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  1. City and state : Bradenton, Florida Handicap : 8 Ability to test golf equipment with one week of its receipt : Yes Current iron set up : Srixon 785's 5 Thru pw Nippon Modus Tour 105 s flex What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons : consistant distances, compact size and playability Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread posting reviews and photos : Yes "
  2. Take a test run with the Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro 3 wood, Compact and true performer. Exceptional club.
  3. I like the 105's in stiff, great shaft. Have had it in two sets of irons , Somewhat aggressive swing, mizuno shaft analyzer put me in the 120's for first choice, but the 105's were 4th and I wanted lighter in a steel shaft, so opted for them and have not looked back
  4. Had the Callaway MB 18's for 2 seasons, they were great irons, clean look, the new weighted version, not feeling it. Having not tried the Pings, but now that they have been out, would be worth a test drive,
  5. I prefer Tiger, just a better Master's tournament when he is in contention, I do not recall Bryson ever in contention at the Master's, so he has not had to deal with the back nine on Master's sunday for a win.
  6. You might want to consider the CBX 119, or the EXS 220 or the first addition EXS, see how they look through your eyes , put them through your test. Currently, I use the EXS Pro, and like this one for many reasons including how it sits at address.
  7. Pretty bold claim that having new irons dropped handicap by 3 points
  8. Take the club to a fitter, get the swingweight corrected so you know what you have, the fitter will have options, could assist quickly and fairly inexpensively.
  9. Played Mizuno for years, currently enjoying the Srixon 785's, these are very solid irons. Very simular feel, and the Nippon shafts are great performers in these irons.
  10. Smaller heads are easier to work the ball , fade or draw but, face angle and swing path have more to do with working the ball. Neutral club settings should take the side spin biases out of the ball flight . With practice, a 460cc driver will yield good results with working the ball flight.
  11. When you buy clubs, it should benefit your goal for your game, not your ego. Find what you like, get fit , go play. Stop whining , or stop buying, or the hell with it, stop playing . That will show those companies.
  12. Have had the Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro, Extremely satisfied with this driver, Flat out performs, fun to use.
  13. Made the decision to add the EXS Pro 3 wood to the bag, now have the EXS Pro driver, 3 and 5 woods in play. Enjoying my choice. I can add that the fairway wood upgrades are my least enjoyable task. Which is why for myself, its almost a whole season endeavor. Will keep the Sim , for now, the adjustability has its place for some courses I play, but will decide once the EXS Pro 3 wood visits those very courses.
  14. Nice summary and post. Sounds like the bag set up is working for you. Callaway makes very nice equipment. As for putting, thats a game on to itself, I have opened up my stance a little this year, and have had very good success, seems to help me see the line better, and the putter seems to stay on that line better, putting is such an individual part of the game, there is no single way to do it.
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