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  1. I picked up a Stitch mallet headcover. I’ll put it to the test tomorrow. The magnet seems about as strong as a special edition Spider HC.
  2. Not rare, just wonderful.
  3. If my swing is “on” I’ll give it about 3 rounds; just to be sure…. But yeah, you can kinda tell right away. Once you know it’s all about developing the sample size of information to make your decision comfortable. For me, 3 rounds when playing “well” gives me enough on-course data to validate a suspicion. I’d my game is off, I’ll wait a little longer to gather more data.
  4. The RDX Black 6.5 pairs very well for it. I have one in addition to my Ventus Blue (w Velocore). This thing reminds me a ton of my old Adams Idea Pro with a smidge more forgiveness.
  5. Hougz79

    P770 users gap

    I gamed over 20 rounds with my 770s before getting my P7MCs, I found the distances to be very consistent personally. As mentioned, I’d check the lofts.
  6. Depending on the model of a 5w vs the model of a hybrid, there can certainly be variances in forgiveness, with the edge more often than not going to a 5w. A 5w will also have a longer shaft. These two factors can lead to 15ish yards in less-than-centered contact. I personally love my hybrid off the tee. There are 2-4 holes at my home course where I take hybrid off the tee. To me it’s almost automatic in the fairway. As others have mentioned, tee it low, focus on solid contact, and let the club do the work.
  7. It’s been a bit since I had the Hybrid bag, but it’s “reasonably snug”. Not so snug you need to wrestle it in. It’s tightest near the top and the handle. You could still pack some dirty laundry inside the bag on your trip home.
  8. I did the email reminder as well. Didn’t want to risk sell out again. Early birthday present to me
  9. Looks like it’s slowly coming back in stock; just ordered a Grey/6 Way top; I’m pretty excited!
  10. As mentioned, pretty much any adjustable hosel 3w. I gamed a Mavrik (non SZ) last year and found it very draw biased. I switched to a SIM Max and found it more neutral (my hook was more my swing), but went to SIM2 and have it one click open. Really helped tame my left miss out. I am sure you could get very similar results with a TS/TSi fairway as well, they have a lot of adjustable options as well in their Sure Fit hosel, and more neutral "stock" bias.
  11. The extra pocket above the ball pocket of the new 2.5+ is such a subtle little bit of awesome as well! But I agree, the 4 way top on the current 2.5+ is pretty incredible for it’s size. Super functional,.
  12. I didn’t try on the BOA unfortunately.
  13. I might have accidentally purchased a new Phantom 5.5....I'll pick it up tomorrow lol
  14. I gamed both options for a total of almost two decades (Pro Platinum from 1999-2007, Studio Stainless from 2007-2018). I preferred the Studio Stainless. Pro Platinum was my first "expensive putter", but I enjoyed the feel of the Studio Stainless a bit more. Both are in the GOAT category for Retail Scotty's so you really can't go wrong. Personally I'd go Stainless as you can modify the head-weight much easier to your liking.
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