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  1. ‘88 Dodge Shadow, manual. Also ‘74 Saab 99, also manual.
  2. The cost of living in California is prohibitive, even on an angineers salary. Bad move It’s a long term play. Get some really good experience for a while and be much more marketable after a few years. You can rent at a somewhat decent rate and buy your dream house back home while someone pays you rent there (if worried about rising prices). Engineers in Cali can make double elsewhere with bonuses, stock, etc.
  3. There are a decent amount of startups in California and some elsewhere looking for automotive engineers. Think Tesla, Faraday, Nio, etc. Guarantee you won’t be bored there. Work there two years of so and you will gain more experience than in all your other years and it will look good on the Resume. And out there they don’t care about job hopping it’s very common. You probably don’t want to move but could do a couple years and maybe even buy a house where you want to live permanently and rent it out. Downside is you will work your butt off and probably can’t afford a house there. I work for one
  4. Holy cow, I’d hate to be a teacher there. The head of school was notified about an incorrect math answer? Tell your kid people make mistakes, even teachers, and move on.
  5. One thing to remember is concentrate on the car and not the “deal”. I try to give advice to my parents all the time on what they should get and then they usually end up getting whatever deal they could find and then a few years later have problems with the car or sell it for way less than they bought. I’ve bought a few cars at retail price and over a few years come out way ahead than if I would have got a “great” price on a crappy car or one that isn’t so desired. Most are decent these days but there are still some duds and ones that don’t hold value well.
  6. There are all sorts of ways to negotiate but if buying new I had great luck with an auto broker. They do all the work for you and take a cut from the dealer. Got a better price for the new one and trade in than I got trying myself for a week.
  7. Wait a minute, I’m generally pretty cheap but these don’t seem much more than normal or slightly higher than normal prices for golf attire or a driver these days. And I’m thinking he should go outlet mall, not TJmaxx.
  8. One of the most bizarre flash in the pan members we've ever had. To make up an entire premise like that ....It takes a special individual Wow, just wow. I take it back, there are some entertaining new threads. I’m still curious whether the buyer was really upset over the missing labels or just the fact that there was residue on the shafts... ? I feel like deal or no deal is watched by some of the best retired detectives around. They get to the bottom of anything.
  9. It’s a little sad that these are all older, we need some new ones. That said, pantaloons is always a winner.
  10. Finally got it after a long wait. Clubs haven’t really changed.
  11. Ha, yea totally thought it was top gun. Thought she was going to tell him he’s writing checks his body can’t cash...
  12. I do some hiring in engineering for a respected and somewhat hard to get into tech company. I look at GPA especially for interns, but certainly not the deciding factor. Usually the interview process will weed out the people who just take tests well vs the ones we really want. Internships and referrals definitely help big time. But yea if nobody knows you a 3.9 from MIT stands out way more than a 3.3 from Kentucky Western. Sorry if you went there, just trying to pick a relatively unknown college! ;)
  13. Seems like you went to a terrible dealer who doesn't want to help. The model you want is available, they should at least be willing to order it for you. Of course they only have the fully loaded ones coming in that they are going to put in the lot, they have that sweet markup on them. Typically upgrades have a 50% margin on them at least from the manufacturer and dealer. I would either find a local dealer who is willing to get one from another dealer or find one that has it even far away and go get it from them. Hopefully you find what you want. Good luck.
  14. Some more Prius love here. I've had two. It's the only car I've ever bought new and sold it for more money. Got a new 2004, paid retail price and one year later sold it for more! This was when people were going crazy for them. How many other cars can you say that? Also had a 2010, excellent. Only sold it because I got a company car, plus I change cars like shirts. I've seen the data before, they only had to change very few original batteries since the Prius came out. Of course it doesn't rely 100% on them. I'm into all electric power now though. The smoothness is incredible.
  15. No offense but that just made your screen name and avatar that much more creepy for me!
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