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  1. Been hanging onto this one for 8 years huh?
  2. Sucks but it would help if you guys screened your sellers a little better. Low post count, bad pics, problems with basic spelling and grammar. I don't care how good the price on his Scorrty Cameron is, I'm not sending him any money.
  3. I'd stick with the PX 6.0s. Sounds like they are working for you as is.
  4. 15* head The club looks great in matte black and I'm always on the lookout for my next 3 wood.
  5. The ball will also spin less off a mat than grass, so given the loft of those irons your spin numbers might be pretty good.
  6. What have your coaches been working on with you? Just curious.
  7. Ordered my MMCs on 6/19 and they showed up today, so a little bit over a month. I have to go pick them up tomorrow and hope the weather holds out so I can hit them.
  8. Placed an order for some MMCs and a HMP 4 iron on 6/19 and I haven't heard anything yet.
  9. I'm taking the two rounds at Augusta each month. Except for one of my rounds, my "friends" are going to be people I've never met paying me $500 each to play Augusta with me.
  10. This thread is definitely toast, but I might have to order a piretti now.
  11. Annnddddd he's off the rails today.
  12. I have one of their putter grips on my odyssey vline armlock and it is a game changer. The stock grip that odyssey puts on their armlock putters is horrendous, I have no clue what they were thinking. The jumbomax is 10x better. I just ordered a couple of the ultralights to try on my driver and irons. Big fan of their putter grip.
  13. Other way around, he tripled number 3.
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