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  1. Thanks Kevin. That's my plan. I was fit for my current sticks through Titleist Fitting Works. Great experience btw. The Titleist fitters speculated that the 19* shafted with a DG would be the ticket, although they were not totally up to speed with the yet to be released clubs.
  2. KevCarter, JHR or anyone else who has experience with the 585: What's distance and trajectory like? I carry a 15* 3w and a 20* 695cb 3i. Is the 19* a fairly long hitter and a suitable strong lofted 2i replacement? 210ish is my comfortable 3i, so I'm looking for a 220-225 club. I can get that distance out of a steel shafted 19* Taylor RM TP for reference. Also, has anyone hit the 585 shafted with DG? TIA.
  3. Find a local metal plating shop or an auto/bike shop that does custom chroming. They can strip the chrome for you. I used a custom auto shop in the days before the RTG wedges. Usually paid about $5 a head.
  4. I ordered s59's and a pair of custom grind wedges through Dan's and they were at my door step on the east coast in 4 business days....exactly on spec. Not directed to anyone in particular, but when ordering custom clubs the golf shop you order through can make a big difference. The order needs to be placed correctly and the shop needs to be 100% sure the instructions/specs. are clear to the OEM. It sounds simple but orders are less likely to be fouled up when the shop leaves nothing to chance or interpretation. Additionally, a shop that pays their bills on time will generally get you your clubs the quickest. Slow turnaround on orders are frequently the result of shops not keeping their accounts current. It's easier for the shop to blame the OEM than tell the customer they don't pay their bills on time. I don't want to trun this into a Discount Dan's commercial, but those guys really know their business and take the extra steps to get it right the 1st time. I've ordered more gear from them than I care to admit and have never been let down on service or price.
  5. I've played both the original "ironwood" and the new "ironwood dc". The original is a real soild club and the new one is even better. Both feel pretty solid, are neutral (no draw bias) and playable from a variety of lies. The new version is more forgiving and slightly improved in just about every catagory. It's the best hybrid I've tried and one of the least expensive which is always nice. I have an Irod in mine. It's a solid combo, but I wouldn't mind trying something a little heavier.
  6. They are my 1st call for new gear. Their prices are hard to beat and service is top notch. Good guys who like to talk golf and golf clubs.
  7. Guys who want to strip the finish should look in the yellow pages. Companies that do metal plating can remove the chrome or you can talk to an auto shop that does custom chroming of bumpers, wheels, pipes etc. I've gone the auto shop route several times. Usually pay around $5 per head and have it back in a day or less. You could do a chemical strip at home, but it's not worth the risk. Too easy to damage your property, brain, lungs, eyes, skins, etc.
  8. You need to keep it mind one critical point when you order OEM's with Rifles. Not all OEM's will build to frequency with rifle shafts. For example, if you order TM or Titleist with 6.0 rifles they will install raw 6.0 rifles but not account for length and swingweight. Depending on your build specs. you could end up with finished irons that frequency higher or lower than 6.0 (usually higher). Right now, I believe that Ping Wrx and Mizuno are the only OEM's that will assemble irons to your requested frequency. If you want irons that frequency at 6.0, Wrx and Mizuno will do the calculations and select the correct raw shafts to build a club that frequencies at 6.0 at your requested length and swingweight. Bottom line is that may not get what you want unless you are 100% up to speed with how a particular OEM builds their sticks. IMO, if you really want it 'right' get on the same page with an experienced club maker that knows how to build with rifles.
  9. Different drivers fit different players and swings. There is no single longest legal driver. 2 players with the same club head speed and ball speed may require different lofts, different heads and or different shafts to optimize their launch conditions and carry the ball the same distance. There are many quality drivers on the market, it a matter of finding the right equipment set-up to match how you swing the golf club.
  10. RobS

    Low Launch Irons

    Titleist 670 & 680 are both lower flight musclebacks. I personally favor the 37's over either of the Titleist for looks, feel and sole design.
  11. Before you think about changing your stroke, I would take a look at your routine. A player has a window of time in playing a shot before tension creeps in. It's important to develop a routine from that falls within your window. Most solid players have consistent timed routines that essentially put them in auto pilot. After I go through my pre shot and address the ball, I work off of a count. The count keeps my mind clear, keeps me in rhythm and keeps me from tensing up and jabbing the putt. My count is 6 once I address the ball: 1-look at hole 2-ball 3-hole 4-ball 5-take away 6-forward stroke This is the count/time frame/routine that works for me. It will vary from player to player. The key is to keep it consistent and short enough to keep tension from hurting your stroke. This style/method was taught to me by a PGA Master Professional who partnered with Dave Pelz on putting research, tension, yips, etc. This isn't a cure all for yippy strokes or poor putting, buts it's a sold technique to incorporate...IMHO.
  12. Based on your swing speed and carry distance, X100 should be a good fit in your irons. For a penetrating ball flight, DGX100's are hard to beat. My personal experience is that DG's will give you a lower ball flight and a little less spin than a similar flex of rifle or tour flighted rifle shaft. I'm of similar size (6-2, 200#) and close to you in swing speed. I've played Mp-30's and currently play MP-32's, both +1/2" w/ DGx100's. The DG's match well with the Mizuno heads and give me a very playable ball flight in varying conditions. Additionally, DG has a different feel than Rifle. Rifles dampen impact a bit while DG provides a little more feedback. This aspect is personal preference. I personally think the combination of the soft Mizuno forged head and the crisp, solid feel of the DG really make for a very fine feeling golf club. The Mizuno/Rifle combo feels a bit to muted in my hands for my taste. Good Luck...Rob
  13. I used a Club Glove for several years...great product. For the last 2 years or so I've been using a hard cover. I have the SKB Freedom. It's the only hard cover I've found that's easy to fit in a trunk. It's a two piece design, kind of like a medicine capsule. The top half fits into the bottom for easier storage and transport. It's big enough for my Ping J bag, a couple pair of shoes, rain suit, box of balls, etc. While it's pretty convenient for a hard case, it's not quite as convenient as a soft bag that can be folded up. Most airlines won't insure clubs in soft cases. Some make an exception of the "Last Bag". With the hard case, I don't have to worry about any rough handling and busted clubs.
  14. No doubt. ...had more to add put hit the wrong button. I have a number of relatives who made it into their 90's and a couple over 100. Those last 10-15 years are pretty idle..I could do without the bed pans, etc:-)
  15. Ping J bag...great pocket layout with plenty of room. Very durable to boot. I like the Hoofers, but the J bag is a little lighter....helps when I'm walking the billy goat courses.
  16. Crazy offers are par for the course. I generally price for quick sale unless it's something pretty special. Regardless of how fair or cheap I price, the yardsale crowd will still want to haggle. I either don't respond or simply respond "I'll pass". I'll discount on mulitple items or maybe for someone who has bought a few things in the past. People who are hard up for discounts are the same people who may come back to haunt you after the sale. 'You said the club was 8.5/10, but it looks like 8.2/10..what will you do to make this right for me?" I don't have time for that nonsense.
  17. No kidding about the smoothies. I flattened a 13*...... cracked about 2" long high on the face. I was pretty surprised as my clubhead speed isn't quite in the club crushing catagory.
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