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  1. I have the PX Handcrafted LZ shafts in my driver and fairway and get on with them very well, but am struggling to find a hybrid shaft of similar feel and profile. I have always got on well with PX shafts and am keen to try the new HZRDUS range. According to the PX website the HZRDUS Yellow is the closest match to the LZ range. However i have only seen HZRDUS hybrid shafts in the BLACK spec. Does anyone know if PX are producing the HZRDUS Yellow in a hybrid shaft spec, or plan too in the future?
  2. Thanks, that's very useful. If i am reading it correct does that mean that the max tipping (PW, 7.0 Flex) would be just over 8 inches? That seems a lot? If that is the case, the parallel section would be at least 8 inches long then?
  3. Is anyone able to advise me on the length of the parallel section on a KBS C-Taper .370 Parallel Tip shaft? I am unable to find a tip trimming guide for the shaft, and was wondering what the maximum amount the shaft could be tip trimmed?
  4. Other than the different shaft options available, are there any other differences between the Aeroburner and Aeroburner TP clubheads? Most notably, face angle, any difference between how the two are setup?
  5. I'm trying to purchase a new waterproof top and ideally would like it to be sleeveless. I find full arm length waterproofs very restricting and simply don't feel good swinging with one on, so as a consequence I never put mine on and just end up wet! I have several windstopper/softshell gillets or body Warmers by galvin green etc that I wear a lot of, but they aren't ideal if the rain is really coming down. I am yet to find a sleeveless waterproof by any company, so if anyone knows of one would really appreciate the info.
  6. Can anyone please tell me the safest method to pull the shaft from a odyssey Metal-X 7 putter? I obviously do not want to apply to much heat and damage the insert, and also would really like to save the small ferrule/collar odyssey use at the end of he shaft, as to date i haven't been able find a replacement for this ferrule. Does anyone know where I can source one of these odyssey ferrules should I damage it during removal? Many thanks.
  7. Can anyone tell me the shaft tip size on the Cameron Select Newport 1.5 putter please? Thanks.
  8. Anyone know the tip size on the new Adams super 9031 hybrids? Thanks
  9. Does anyone have experience with both of these shafts and could make a comparison of how they play compared to one another? In regards, to launch, spin, feel etc?
  10. I can find very little info on these shafts and can't even find the specs for them. Can anyone share some info on these shafts with me? How do the shafts play, launch, spin, comparable shafts? Also what is the difference between the 8.8 and 9.8
  11. Can anyone help me out with the tip size for the 'Tour' version of the RBZ hybrid please?
  12. I'm just about to order a new set of irons, and have always played callaway irons. I am looking to order a set of the Razr X muscleback, however unfortunately they are not available here in Europe so will have to be ordered directly from the US, which means i will not be able to hit them before placing my order. Something I am very very reluctant to do. I have however been able to hit the Titleist 712 MB on the range at my club and loved the feel and look of the club and am now very tempted to order these instead as I can't hit the callaways. My questions is to anyone who has had the chance to hit both and compare the two, and if they could please provide some similarities and differences between the two clubheads? Callaway irons are what I have played since starting out so feel quite confident I will get on with their musclebacks, but am not sure I want to take that risk without hitting them first!
  13. I have one of the older Tour Authentic X tour Utility Irons in my bag, and it is still probably my favourite club in the bag, and is certainly my go to club on tee shots with a tight fairway. I have read all the hype around the new 'X Utility Prototype' iron and wondered if anyone had had a chance yet to hit one and make a direct comparison with the older X Tour iron i have?
  14. I have decided to invest in a belt sander and bought a couple of specfic belts for ferrule turning, but have never attempted turning a ferrule on a belt sander before and have always just used acetone. Can anyone who has turned ferrules on a belt sander please explain the technique and provide me with any tips on the process?
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