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  1. Its an Imperial Rope hat, most likely from a country club he's fond of or plays at. If you like the style, you can design your own on the Imperial website, i'm done a few, most recently a Winged Foot US Open one. top notch quality and very fast shipping.
  2. have you tried the tour-x? it doesn't have an outer plastic heel cup, but you can definitely feel your heel lock in, its super stable and really well cushioned for being a 'stability' style shoe.
  3. Now would probably be the time. i believe they, along with gap and banana republic are 50% off site-wide.
  4. LOL. Idle minds think alike. Great job, especially for your first time. I've seen quite a few sole swap's on instragram and started to get the itch. I think that the Jordan 1 or 10 low cleats would be the best bet to use as an upper for it. I like the idea of using the TWFF as your sole. another cheap option may also be the Roshe Tour G as they seem to have quite a few of those on ebay, especially in the olive green color.
  5. with a title like that, i'd think it'd be more a reference the company as a whole folding up shop, and not so much the current state of affairs. not the best framing, but also, not quite literally the end of the world
  6. NIKE H86 Statement Golf Hat | TGW.com Here's Rory's hat. I own one in Navy and it's great. It's not full dri-fit, so it feels a little softer and closer to cotton so it can be worn on or off the course without looking too techy.
  7. They still do, the guys on tour now just use fancy apps and fitness bands like the Whoop which cost like 300 times what a copper bracelet did. a fun thread might be just remembering all of the health fads, from the copper bracelets, to the trion:z ion bracelets, phitan neckalces, and anything else. I was a fan of the c-prime bracelet that Dustin Johnson and I think Lee Westwood had in the early 00's
  8. when you say you were stretching it with the 32, do you mean you were literally stretching the belt, or 'stretching it' like you were barely making the belt fit? i'm a 32 waist, and found a great deal on a size 32 S&B belt, but it was just a tad small, so if these belts actually did stretch out a bit, it may actually end up fitting.
  9. The yellow tag is from the actual hat manufacturer (Think New Era or Imperial). They pretty much do all of the trucker style hats whether they be for surf companies, golf companies, or any custom work. It's pretty typical to see the tag there along with whatever brand they've done the hats for.
  10. If that's what you're looking for, Him and Linksoul may still have their promo code working. ERIK33 gets you 33% off of your purchase. Again, not sure if its still a valid code, but who knows.
  11. i think it varies, i've seen him hawking JL, Greyson and Devereux at different times over the last two years. I'm sure he'd plug or hastag it at some point.
  12. there are actually plenty of places to find good golf t-shirts. Instagram is great (or bad, depending on your bank account) place to find and support a lot of smaller companies. Here are a few, and some of the bigger names as well: lowside golf fade golf n stuff travis mathew linksoul matte grey (founder used to be the 'travis' in travis mathew) stix lifestyle golf surf and turf golf and this is for my Philly local people, check out rittenhouse golf and camden golf co
  13. Yes, believe it or not, some things tend to have a different value than the stated price tag. I'm sure all those people selling Jordan golf shoes are simply misreading the price tags that are on the box.
  14. Up for sale are 2 leather Links and Kings / Peter Millar collab driver covers. The first is all navy with a baby blue PM insignia and '1', the second is a white and navy racing motif. I've looked around eBay for a price and have come up empty. Just going to round it off to 100 shipped and PP'd each. Feel free to shoot me any offers or trade offers.
  15. ah, glad to see they haven't fixed the issue of the tongue sliding all the way to the side yet. I've got a pair of the 3's, and those 4's look really nice, but UA's might be the most love/hate shoe i own. they feel really good, but have so many little things that annoy me.
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