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  1. Topic cleaned up. Cut out the thread crapping. Keep responses on topic.
  2. Must be in at least very good condition. No browning or dings on the faces. Prefer stiff flex with standard L/L/L. Graphite shafts would be a plus. Contact me with details. Not interested in any other models, so please don't PM me with offers for other Mizuno MP model iron sets. Thanks!
  3. Reviewed and staying in Cooler. DO NOT PM ME ABOUT REOPENING.
  4. Topic has been cleaned and locked. Another example of why we don't allow COVID related discussions.
  5. Locking this up. We're not allowing COVID related discussions because every COVID related topic has gone off the rails with politics, disinformation, bickering, conspiracy theories, ...
  6. Locking this up for now. @bennowick or @Cummins_19 contact me to reopen for updates.
  7. Are the Cameron covers authentic? I'm not purchasing, just need feedback on whether they're counterfeit or not. Thanks!
  8. Please post images instead of attachments in your next ad. Thanks to @scooterhd2 for posting the images.
  9. Cleaned up. Everyone take a breather and keep it civil.
  10. Be wary of new members who are responding to your WTB ads. Especially if they're insistent on forms of payments that do not afford buyer protections (ZELLE, VENMO, PAYPAL GIFTING/FRIENDS&FAMILY, ...) Report the PM directly for review. DO NOT PM me.
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