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  1. Looks original, This is a rare Scottsdale Ping Putter If real, its the Holy Grail of Ping Putters, My suggestion, buy it, buy it now.
  2. Replace the hosel, he should have been able to get a simple hosel. Pics showing dammage would give a better answer, Just responding to info as written
  3. As stated earlier, costs, Swapping shafts are easy, your just working with epoxy, Besides, how does offering a changable shaft for irons benefit the golfer. Get fit, get it right the first time.
  4. Embrace history ! Hard to understand where your going, If you don't know where you've been.
  5. Have the gravity grip on both the ER2 and ER5. Just a great feeling grip for a great feeling putter.
  6. Ping Anser 2 is a great putter, has a history of winning on the pro tour. If you are comfortable with it, it will meet your needs. Weight of putter head is lighter, but you can certainly get used to that. I still have a couple in copper and stainless.
  7. I have seen more than my fair share of " WTF MOMENTS ", of golf shots from guys playing all sorts of irons other than blades. Not exclusive, to style of irons, Maybe , " Game Shaming ", or "Hack Shaming" , should be the next big thing on golf courses.
  8. 16.5 is a 4 wood, that will work well for you. 15 is a standard 3 wood that will work well 13 is a strong 3 wood that will work well Its all player dependent,
  9. 785's are in the bag, and see zero reason to switch, these perform extremely well.
  10. X Forged 18's currently in southern bag to stay, Srixon 785's in northern bag Can't see parting from the Cally, its just to good of an iron, like everything about it. Flat out performance.
  11. Slow players are just hacks, and no deliberate slow play is not acceptable.
  12. Rule 4.1b is simple enough, penalty is a fair assessment. Tournament rules are the same for all competitors. Still remember Ian Woosnam's reaction at the Open years ago when he had over 14 clubs in the Tournament. His reaction was classic,lol's
  13. ER2, ER5,ER7 and ER 10 are offered in left hand,
  14. Pressure marks on forged irons are all but impossible to avoid, even with precautions at the pro shop level. And ypur loft and lies will have to be checked and adjusted every so often. The performance after the fitting adjustments should more than satisfy the blemishes that are commonplace. Remember, tools not jewels. Fully expect loft and lie adjustments to be needed in the future, Nature of the beast with forged irons.
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