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  1. How is the offset? especially in the long irons
  2. 1. San Diego, CA 2. 5 3. Supernova 4. Toulon Chicago 5. Feel 6. Yes of course
  3. I recently picked up the speeder evo vii of of a palm tree crew and put it in my F9 head. I's an awesome combo and def the real deal.
  4. Update: So I spent a good month with the Srixon Zx Combo set and they were good but they just weren't these Cobra's. These feel and perform better! Probably the first difference I noticed was how much softer the Cobra's are which is crazy since they are not forged. In addition my dispersion with the Mim's are so much better especially in the short and mid irons. I also noticed much less spin with the ZX irons especially the ZX5's. They were hot but almost too hot and too low spin, I want consistency in my irons. I also hit the MIM's higher which is what I am looking for and the consistency of
  5. I still have mine but currently testing the ZX series. It's a tough decision because I do prefer the Cobra MIM irons in feel and performance but I absolutely love the looks of the ZX7. My one feedback for Cobra is to lose the gigantic 'KING" on the irons it just too much. The snake logo is great but not sure why they are so stuck on this "KING" thing. It just too overdone IMO.
  6. That is a tough one. On well struck shots I believe the LS is longer than the F9 but the F9 is right there. I do prefer the looks and feel of the F9 and I think the overall dispersion it a wash. I am wondering if I can get more out of the MAX LS with a better shaft so TBD.
  7. Played my first round with the 10.5 LS with PX IM 10 and really enjoyed it! What stood out the most was the sound and feel. The previous Epic Flash was a hard pass due to the sound and feel and I am really glad they nailed it with the 2021 Epic Line. Another thing that really stood out was the dispersion and forgiveness I played a really tight course and I hit a ton of fairways and the mis hits I had still got out there. When I was able to open it up I killed a few past where I have normally been. Very comfortable with this driver from the get go! I do want to try some other shafts but so far
  8. I spent a ton of time today with different combos is the speed and Max LS and eventually went Max LS with IM 10. They were really close and I could have gone with either head but I did like the shape of the LS and overall extra forgiveness the LS provides. Also picked up the 4 wood!! Can't wait to test this weekend.
  9. I was demoing the new epic line today and tried a speed head with mmt 70x. It definitely didn't feel too stout but yes I would like to try the 60 stiff. I am trying to decide between the MMT and the IM 10 shaft. Anyone compare both?
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