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  1. BuCu Anser2 and Stainless Steel Anser2 Both still in play a few times this summer
  2. I played persimmons, and I would say NO to 5 woods persimmons equal hybrids today
  3. Well Brooks, maybe we will entertain this premise once you get to double digit major wins. Good luck.
  4. Own the CBX 119's in 3 a 5 wood, very solid fairway woods, as is all Tour Edge Exotics clubs. These are in my southern bag, as I have the EXS Pro fairway woods in the northern bag. These titanium faced woods have such great feel and trajectory , they do not disappoint. All I can advise players are to try them. Compact and very pleasing results.
  5. Congratulations Billy Horschel, solid performance on such a fantastic course. Big fan of this world class and global player. Continued success to you
  6. Great tournament on a great course, And its on TV, in a great time slot, lol's. Just enjoying the golf that is being played.
  7. I use the EXS Pro driver and fairways I like everthing about these clubs. Distance, Feel, Sound, and Performance. Tensei Orange shaft is a nice complement to these clubs. That said, I have never tried the TS4.
  8. Prices are up, but if you are buying, then shop around. That's what I do, my bag is fairly current, at least some of it. Which means I can afford to shop around, even wait a year till any equipment goes on sale. My equipment does not lack performance, so its easy to be patient on pricing and costs.
  9. If you can, try a few different models of MB'S. Try the Mizuno MP 4, 20, and keep an eye out for the new blade from mizuno later this year. Try the Callaway MB 18's Cobra blades Maybe there is a CB iron that will fit the bill, Best advice, get out and try some,
  10. It very well may, but distance is the GI iron mantra, and there are lots of choices. I prefer a solid forged club, be it muscle back or cavity back . Distance is not the only consideration I Iook at when choosing an iron. Just because foam filled irons resembles a blade design, doesn't make it a traditional players iron. That said, they have their place, and would get my consideration maybe when I am older and needing distance.
  11. Most players are looking for control around the greens, and can benefit from a urethane ball. That said, golf ball choices are a very personal decision. Pro V 1 is a very solid choice.
  12. Its the design feature, with most of the tech inside a hollow blade looking iron. Most if not all the foam filling fills the void for noise I suspect. Allows for different thickness metal faces to be welded onto a body. Not necessarily new idea, just a different design. Benefits???? I don't think so, lots of hype though.
  13. Lack of inovation, No hi toe, no full face, so few choices, Not even a forged offering in the US. Good old standard wedges, nothing more
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