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  1. Another vote for the Srixon Q Star Tour, its a great ball for the 90's swinger.... cheers!
  2. I was there 5 years ago and there is a shop inside the compound, just up from the putting green, we were making martini's and got some Grey Goose vodka. I wasn't looking for Bourbon but I'm sure they would have some. Google the Pebble site and call the shop. Have a great trip! Cheers!
  3. Good morning, I played Rancho las Palmas back a few years and its fun, no gimmicks... the course traverses the drainage ravine and it was in very good shape when we played 3rd week of January same time as the PGA Bob Hope 2008 not sure of what your looking for in a course but this one is good. Reasonable green fees and in nice shape. Its not going to be a "tick" off the bucket list but its good golf in Palm Springs. Cheers
  4. My brother was on a par five and had not been able to reach the green in two, he hits a great 2nd shot that rolls up onto the green and went between a senior ladies legs. He rushed up to apologize and she replied... "that's ok luv its been a while since i had a ball between my legs" my brother almost pissed himself.... this senior lady is a icon at our club, she is a widow and it is said that she still got 18 in the day she buried her husband....
  5. > @"Ronnie Mundt" said: > Siyan Liu...most annoying female in all of golf? Please ladies get it together. For me it was her attempts to intimidate her opponents and her gamesmanship. This whole reading the green when it is your opponents turn to play is brutal..... It was in excess.... and she was by far the worst in doing this (she did it in every televised round she played), yes I get it that there is some merit in trying to keep the pace of play but her actions declared her intentions!! If you cant beat the opponent with out the interference then you shouldn't be out there.....
  6. I will take the Navy/red driver cover if you will ship to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R3E 1G1 Thanks Don
  7. Hi there, If and when I am playing with someone who is playing slow I will inform them politely that we need to keep pace with the group in front of us, I know the group may be a smaller party than ours and therefore faster, but we can still play ready golf. I am a quick player and it definitely throws me when I am playing slower than I am comfortable with.... but if the others in the group are playing ready golf it helps... and as others have said.... if really bothers me.... I just wont play with that person.... Cheers!!
  8. I am going on the Kuchar side on this one... prearranged service fee established prior to the job.... its really nobodies business. This Ortiz guy is a piece of s*** who should mind his own business....
  9. I am in a similar situation, I have had the best performance out of all drivers with the "made for Titleist 4560" golf shafts.... I have about 5 of the Titleist 905 drivers 3 of the 905T's and 2 905R's all with that shaft and they are fairway finders.... I just put a Ping 12 degree G30sf tec together with a Grafaloy Bi-matrix stiff shaft and will try it out once our weather is better up here.... cheers.
  10. I have 2 sets, and they are awesome. Great turf interaction, close to traditional lofts... they are not strong lofted like today irons.... here is the link to the original specs.... https://www.taylormadegolf.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-TMaG-Library/default/v1459859109590/docs/productspecs/TM_SPR_2012_Catalog_24.pdf
  11. Who are the comentators other than Nick? Matt Gogel..... is it Immelmen?? its just tooo much....
  12. I was just about to include Jordan Spieth..... total overachiever... cheers
  13. You live in America's Hat and cheer for Euros? Strange. Hatters gonna hat, I guess. I don't live under America's hat..... I am first generation Canadian..... and proud of the history of my country.... and I will cheer for whom I wish.....
  14. Leafs...... Yup he is our fool..... total waste of space.....
  15. Thank you for correcting my mistake on the spelling of Ryder Cup..... and how nice of you to point out that we still have snow..... I will take the snow over the fool you have as a president.... and yes I will be cheering on team Europe..... :taunt:
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