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  1. Klitch footwear clips on Amazon. That’s what I would do. 19.95 and allows your shoes to be clipped onto a bag of your choice. I have a 2.5+ and that I use as my carry bag. I truly love the bag; but I wouldn’t try to put shoes in there. Also, for 19.95 Sun Mountain sells an EZ Fit strap conversion that makes the straps better (IMO).
  2. I've found the X to be quite durable, on par with Pro V1/V1X durability. The TP5x is solidly in my rotation.
  3. I tried at one point a few years ago wrapping my (at the time) Ping Hoofer legs with Gorilla Tape. Super strong grip, sticks like hell, and it's thicker and more durable than electrical or Duct tape. Over time it too will wear, but you can replace the tape at that time.
  4. I'm a sweeper as well, and I love the turf interaction the P7MC gives me. I think they are reasonably forgiving if you are mostly on center for misses. They are very clean thru the turf IMO.
  5. Exact opposite of my experience. I thought it has the least club tangle of any hinging base bag I’ve ever used. I put D, 3w in top left, Hybrid, putter in top right. 4,5,6 in middle left, 7,8,9 in middle right. P, 50 in bottom left. 54, 58 in bottom right. I love it.
  6. Vessels work just fine on carts. My Player 3 fits perfectly on my Clicgear and if I ride in a cart I use the cart strap sleeve they provided me when I purchased it. Zero issues.
  7. SM bags (2.5, 3.5, 4.5) are going to be the absolutely clear cut winner here. Their 4 way top, full length dividers, and non-pivoting base makes them the clear leader in what you're looking for. Their branding is about as minimal as it gets for a "big box" brand. They can be had without SM logos as well. I have a 2.5+ I use when walking and there is about as little tangle as possible in a 4 way top. Other manufacturers have almost all went to the "Hoofer-like" base of the whole (or majority) of the base pivoting which will inevitably cause some bunching. The Vessel Players 3 has very robust full length dividers in their 6 way top and and ample space keeps club tangle about as minimal as you can in a pivoting base design. I am very pleased with my Player 3 with 6 way top. It does everything well.
  8. I also find the Tour X to be very comfortable. I have 2 pairs. Currently really enjoying the Adidas ZG21. It's a little less stable (but still stable) lighter, and better cushioned. That said, for what they are designed to do, the Tour X are exceptional.
  9. TM MG2 have been good wedges for me. Next year I'm going to perhaps give Cleveland wedges a go again, or try MG3. I gamed Ping Glide 2.0 and 3.0 and while I liked them on full shots, they just didn't feel as versatile around the greens IMO. Also the Glide 3.0 are too light, even after dropping some DG S400 shafts in them, they were still too light for me.
  10. Yup, been gaming it all summer. Big fan.
  11. I own 4 bags currently (Vessel Player 3, SM 2.5+, Ping Hoofer, TM Flextech). I used to be a 14 way guy, but switched back to a 4, 5, or 6 way top and will never again own a 14 way top. Waste of pounds and actually makes more bag chatter due to the unavoidable spacing of the clubs.
  12. Ping and Vessel. Honorable mention to Titleist.
  13. I’m my experience it’s been great. I use mine on a Clicgear 4 and it has zero issues. On a cart is equally functional. It doesn’t have a “cart strap passthru”, but the side pockets are low enough that a cart strap doesn’t impede pocket functionality. Love my Player 3 DXR.
  14. Current 7 Series (770, P7MC, P7MB) came out in fall of 2020, so a fall update in 2022 seems perfectly logical. 790 seems like it is a year off so we likely won't see an update until 2023.
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