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  1. Having played the 52* and 58* zipcore full face since they came out, they are worth your consideration if you are in the market. Very versatile from all kind of lies around the green. I am very satisfied with these wedges . As always YMMV.
  2. Maybe they should go back to persimmons, and wound balls , then the distance issue is mute. There, that will grow the game. Lol's. I suspect I will be kicking the USGA to the curb. I had enough after the groove spectacle. This will be the same,
  3. Last I knew, the golfball is smaller than the hole, so the player has some wiggle room to still make a putt if he actually lands the putter face on a less than centered dimple collision when making a stroke. Misses are just what they are, misses.
  4. Agreed, Time will tell. And the proposals are a bit more reaching than just the 46 inch driver length.
  5. Thank you for the link, as you read you will come across the manufacturer proposals, Including what appears to be changes on testing procedures. I suspect the devil is in the details. Where there is smoke, a fire will follow.
  6. There are three proposals, 46 inch max is left up to local rules committee. The other two changes are in testing for clubs and balls, those proposals are with the manufacturers now. The changes most likely will make current equipment Non Conforming, and expensive for players that will change equipment to play conforming in local ,state, and regional tournaments. As always, changes have ramifications, and these are another example a solution looking for a problem.
  7. Thank you for the link, I could not get it posted in my comment above, But as all can see, there are three proposals, its more than just driver length.
  8. Can't say that I have ever noticed Lanny's comments about Phil or any player on the champions tour. That said, Phil has quite a career balance including majors, that should give Lanny plenty to talk about. Lanny was a very good player in his career, Including one major, and lets face it, there is nothing to be gained by battering players on this tour.
  9. I understand that shaft length at 46 " max is just the beginning. Also on the horizon, are new set of rules for testing clubhead spring board effects, and a new ball conforming rules that will basically make the current equipment and balls non conforming. Nothing good will come from the USGA and R&A ruling bodies, except higher prices for all these changes for most golfers.
  10. Looks to me like this may become the GO TO EXCUSE, for a round of poor putting. Poor putting Bryson ? Yeah I kept mis hitting the dimple on hole 12 through 18.
  11. Saddened, he was a fantastic broadcaster on the European tour.
  12. Reads nice , in theory, But you would be better served by playing, than worrying about this silly stuff.
  13. Tools , not Jewels. Stop fondling them, and go play , You beat them into the ground taking divots, for goodness sakes.
  14. And will cost more at the gate to see live
  15. Its all interesting, not certain what anyone can conclude from it. And what would anyone change on the ball dimples. They are there for other reasons, related to ballflight.
  16. I welcome the changes. I was last on Augusta National in 95, Will be going back in 2022, looking forward to seeing the Masters.
  17. Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for win number three on PGA Tour Champions.
  18. Watched a guy purchase a working golf club, had leagues, outings, etc...looked profitable. Watched same guy, sell equipment and till up the course and plant corn. This was within his ownership the first year.
  19. This was great to see, Hope the road to playing at the tour level goes as well. Sure has been a bit since we have heard any updates.
  20. At 62, I play the srixon 785's, got a slight distance gain from the lower spinning iron heads, and enjoy the feel of these irons. Still playing and scoring well from 6300 - 6500 yard courses. Your Dad has many options, best to get fit and have him try everything. Involve him in the decision, don't surprise him with a set that he may not enjoy. YMMV.
  21. Sure, see no reason why Sam can't win a major. Great game,
  22. I welcome the changes on a course that doesn't cost me a thing and I will never be able to play. The members , maybe not.
  23. Reminds me of the silly season golf of yore, Hell, bring back the Shell's wonderful world of golf shows, with todays players.
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