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  1. I'm thinking about ordering a Lululemon Evolution short sleeve polo but am looking for some guidance on the sizing and fabric. Does anyone have any feedback or std measurements for size M?
  2. I've noticed the same with a Dunning cotton polo I just ordered a few months ago. I'll have to check into Johnnie O.. How's the sizing? Comparable to any other brands? Specifically in the S and M range.
  3. I just received 3 Holderness & Bourne performance polos for my birthday, and they are incredible! Interested in B Draddy, but cost is high and the cotton polos seem to look weathered after a few washes from what I can tell.
  4. Would prefer local metro Detroit pickup to avoid shipping charge. Let me know what you have! Black or navy preferred.
  5. Pretty standard stuff: - 1/2 wet 1/2 dry caddie towel - small ball marker - range finder - cigar, cutter, strong lighter - and I can’t stress this enough, my preferred sized tees. I only feel comfortable teeing up a driver with extra large length tees
  6. Has been my gamer for years! One of the most underrated flatsticks out there..
  7. Pg 3 drops - these prices can't get much lower.. please make some offers if interested! Heading to USPS in two hours and would like to ship out as many items as possible.
  8. All pricing is OBO. Please make an offer if interested in any remaining items!
  9. All items include USPS Priority CONUS shipping and will subsequently be mailed and tracking #s will be sent within 48 hours of payment being sent. If you are outside of the CONUS and interested in an item, I can work with you to ship product but will need to understand true shipping costs prior to any sale. I welcome discounted offers on bundled items, and have a few small TBC goodies for anyone who bundles the hat, head cover, and/or other items. If you need more pics or measurements, please let me know via DM, and I will get them to you at my earliest convenience.
  10. Thanks! You posted pics of the pair I was originally interested in, but I am no longer. GLWS
  11. Brian seems like an awesome, genuine dude - but his clothes look so bad simply because they are SO baggy!
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