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  1. I use the Ping Crossover G400 3 &4 irons to complement my PXG Gen3Ts - they work well off tee and fairways (and some rough as well!!!) - no complaints at all once you sort out the shafts.
  2. I went from Modus 105s to CTL in x-stiff. A comfortable switch, I would say they are both really smooth shafts, I have not really noticed the extra weight, ball flight may be slightly flatter in the CTL but dispersion is better. I was cynical re a switch to x-stiff, my driver speed is only c100 mph but they work really well for me.
  3. Another thumbs up here for the Titleist 16.5 - as for which model, that’s down to you but I still play the 915 and it is pretty good, quite a large head and forgiving, also plenty adjustable with surefit.
  4. Do not doubt yourself, you have excellent taste!!! I have these in my Ping Crossover G400 3 and 4 irons - long and straight... ...and exceptional value.
  5. I blame Player B, what is his role in all this ?
  6. I’ve just got a Scotty Futura X5R and it is now with Chris Finch here in the UK to be all Justin-Thomas-ed. I have not decided on a paint finish yet but I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  7. The Callaway website has an option to select a flat (or an upright) option but I’ve never seen it as an option on a retail website where custom options are allowed.
  8. ...so that is why I think it is really harsh then, even in a 6.0. I think I’ll leave this to you big boys and stick with my Evenflow blue/Hzrdus red. I did hit the Ping with a non pro stock Tensei orange In an X, to me that felt amazingly smooth but that is at a swingspeed of 100-104. I’ve also really enjoyed Fujikura Pro 2.0 which might help.
  9. I appreciate that this is a Proto model and I do like the look of the weights but for those of us with old (ie current Gen2) drivers, fairways and hybrids, I do hope that they keep a selection of the old weight screws for ongoing tinkering with our clubs.
  10. Monte, is this often just a flexibility issue or are we generally talking a conscious restriction of turn on the backswing?
  11. I took the leap yesterday and ordered my 19’ with the Fujikura Pro 2.0, your feedback has helped but I have hit it at a previous fitting and this is a beautiful club.... ....I also took a leap on a 3 wood, same shaft. Now the wait begins for the UK shipment!!
  12. Very happy with my Gen2 X 10.5* with an EvenflowBlue 6.5...... but always keen to see what a proto or a Gen3 could do!! I think the best element of the range is actually the fitting, it can be a real eye opener and is always genuinely interesting and enjoyable. I’d be keen to try this, and the chance to try 2 more heads and learn some more about their product and my swing is certainly appealing on this lockdown environment.
  13. ...and we have the winner!!!!!! - pleased to see Wilson doing so well in this thread but the FG Tour X was just superb.
  14. I know we’re off topic but that SLDR was a bomber when hit, the drop off however was something else!! Back on topic, I reckon the SIM is definitely the best looking driver of 2020 and the shaft options are also pretty cool, kudos to TaylorMade for this.
  15. Valtiel, thanks for this, I’m no technician, have no idea if this is correct but your explanation is so clear and makes a great deal of sense - I’m currently getting my clubs out from under the stairs (full lock down here in the UK) and will be adjusting the adjustments I have on my M5 fairway for when we re-open. I shall then look to apply this to my SIM test when I get to try this. Thanks again Keep well all.
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