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  1. Checked in on my order today, and not only are the shafts still on back-order, but I'm being told the T100 heads are now back ordered for the foreseeable future, and I may not see my order until early November..
  2. Like many others, I've noticed the pilling and decrease in material quality over the last few years. I bought a few 1/4 zips during their recent warehouse sale and am content with the value, but I will no longer pay full price for their gear. I've also noticed their hats fade much quicker and absorb more sweat than other brands, which is unfortunate because I really like their fit and style.
  3. I placed an order on 9/1 for a set of T100s w/ std DG S400s (back-ordered) and was told they'd ship around 9/24. What have others recent experiences been with True Temper back-ordered shafts? Specifically with std DG S400s?
  4. Looking for a "3" fairway cover in either red, white, or navy blue
  5. Looking for x flex or head only, let me know what you have
  6. Looking for x flex or head only, let me know what you have
  7. Looking for head only or standard length x-flex shafts
  8. Not working for me. I wonder who qualifies?
  9. Looking for a "3" fairway cover in either red, white, or navy blue
  10. Looking for cool gear at the right price, let me know if you have any fairway/putter covers, ball markers, tees, stickers, sz M apparel
  11. Will consider anything from gently used to new condition, but must have S400 shafts
  12. I see no issue with demoing equipment so long as you are respectful to the staff, don't abuse the privilege, and aren't misleading to the sales team regarding your greater intentions. And if your conscious is eating away at you for some reason, buy apparel off of the sale rack or load up on tees and balls from them every so often. The staff members at my local Golf Galaxy are very friendly and seem to fully understand many folks are in there to kill some time at lunch or in the evening, check out the newest stuff, and maybe make a smaller purchase if something catches their eye. T
  13. Looking to buy a single birdieball from someone who has an extra laying around the house. I do not want to spend $30+ on a dozen, as I only need one.
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