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  1. Always ship to a confirmed Paypal address. Did you ask why the shipping addresses are different?
  2. You're correct. Warning was issued in error and has been rescinded.
  3. Obviously, none of the golfers were 4 handicappers. Let's call it a day on this one before it derails any further. Have a great weekend everyone.
  4. Sorry, but you'll need to start another ad. Ads are removed and a warning is usually issued if there are any BST rules violations.
  5. Have a great weekend everyone!
  6. @m_w Enough of the finger pointing. You're blaming the wrong person for your problems. His account was hacked. The feedback left is unwarranted and has been removed. I'll let this topic stay open for now as another reminder to not use forms of payments that do not provide buyer protections, regardless of feedback and how long someone has been a member
  7. Contact @Gxgolfer for details on pinning your ad. Do not close and start a new listing if it's for the same items, unless 30 days have passed from the original listing. You can add items to the current ad as long as they do not violate any BST rules. No items may be added once an ad has been pinned.
  8. Off topic content removed. Feel free to start another topic if you want to discuss handicaps and swing speeds.
  9. Lock/close it. It will be archived within 24 hours.
  10. UPDATE: They were reported. Their posts were removed. Both were issued warmings. The End.
  11. Topic cleaned up. Let's keep this on topic so there are no more reports about it derailing. Feel free to start a topic in the 19th Hole if you want to discuss Costco's return policy, patching tires, home insurance, ... Thanks!
  12. You should post images of all the faces.
  13. You had 2 open ads. After closing your ad, you need to wait at least 24 hours to start another ad.
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