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  1. Went through the fitting at GG for the TM day yesterday. Spoke to the rep and the “no charge select shaft option” was fancy marketing for “free stock options”. So any no-charge up charges would be a glitch. Hope it pans out. I ordered the Hybrid with real Ventus for only $105 up charge instead of the normal $150. It says preparing for shipment but I haven’t been charged yet. I guess we’ll wait and see.....
  2. It’s open the wallet for one for sure. Crank it one notch open to take a smudge of loft off. Would be a absolutely perfect.
  3. I don’t think it’s an error; see the letter I got in the mail. After speaking with a couple dudes at GG this offer has replaced the 50% trade bonus.
  4. Looks like real Black and Blue Ventus are no up charge. I’m guessing it’s part of the limited time offer through this weekend. Probably why the hybrid real Ventus is less currently as well.
  5. I didn’t hit the MAX 2 hybrid; just the SIM 2 adjustable one. I was pleased with the forgiveness and feel. I reminds me of something kind of in between the 818 H1 and H2. For me it’s the perfect sweet spot.
  6. Admittedly my swing wasn’t where I wanted it today for a myriad of reasons due to not swinging for over a month due to MN winter, work stress, and lack of sleep. That said, I guess I mean to say that the MAX initially is more of an option than it was last year (and might be the winner). Last year’s MAX didn’t fit me, and the current SIM was a great driver for me last year. But perhaps this year the SIM Max might be an option. I need more sessions with both to truly evaluate as my swing comes back with a couple of sessions. More testing to follow. It’s not that the new stuff wa
  7. Good news is looks like real Ventus Blue Hybrid is only a $105 up charge, that’s honestly not bad at all.
  8. I tend to believe PX when they say their shafts are “real” in the “Handcrafted, Special Edition” years. And I know I read that the RDX were all real deals this year, but the Hybrid Black RDX has me scratching my head since it’s not on their website.....
  9. I briefly hit SIM 2, SIM MAX 2, and the SIM 2 Hybrid. I’m going to hit the drivers a couple more times, but first impression wasn’t great. Now that said, SIM was my favorite driver in VERY long time, so it was going to take something special to knock it out of the bag. First session showed no real improvement. SIM MAX 2 was a bit more forgiving, and spin was still pretty good, so that was a pleasant surprise. Still, current SIM is a great driver for me. NOW....THAT HYBRID THOUGH!!!!! I hit the 19.5 with the AV Blue X. Fantastic. Everything I wanted in a hybrid.
  10. Doubt it, SIM MAX hybrid had a similar look and it was just a paint job.
  11. Mine were light, fixed it in a CC fitting. No knock on the performance, I’m pleased with the build, but TM seems to be a bit hit and miss out the door.
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