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  1. Drop a $5(at least) if u stay late with a cart. No matter what. Don't be cheap. It'll help in the end.
  2. Trail fees are common at private clubs
  3. Just looking out for the little guy
  4. Eliminate staff, no golf. AGC is ignorant
  5. Yeah. Just f the staff
  6. The Forest course at Fiddler's is in the process of redoing all of their greens so it may not be open by May
  7. Me want to win. Me still play w/ tm300 forged irons. Need new sticks.
  8. 07 burner tp w/ vs proto 70s... searched for 8 years for a good 3wd.. but also currently cheating with an 08tp with the 83x BB
  9. the spoon is solid, my boss used it for 3 yrs before the face caved in..w/ the YS6 xflex
  10. i saw stricker hit balls on monday for at least an hour and he is mfn solid! However the course is too long for him IMO. Look out for dustin johnson.
  11. still hackin the 4 wood
  12. Just hit a 425TP with a Rombax 65X, felt much stiffer than my Superquad TP w/ VS proto 60X
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