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  1. [quote name='tjk13808' timestamp='1403251029' post='9537705'] Only had it for a week and I've worn the sole a bit already. It's hard not to love putting with a putter like this. Thank you for the introduction. Can't wait to get it rolling in a tournament. [/quote] Looks good TJ!
  2. Thanks! http://outfitted.golfwrx.com/products/golfwrx-rubber-bag-tag
  3. [quote name='btomasie' timestamp='1402100831' post='9445941'] Anyone have a "conversion" chart or spreadsheet of what the real lofts are when you put in a standard Bio Cell shaft or Bio Cell + shaft in to a B.C.P. head? I also need the conversions for a standard B.C. shaft and B.C.P. shaft going in to a B.C.+ head. I bought a BC+ and BCP, and also bought a standard BC PXv shaft off eBay (I hate this forum!!) and so I am going to tinker between the 2 heads and 3 shafts (I also have a BC+ adapter coming for my Fubuki alpha shaft currently in a RBZ Tour head). Thanks&#
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