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  1. Hmmm. This is not a direct answer but the guys at txg seem like they are very much on top of their game and are not selling anything but reputation/information.
  2. Backswing needs to change first. I think you need to start by getting your right shoulder lower than your left and look at back of ball.
  3. Merino. Darn Tough are nice...
  4. C taper lite is a great match for me with this head. Looks awesome also
  5. Agree. It would be nice if SIM hybrids had an adapter and were easy to experiment with different shafts
  6. Smaller head on the fairways would be a great addition
  7. I am looking for a very good/excellent condition original one mini-driver, head only or upgraded stiff shaft preferred Thank you John
  8. Thank you for the detective work!
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