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  1. No way. Hah!! That was my driver about 4 years back, this thing has made the rounds on wrx
  2. Footjoy fits roughly a size big. I'm a large in almost every brand (polo, Travis Mathew, Nike, etc) and I'm a medium for sure in FJ
  3. I will take just the 3 or the 3-4 if someone is looking for 4-p or 5-p
  4. MK As an FYI I am not going to accept anything lower than 350 head only. I'm incentivizing selling with the shafts. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, Quick and painless one here, I don't want any trades - cash is king. Will ship Fed Ex Ground fully insured. You can either have one or both of the shafts, prefer not to sell head only. Has only seen 2 rounds of golf, no range time. 915D4 9.5 Whiteboard 70 Stiff (serial matches head, std length) Attas Elements 6S (OEM tip, same length as Diamana) $425 for either combo OR take head and both shafts for $500 I am going to hold off on head only offers for now as I have no need for the shafts.
  6. Mods, Timeless was part of an Ad that is now in the archives - it is over 30 days old. All the rest are new to the BST! This is my season ending sale, time to fund ski season here in Colorado - it's only 2 weeks away!!!! 1. Scotty Cameron Timeless Newport 2 Circle T: This is the 2015 head style, I bought this brand new for gallery price back in March I believe. Although extremely lightly gamed, it remains in perfect condition, slight brush marks on the sole, otherwise there isn't a mark on it. It comes gripped with a circle T pistolini in black, and is 34", 350 grams. COA INCLUDED. Price is $2700 without cover. (this putter has a few sisters for sale right now, all of which are well above $3K) 2. Titleist 714 MB 4-PW shafted with Aerotech Steel Fiber 110 CW Stiff. All lofts, length and lies are std, re-gripped recently with grey/navy New Decades logo down. These were ordered directly from Titleist - the 6 iron still has the hologram on the shaft. No browning, PW and 7 iron show the most wear, the rest of the clubs sit fairly new with no range time. Cost over $1200 new, asking $450/shipped for these. 3. Graphite Design Tour AD MT 7x - bought this directly from TM as a shaft only. Paid $300 only 2 weeks ago. I have 2 of these, so letting 1 go. Comes with the tip that comes on M1 (2* TP tip I believe) and is standard length (45.5" installed) $150/shipped 4. UST Elements Chrome 6F4T 45" installed, no tipping. Comes with TP tip and New Decade Grey/Navy Logo Down. $90/shipped Let me know if you have any questions - all packages will be shipped Fed Ex Ground. Regards, B
  7. I hit the m1 yesterday, both 430 and 460. We are not lofting up with these as a start. I still have the SLDR in the bag after toying with the 915d4. I am a +2 handicap, swing speed is 109-111mph and my angle of attack is up, not down. The r15 430 produced amazing numbers for me in a 9.5 turned down to 7.5 with the Tour AD MT 7x. Launch angles in the 14-15* range with spin around 2100. The 460 spun too much for me in the m1 even with the cog weight all the way forward. The m1 in 9.5 turned down to 7.5 launched about the same but spun 100ish rpm's more than the r15 430, however the 8.5 head turned down 1* to 7.5 spun 100 less, WINNER. That all being said I picked up about 3-4mph of ball speed over the r15 which made the distance longer. I pre ordered the 8.5 with the ad mt 7x and also picked up an ad mt 7x for my SLDR until it comes in. great stick here guys - as much as I wanted the Titleist in the bag, the m1 truly performs. But at the end of the day with the prices of the r15 now, the numbers aren't THAT much different to where someone on a budget shouldn't stick with r15.
  8. I like the color...if it's lower spinning than the bb im in there like swimwear.
  9. 009 sold!! I'll listen to reasonable offers on the Timeless, in no rush to sell but wouldn't hate seeing it find a home that will use it
  10. Hey all!! I just found my dream putter and want to pass along these two in order to fund it. I will post pictures as soon as it gets here :w00t: First up is a Deluxe 009 SSS with Tour Bombs and a white site line. Transparent blue paint and the baby S stamped in both bombs. For those of you who like mushrooming, it is insane in the cavity. This putter has been gamed about 20 rounds, but stands in great shape, see pictures. It is 34.25", 350G, and has a Tour Only Navy CNC grip. No Head Cover. $SOLD!!!! Second up is a 2015 Timeless that has been lightly gamed, it is in perfect condition besides extremely light brush marks on the sole. The milling is absolutely beautiful. 34", 350G, gripped with Circle T Pistolini in black. No Head Cover. $2900/shipped Summary: 009: $SOLD Timeless: $2900 I do not want to entertain trades at this time. Thank you!
  11. Fall is my tinkering time. I have a 915d4 and d2 I'm going to mess with but I haven't found a good shaft yet. Irons will be main thing for me, moving away from steel fibers.
  12. Yes, cobra will replace the head. Either take it back to the shop you bought it at or call their customer service line and they will send you a shipping label.
  13. Huge fan of the 400 series wedges. Love these!! Hopefully a retail raw offering
  14. I have a 712U 3 with a Motore Tour Spec 9.8X and nothing can touch it. I need to find something I can hit as good as it that can fill the 30 yd gap between it and my 3 wood.
  15. I disagree that all these heads are on par with each other. The 915 is one of the best heads that Titleist has ever produced for FWs, going back to the 906F4/F2 for me. I was impressed with the 913 over the 910, but the 915 is about as solid as they come.
  16. Why don't they make a 52 in the raw? Makes no sense to me. I bend all my wedges weak to reduce offset.
  17. Just put this shaft into play and it is AWESOME. Feels and performs nearly exactly the same as the AD BB 6.
  18. How does the green attas elements play compared to the chrome?
  19. Just snagged a D4, with same shaft how am I going to look ball flight/spin distance wise set up the same as a SLDR 460? Both heads are 9.5, both have same shaft. I'm not expecting anything astronomical but I also don't want to lose distance. The SLDR sets up awesome for my game I just prefer the look of the Titleist head. Anyone go from SLDR to D4? What was distance comparison?
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