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  1. This is my exact decision dilemma as well. I’ve only hit the TSi2 and was very impressed with the ease of hitting it off the turf AND the tee. Distance, launch, and spin were in ideal windows...I’m not sure you could find a better 3 wood.
  2. As a z745/945 iron user since 2015, I've hit every iron on the market and nothing could match the performance and playability (for my swing and game). After hitting the ZX7s, I get the same performance of the Z45s, but dare I say, better feel? It finally felt like Srixon figured out a way to make a true upgrade over the z45x. I'm not sure if it's the slightly thinner sole that's making the difference, but there definitely is a new 'magic' over the ZX7s. That said, I had my original combo set refinished. Going to be hard to move away from these!
  3. That is the only correction to @paztormike's post. I would amend his review to say that every manufacturer has built wedges based off the all time best selling Cleveland 588 shape. Other than that, the Zipcore love is spot on!
  4. I held off ordering fresh Cleveland wedges and I'm glad I did. I'll be all in on a full faced Zip Core lob wedge.
  5. Does TM ever put these for sale in their website? I would buy this in a heartbeat!
  6. Puetz Golf Seattle Better accuracy while maintaining current distance 6x
  7. What is your handicap: +1 Current driver shaft and flex: Accra TZ6X Have you tried Ventus before: Yes Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black): Black Choose your weight and flex: 6X Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely!
  8. And they’re officially up on the Srixon website!
  9. Looking forward to seeing how it compares to the Tensei Pro Blue!
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