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  1. > @srolph17 said: > As a 718 AP2 player and fanatic, I'm initially very unimpressed with the T100 as a possible replacement. Not sure what happened to the clean branding on the back. Looks like I'll be hanging on to my beloved last generation AP2's even after they wear out. However, the new 620 CB's look SOOO buttery. Will most likely upgrade to those the year after next. I agree 100% with your comment, love my 718 AP2, and as far as the back of the club's looks meh...it looks much better than say the716 (buty not maybe the 718 but still not a looker much like this when sitting in t
  2. Hi. The '17 ProV1. Tried the AVX, don't really like it.. it doesn't spin enough around the greens. I tried the '19 ProV1 and that is a really nice ball.. seems to have the AVX or similar dimple pattern. Seems to be no brainer replacement for the '17, but I just bought 7 more doz. Ugh. Are you ... golfing? 50 rounds last year... :censored2: 50 rounds last year....in California not good, upstate NY....one hell of a season :russian_roulette: :drinks:
  3. I miss the old milling pattern back in the day. I'm totally blanking on the name of the swirl pattern on the face of the round neck putter in the pic...? You did a good job capturing it in the pic, but I find no pic really shows off how great it looks in person. Curious to why Byron ditch that milling pattern? I'm guessing it maybe was to much work to do for a bunch putters, or maybe traditional milling gave a softer feel maybe?
  4. I have no idea what the # number of putters ordered would need to be for Byron to make up a run of 006 putters, BUT back in 2010/2011 when we wanted a heavier DH89, and Byron did a preorder for the DH11 it was a run of 10 I believe. But that was at $500 a piece I believe. The 006 when I ordered mine "I think" was around $300-350ish range. So I'd guess going off that I'd imagine a run of at least 15 if the price equaled roughly the amount of 10, DH11 (well in the ball park at least). Again this is just an absolute guess, and I'm just going off the DH11 1st run info that I remember and that ma
  5. Not Sure about that ball mark stick tool thing. I realize the PGA Show has tons, and tons of small companies trying to break into the biz but not sure about this one. It seems to be the "suction cup on the end of putter, but for ball marks tool". From the pics alone it doesn't seem to fix them properly (could be the pics too), but I suppose if someone can't bend over to fix it, its better than nothing.....? Curious what the price point is too. Not sure people who can't fix ball marks naturally, will want to spend extra money on a device to benefit players behind them. But I could 100% wrong.
  6. I've heard quite a few good things about P2 putting grips.
  7. Personally, I love seeing the small club companies, like a Scratch/Artisan/Byron Morgan type of club companies.
  8. Thanks. So I'm assuming the Evnroll is satin and SC is matte finish? Looking at the pics that'd be my guess, and if so, that Evnroll looks amazing in satin (if that's what it is).
  9. +1, From the pics and YouTube reviews I've seen the F9 looks to have a great shape/footprint to it. Have you had a chance to compare the new Apex Pro to your 745's? Lastly are they close in size/offset?
  10. Damn I'd game those irons, wedges and shafts, that is basically the exact same up I'd get (minus the grips, my hands are to delicate for cord lol). Beautiful set of irons and wedges.
  11. Hopefully it rolls really well, because on looks alone.....not a great looking design IMHO (as well as a lot of others). Maybe if it didn't have lime green lines on the head it'd look better? But unfortunately almost all the companies are doing these crazy, awful colors so the weekend golfers can know what each club is on tv by seeing these fugly, over the top color choices.
  12. I know nothing about grinding, but these do look really nice shape wise. OP, awesome thread and look forward to seeing more pics as it progresses. I saw these TSG and thought about buying them but again I know nothing about grinding. Good luck to the both you!
  13. Hey guys. I'm sending my 718 AP2 irons into Titleist for loft and lie check, and having the lofts strengthened 1* (maybe 2*) to hopefully help knock down the peak height, and spin a touch. For anyone who has strengthened their iron lofts 1-2* did you see a noticeable difference in offset? Also I'm assuming that the strengthening lofts will also lessen the bounce a bit too. When doing so is it a 1* to 1* conversion? Meaning if I strengthen the loft 1* will that lower the bounce 1* as well? Basically I don't want to F' up my irons playing characteristics that I'm used to if I do decide to
  14. 350 Milled is the old C&L putters right, and now its just Chip Usher? If so then yes they make nice putters, it was actually my first ever custom putter. I got the CL1 heavy, which was 368g vs the 350g head. It has a good soft feel, but responsive off the face. Basically you still know where on the face you made contact. I think there's 2 things that equate to lower prices vs. other putter makers. 1) Sell more putters at lower price vs fewer putters at a higher price point (makes sense). 2) Maybe they do less grinding/polishing/softening of the lines on the putter than other putter maker
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