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  1. Have the grey/orange jacket and is by far the best looking jacket I have ever owned.
  2. Did the shaft come from TM or did you have the tip installed?
  3. Send me offers yall...looking to get rid of these, can't fit into them and have absolutely no room for them! Any reasonable offer will not be turned down.
  4. Hey all, Doing some spring cleaning, and due to a significant weight loss, and now working 50-60 hours a week, I not only can't fit into any of these anymore, but also have toned down my 'brightness' on the golf course a little bit. I will give very detailed descriptions of each item to ensure buyer happiness, and will price everything very fairly. You will be happy with any of these pieces at the prices you are going to get them at - and as always, package deals are your best deal. All my prices include USPS priority shipping. 1) Sligo Shorts - these are both size 34 and I honestly never recall wearing the brown pair, but know for a fact I only wore the lime pair one time. These are very nicely made and tailored shorts that is a Canadian brand that most of you should be familiar with. As I said, they have either not been worn or worn only once, so you will not be disappointed at all, guaranteed. Fairly expensive new, but I will let these go for 30/shipped each or 55 for the pair. Less than 2 for 1 Also included in the picture is a pair of worn J Lindeberg H2off shorts that have been worn a decent amount - still very wearable but with being white aren't pristine. They are just simply too big for me. No tears rips or any damage to mention, but they have been worn probably 10 times. Never dried, so still are fully water proof. Size 36 waist. Let these go for 25/shipped. 2) Again 2 pairs of Sligo and one pair of Lindeberg. I will break it down so it's easy to see sizes. • Orange Sligo: 34x30 professionally tailored, worn no more than 2 times. 35/shipped • Grey Plaid Sligo: 38x30 (fit slightly smaller) professionally tailored, worn <10 times. 30/shipped • White H2off J Lindeberg pants: 38x30. These were worn one time, but wore them as rain pants, they are in perfect condition, no stains at all on outside of pants, but inside cuff on inside of bottom cuff have slight discoloring, absolutely not visible from the outside - pictures reflect this. $40/shipped I will be more than happy to do package deals, just message me with any questions!!! - Bryan
  5. [quote name='BuffaloTim' timestamp='1351532568' post='5862711'] I'm interested in the light blue FJ shirt. How do you prefer payment? [/quote] PM me please.
  6. **MODS - this thread got deleted, to be clear all FJ Tour Shirts are not the same as past sales - I have about 30-40 of these shirts and have used different styles in each sale. Thank you for not deleting, if you have any questions, please contact me via PM. Hey guys, still cleaning out my herd of extra apparel in my closet. I have way too much FJ stuff that I don't wear so I am passing it on to anyone who wants it. 1. FootJoy Icon 9.5 (medium) Style: 52271 - New Style All-Black Shield Tip. These shoes are new in the box, never been worn, never been tried on, came directly from FJ, so no worries about anyone having them on their feet ever. MINT. I was going to swap these out for a different style, but decided I have too many shoes. $125/shipped 2. FootJoy Tour Shirts - 4 of them up for grabs. Sweet Purple and Light Blue w/ white pencil stripe, Heather-style Coral with 4 button plaquard, and a Orange/White stripe. All have FJ embroidered on the collar, and all are Size LARGE. They have all only been worn 1 or 2 times, they are all in perfect condition. BLUE AND ORANGE STRIPE GONE!!! Take these at $40/each or $70 for the Remaining TWO! 3. FootJoy Tour Collection Jacket. This thing was worn a handful of times, perfect condition, FJ embroidered on the Collar. Size LARGE. All yours for $80/shipped 4. Scotty Cameron RARE 4-button Henley. This is Size X-LARGE, never been worn. I washed one time to shrink, it was still too big for me. These are hard to find especially new. $45/shipped If you have any questions, feel free to message me! I ship all items USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation - all items come from a Smoke-Free home. Thanks, Bryan
  7. 36 waist pants (lime & brown/tiffany) sold, DryJoys rain jacket sold. Deal pending on rest of Sligo gear. FootJoy Tour Shirts still available. Thanks, Bryan
  8. Hey guys, I had a clothes sale a couple weeks ago and seemed to be pretty popular so I grabbed some more stuff that is just sitting in my closet. For clarification mods, the FootJoy shirts are different than the ones I had up in previous sale, I have more than a bundle of them so switched up styles so I wouldn't violate the 30-day rule. **ALL ITEMS COME FROM SMOKE-free HOME** First up are 3 pairs of Sligo Pants - these things were worn 2x or less by me and then decided to go a little more subdued approach with my golf wardrobe. They are very well made and a great brand if you haven't heard of them. The Lime and Brown/Tiffany Stripe are size 36 waist with a 30" tailored inseam. The Orange pants are size 34 waist with the same 30" tailored inseam. I am letting these go at $30/each OR $80 for the lot. Same pattern as the pants - Lime and Brown/Tiffany Stripe shorts, same condition, absolutely perfect - 34" waist on both of these. $30/pair or $50/lot If you have any questions, please let me know. As always, shipping is included and will discount for multiple items as it saves on shipping. Thanks, Bryan
  9. Hey guys, getting to that time of year that I clean out my closet a little bit. I realized the over abundance of FootJoy tour shirts I have and wanted to get rid of a few. I picked out 6 that I either wore once or twice, they are all perfect, collars still creased, etc. I also have two new with tags Vineyard Vines items (great brand if you don't know about them) that I had bought but do not fit now that it would be time to wear them. Also 3 J. Lindeberg items. Trying to price these extremely fair and would be willing to do discounts on multiple items. All prices are shipped. First up is the FJ tour shirts, all have FJ embroidered on the collar, and all are size LARGE, All shirts in mint condition, worn 2x or less, just have way too many FJ shirts. **Navy/coral stripe and Heather grey shirt have been sold. Remaining shirts are all 3 in first picture and Heather Blue in second picture. Price is $40/shipped or $150 for remaining 4 Vineyard Vines Lavender Club Pant (corduroy) size 35x30, new with tags. I paid 125$+tax for them in May. $50/shipped J. Lindeberg Troyan Pant, H2off material. I wore these pants 2x but were too big for me. There are very faint marks on the inside of the bottom cuff (not on the outside of the pant), may come out with special care. Size 38x30. $40/shipped Will do deals on multiple items, all items will be shipped USPS priority mail with Delivery Confirmation. Message me with any Questions, Thanks!
  10. I would really like to move just the putter or sell the cover as a bonus with the putter. I am open to offers, you all can PM me any questions you may have. Thanks, Bryan
  11. Hey guys, I had thrown this putter up on eBay and would prefer to sell it in a private setting due to the enormous fees eBay has nowadays. I am going to price this one to sell, this putter has been used but is in phenomenal shape - the sole has slight brush marks but the rest of the putter is absolutely Mint, let the pictures do the talking. This one is 34", 20g weights, std Loft/Lie as far as I'm aware (may be 1º flat), and has a Pistelero grip. A few of this same putter have sold for close to 2K the past month so I am trying to price this one to move at $1,700, I will include the cover if I get that full amount after fees (basically add on 3% and you have the cover). Message me with any questions! - Bryan
  12. All shirts are sold, Khaki shorts are sold. Lets move Grey shorts & Putter bag. Send me offers!
  13. 3 shirts gone, there are 4 left. Remaining are: Yellow/Navy Grey/White Purple/White Avocado I can do these for 140 for 4 of them (35/each). The more you buy the better deal I can do, shorts included. Thanks so much, Bryan
  14. Navy Coral shirt is sold, Khaki pair of RLX shorts is sold as well. I would REALLY like to sell the FJ shirts as a lot to save on shipping so will do a price of 200/shipped for remaining 6. Thanks! Bryan
  15. <p>Hey Guys, looking to get rid of a few things that are just sitting around. I got a huge shipment in of the new 2012 FJ shirts and I find that I only wear about 1/2 of them so I am going to pass on some of them to you all. The RLX shorts are too big for me now, lost some weight and were only worn a couple times a piece. The Putter Bag is just laying around and I have 2 of them, so am going to let go the other one.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><br /> <br /> </p> <p> </p> First up for sale are 7 FJ shirts. All of these are either New with tag or been worn 1 time. All shirts are size LARGE, and all shirts have FJ tour logo on Collar. I would like to sell them as a lot, and will do a better price if they are bought as such. Coral Navy White stripe White Coral Navy stripe Avocado Green Yellow/Navy stripe Grey w/ White Stripe Purple w/ White Stripe Purple Grey w/ White These retail for 70 w/ out the logo so lets just say 40/shipped a piece. If you want all 7 of them, lets go 250/shipped. Next up are 2 pairs of Polo RLX shorts, these are awesome, and all are great quality as all RLX stuff is. I wore these 2 times each and are just too big for me now. I was in between a 34 and 36 and could make them work when I was a 35 but now I am a standard 34. These retail for 98, so lets just go 30 a piece or 50 for both. Last up is a Scotty Cameron Museum putter bag, it is the crown royal edition which is more rare than the black. Lets go 50$ shipped on this. Please message me with any questions, I'd like to move these before tonight!! Thanks, Bryan
  16. [quote name='Fornesto' timestamp='1336750018' post='4895414'] definately more offset on those [/quote] I would say there is ONset on the 60...
  17. Both sold and will be shipped tomorrow!!! Thanks for all the interest! - Bryan
  18. I have a buyer for the head, I'd like to sell as a whole, but can do the shaft for 100/shipped (remember this shaft came as a custom order straight from titleist).
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