtening the rotator cuff. I just completed my formal pt and was given the go ahead to play again. It did smart something terrible and stay with pain meds as long as necessary. Icing will help as will electronic stimulation if you can get a prescription from your surgeon; I had a Zynex unit and it helped a lot with pain management. Assuming you a jock you must fight the urge to do too much too soon. Age plays a part in the recovery too; I'm in very good shape and 57. Best of luck! One final thought, even though you complete formal pt get some exercise bands from your therapist and keep up the rehab training to preclude having a repeat. I recommend doing whatever rehab exercises you get on your good shoulder too in the hopes of loosing even more playing time.
  6. 3-PDynamic Gold Tour X-100 shafts pulled from 06 RAC MB's. Set includes 8 shafts (3-P). 5 iron played at 38," new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. $160 shipped and paypalled.
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