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  1. I bought a pair of Concord Grey XI's in size 13 a year ago from StockX and never ended up wearing them, as I didn't want to get them dirty since I spent so much on them (at the time). They were still NIB so I took a look at StockX a few weeks ago and sold them to the current high bid for $200 more than I paid. I've never flipped anything like that in my life. I loved the look of the shoes, but I couldn't bring myself to wear them knowing how much they were worth. Going forward, I'll stick to sub-$200 golf shoes that I won't worry about wearing outside.
  2. It's weird - he's listed on the Travis Mathew site: https://www.travismathew.com/TM/COLLECTIONS-/Jon-Rahm-s-Picks/c/01222 Maybe he doesn't like the shoes yet.
  3. Peyton and Curry played a practice round this morning in 50 minutes? How is that possible even with carts? That's less than 3 minutes per hole.
  4. Yes. Did my fitting on 10/31 and received the driver 15 days later.
  5. If you're getting good results (and as 0.1 index clearly you are) I wouldn't worry about the aesthetics of the swing. As you said there are plenty of Tour pros with non-standard elements of their motion, but they can all put the club on the ball consistently. The only reason I commented was because of your takeaway move, in that it's similar to mine, at least the one I've developed over the past two years after losing some weight (about 50 lbs) and losing feel for the club in the swing. It looks like you roll your wrists a bit and get that tell-tale separation of the upper lead a
  6. My TSi3 driver arrived today - i was kind of shocked that FedEx delivered on a Sunday morning, but it was perfect timing as I was playing today at 11:00. It was cold and a little blustery here, and fairways were pretty soft after rain on Friday and a two hour frost delay this morning, so carry distance was hard to judge, but it performed really well. Every drive was in play and ball flight was reasonably close to what I was seeing in the fitting a couple of weeks ago. And it looks and feels fantastic. I have the 10* head in D1 adapter setting (LH) with a +2g weight in H1 setting, with the
  7. My TSi3 driver arrived today - no wrench. I already have 3 or 4 of them so no big deal.
  8. I think it's no change to the total weight. Standard weight is 8 grams, so two -4 weights should also equal 8 grams.
  9. I did a Titleist fitting on 10/31 and got an email from Titleist that my driver shipped yesterday. Unless the shaft or grip you chose is backordered, I'd have to imagine your driver will ship this week as it launches at retail this week.
  10. Got fitted for a TSi3 last Saturday at a Titleist fitting day. Received an email from Titleist today that it's being built. Not bad turnaround time. Shouldn't be too tough a build with a stock shaft at stock length. Hopefully I'll get it next week.
  11. They have a 1 year waterproof warranty. I've worn them in wet conditions and they are indeed "waterproof", at least as far as golf shoes go.
  12. Mine went from pending to in progress yesterday. My fitting was Saturday.
  13. Did a Titleist fitting today and ended up in a TSi3 10*, D1 (LH) setting with Tensei Blue 55 S shaft. The TSi3 looked and sounded way better (to me) than the TSi2. Took a little time to get the launch, weight, and adapter settings right, but it was worth it. Really impressed with this driver.
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