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  1. Agreed, the evnroll ER2 and ER5 are fantastic. I am sure the other models are equally good, but I can only comment on the two models that I own. Very satisfied.
  2. Its really a question of what shaft do you end up choosing, if it is a good fit . If you already know that, then you have to decide, As far as lie and loft adjustments, these are forged and can easily be taken to a fitter for final adjustments.
  3. They look legit, pricing is fair, Seller has good history
  4. Congratulations to Colin Morikawa, and what a great venue, the Concessions Golf Club looked like a fantastic golf course. Great event.
  5. Simple natural unpainted 2 3/4" wood tees.
  6. I would speculate that the 230 yield is the op's flushed hit, the lesser yardages were not. The variable is the impact on the ball from the golfer, 40 yard variations are highly unlikely equipment issues, lots of players use GI equipment, and have very consistent carry distances .
  7. When ordering any club, Specify all details that you want. Swingweight is a detail often skipped.
  8. Certainly worth your time to compare the two generation clubs, but highly doubt you will see a night and day difference between the two.
  9. Inconsistent strikes, over delofting at impact, skulls, etc... Lots of potential reasons in swing that yield distance variables. You should be able to find a good deal on a decent set of clubs that will meet your needs, even try a lightly used set. From the smallest clubheads to a brick on a stick, there are good choices for all.
  10. Tried the ZX7's against my 785's on two seperate days with a monitor and pro v's. Feel was identical, distance was a wash for me, both spin very similar, dispersion was very good with both. Think I will keep the 785's for now, maybe look for a change next season.
  11. Playing a smaller headed driver is just preferable for myself, I have better overall results. Performance is slightly better off the tee.
  12. Not surprised by Langer, or anybody that chooses to play or sign with Tour Edge. Exceptional equipment, some of the best being made in the game.
  13. Winning changes everything, so if he has the exemptions to play, and if he wins, he can earn an exemption for a little while. Monday qualifying and sponsored exemptions will only give the opportunity to play, he needs to win.
  14. I use a TM hi-toe 58 * very successfully from a variety of positions around the green and bunkers. Excellent club.
  15. Using the Evnroll ER2 in northern bag, And a Evnroll ER5B in southern bag,
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