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  1. Go large 100% if you’re a large in PM.
  2. You’d be a large. They run identical to Peter Millar except the sleeves are slightly shorter and tighter. Body/waist/chest runs same as PM. RLX I’m safe with a large, but there are some pieces I need an XL.
  3. > @"Ben Berube" said: > All this shows is these will never make it to retail. They give away these drop dead gorgeous, perfectly balanced and weighted gems while release complete **** for us to waste $$ on. Only thing this proves is Cameron/Titliest make WAY to much $$ on Tour putter sales. That shows me they do not believe their retail releases. > It’s a complete puppit show and we are fools for allowing our friends to waste their $$. > I will never pay for a OTR Scotty. Those days are over and its because of this stupid game. > At least Betti goes out of their way to push Tour/Protos into the market allowing a small margin to differentiate their Premium from retail. Just my 2cents for what its worth. Spread the word. We can change the markets. I humbly disagree with you. I’m 98% positive these will be the mold for the new select line. He makes the CT versions of the current select line that “retail” at $2500. Virtually the same putter. Not all of these are GSS, I believe only one of them is. The last Newport 2 is a “SSS Prototype”, so are the rest except the first one. There is one that just says “For Tour Use Only” which could be either SSS or GSS. There will probably be some form of sole engraving added to the retail and most likely the tour versions as well as the line progresses. These are not one off putters, they scream mass producible. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised these will be coming in the fall or spring.
  4. Hey guys, Second sale of the day, Mods - I closed the other ad as irons sold. I have 10 FootJoy shirts for sale with the Titleist Patch logo and on 7 of the shirts, there is the FJ logo on the collar. These are from back in my playing days and unfortunately, no longer fit, so they’ve just been hanging in a spare closet. Shirts have been worn sparingly, from smoke free/pet free home. ALL SIZE MEDIUM. All have no course logos except for the red/black stripe (included picture). All are in great shape, the two purple have a little wrinkle in the collar when they came back from the dry cleaner - maybe one of your spouses can figure it out (didn’t want to take an iron to them). All shirts are “normal” fit, except the black check shirt is “athletic”. I would really like to sell in a lot or at least 2 lots of 5 due to shipping so I’ll price respective of this. 5 shirts - 225/shipped 10 shirts - 400/shipped
  5. Hey guys, Quick sale here, I have had these laying around the garage for a while now so figured I’d pass them on. Bought new winter of 2017/2018. 4-PW: $325/shipped 3 iron: $175/shipped Full Set: $475/shipped 3 Iron: 716 TMB w/ AD DI 95x 4-5 Iron: 716 TMB w/ Project X 6.0 6-PW: 716 MB w/ Project X 6.0 These are all factory specs, std L/L/L. Tour velvet no logo, + 1 wrap. They have been gamed for a few months, absolutely no browning. Pics tell the story, bag chatter. Small scratch on 6 iron sole, not noticeable and doesn’t effect play.
  6. Great price for the XF. Have same set up in 3 iron and it's a rocket - 550+ retail
  7. Out of curiosity because I've been looking for one, how much did the Del Mar go for?
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