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  1. I use Fit39ex gloves, which are not leather, and they last me over 50 rounds. For me, I wear through them at the base of the palm where the butt end rests. I stopped using leather gloves due to the slimy feeling I get when it's hot out.
  2. I ordered my P790s thru TXG in November, and TXG told me today that they're in and being adjusted to my specs. FWIW, mine were ordered with Modus 105R shafts.
  3. There's a a guy, NEHomer, on the THP forum that is really handy, and he's built a few pretty cool accessories for his MGI using sheetmetal. One of them is a rangefinder holder, and the other is a cooler holder that sits on the frame under the bag. You could reach out to him to see if he'd build/sell you one. See posts #3 and #35: https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/index.php?threads/pimp-my-push-cart.8932100/
  4. I called MGI regarding fitting the unit into the carry bag, and while the rep said that it's doable, it's a really tight fit. She suggested that it's easiest to simply remove the wheels when in the bag. This might be okay for me anyways. My trunk isn't big enough to fit my golf bag, so I am likely going to need to put the cart into the bag and into my backseat. However, all of the grass and geese poop will likely make the inside of the bag filthy anyways, so I'll probably put the back wheels in the trunk where I have a rubber liner. That doesn't solve my issue with crud on my front wheels, but they're nowhere near as huge as the back wheels.
  5. When I was trying earlier, I already reversed the wheels to be inside out.
  6. It took a while due to delays on the MGI side and with the importer service that I use to get it into Canada, but I finally got my Zip AT today. I couldn't do much more than to take it for a little test run in my hallway. I have a really stupid question though for my fellow users. Can you put the cart into the carrying bag without taking the wheels off? I disconnected the battery and put it into the little slot, but I can't seem to get the zippers close? I tried putting the cart in in multiple ways but I can't get the zippers to close all the way.
  7. I just bought the MGI Zip AT from Costco, but I can't use it until winter is over. That said, I went with a remote model because I don't like having to double back to grab my cart after putting, and there are instances at my courses where I don't necessarily need to push my cart to a tee box (ie. tee box is a little walk away/up a hill and I can leave the cart on the side of the fairway while walking back towards the tee).
  8. Wow, what a disaster. I have a set with Modus 105R on order, but I'm not sure about the ETA since I ordered them through TXG back in November.
  9. I did a fitting at TXG a few months ago, and my fitter pointed out that the optimum shafts for the P790s and G425 hybrid were both stock offerings and didn't charge me anything beyond the retail cost of the clubs plus my grip of choice.
  10. Yep, I have a 425 Max driver and Sim 2 3/5 woods with the same shaft in all. They were all selected during a fitting.
  11. Thanks. I'm still waiting for my cart to arrive and didn't realize that the seat had a decent amount of storage. Will see when I get it in my hands next week.
  12. That's a good idea! I should look at stroller accessories. Probably a lot more options, and quite possibly cheaper than golf-marketed ones. I was shocked at the cost when I look at the cost of the MGI-branded accessories.
  13. What are folks using for storage on their MGI carts? I'd like a mesh-type bag that can hang from the handles cause I like to have easy access. I typically throw things like my rangefinder, spare ball, scorecard in there. It looks like Clicgear and Bagboy make mesh bags for their carts, but I have no idea if they'd fit the MGI.
  14. Yep, I received the same email regarding the courier change. Costco never updated my order with the Fedex tracking number, but the MGI rep was able to easily get me the tracking number when I called. I ordered mine on the 13th and having mine shipped to Niagara Falls, NY. It's scheduled to arrive on Friday.
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