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  1. Still need to figure that out , I did order a Gap Wedge but apparently its coming late. So I guess I will need to go 53 / 58
  2. They came in a day early!! Got to play 9 holes after work, I do have to say they feel much better glued in than the demo 7 iron. Didn't notice a click vs the demo 7 iron I used for fitting. Every iron felt dialed in as far as swing weight, stuck two shots irons on par 3's that led to kick in birdies. Distance was great definitely a little more distance but maintaining spin. Took a chance on these Nippon AMC shafts after trying them on a 7 iron and glad I did, tight dispersion much more manageable for me plus getting more height on my long irons. Also to my surprise they upgraded to the black nickel finish which looks awesome!! Can't wait to take them out this weekend!!
  3. Got my shipping confirmation will be here Tuesday, ordered 8/3. Excited!!!!
  4. Thank you! They look great low offset. Can't wait to get mine!!
  5. Congrats! Let's see some pics especially of the long irons playing position please
  6. I went Nippon so hopefully they are good to go with no delays
  7. bummer ok I too ordered a stock offering hope we get them this month but sounds unlikely
  8. what shaft did you select? Was it an exotic one?
  9. I too hit the 7 iron in T100s vs T200, slight firmer feel on the T200 but was more forgiving and faster ball speeds. Still looks incredible at address, I would say think Apex but way less offset. Since the website says same offset in the T100 and T200 this release I am sure the long irons will finally look good as well with minimal offset. Sign me up! I ordered 4-GW T200 Can't wait!!
  10. How is the offset? especially in the long irons
  11. 1. San Diego, CA 2. 5 3. Supernova 4. Toulon Chicago 5. Feel 6. Yes of course
  12. I recently picked up the speeder evo vii of of a palm tree crew and put it in my F9 head. I's an awesome combo and def the real deal.
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