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  1. Go large 100% if you’re a large in PM.
  2. You’d be a large. They run identical to Peter Millar except the sleeves are slightly shorter and tighter. Body/waist/chest runs same as PM. RLX I’m safe with a large, but there are some pieces I need an XL.
  3. > @"Ben Berube" said: > All this shows is these will never make it to retail. They give away these drop dead gorgeous, perfectly balanced and weighted gems while release complete **** for us to waste $$ on. Only thing this proves is Cameron/Titliest make WAY to much $$ on Tour putter sales. That shows me they do not believe their retail releases. > It’s a complete puppit show and we are fools for allowing our friends to waste their $$. > I will never pay for a OTR Scotty. Those days are over and its because of this stupid game. > At least Betti goes out of their w
  4. Hey guys, Second sale of the day, Mods - I closed the other ad as irons sold. I have 10 FootJoy shirts for sale with the Titleist Patch logo and on 7 of the shirts, there is the FJ logo on the collar. These are from back in my playing days and unfortunately, no longer fit, so they’ve just been hanging in a spare closet. Shirts have been worn sparingly, from smoke free/pet free home. ALL SIZE MEDIUM. All have no course logos except for the red/black stripe (included picture). All are in great shape, the two purple have a little wrinkle in the collar when they came back from the dry cleane
  5. Hey guys, Quick sale here, I have had these laying around the garage for a while now so figured I’d pass them on. Bought new winter of 2017/2018. 4-PW: $325/shipped 3 iron: $175/shipped Full Set: $475/shipped 3 Iron: 716 TMB w/ AD DI 95x 4-5 Iron: 716 TMB w/ Project X 6.0 6-PW: 716 MB w/ Project X 6.0 These are all factory specs, std L/L/L. Tour velvet no logo, + 1 wrap. They have been gamed for a few months, absolutely no browning. Pics tell the story, bag chatter. Small scratch on 6 iron sole, not noticeable and doesn’t effect play.
  6. Great price for the XF. Have same set up in 3 iron and it's a rocket - 550+ retail
  7. Out of curiosity because I've been looking for one, how much did the Del Mar go for?
  8. Looking to clear out a few extras here. All packages will be sent out FedEx included in the price. No trade interests at this time. 714 AP2 4-PW w/ Tour Issue X100. Standard Loft/Length/Lie gripped with Lamkin Crossline V3. Pictures are indicative of condition. $425 shipped 712U 3 Iron w/ Speeder Motore HB 8.8X. Good shape - small scratch on shaft above furrel (doesn't effect plan and not noticeable at address). $125 shipped **Take AP2s and 3 iron for $525/shipped. Pending Sale. Last up, 915D4 w/ Attas Elements 6S. OEM tip w/ serial. Great shape, I also have a Diamana
  9. I believe those were released 35 330. Could be wrong but I'm 98% positive. Great looking sticks!
  10. Solid price. Wish the shop could mill over a site dot and put a top line but no luck in that request over the years
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