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  1. The only other option would seem to be differently weighted weight tracks, but that seems like it would be tougher to manufacture and manage for Titleist. The actual weight must be removable somehow when the track is out of the head.
  2. I did an outdoor fitting for the SIM at my course yesterday. I'm a long-time Titleist driver guy, going back to the 975J, currently playing a 915D2, though I've had the 917 and TS2 in and out of the bag as well in the last couple of years. I was really surprised by the SIM. It looked great and felt really nice. I was a little concerned by reviews here that indicated it's fade biased. I had no issues hitting it straight or with a little draw. I tried 4 or 5 shafts and ended up going with the stock Diamana in S. It gave me the best launch and spin numbers. The AD DI was close, but launc
  3. There's something else going on with the weight track as well to allow for different weights for swing weighting purposes. The weight itself is likely removable/swappable when the track is removed from the head.
  4. dwboston

    2020 US Open

    Don't get me wrong, Wolff seems like a nice, personable kid and a win from him would be big. If he gets fewer good breaks tomorrow and goes backwards a little, I think there's a bunch of guys who could gut out an even par or -1/-2 round to sneak in - Louis, Rory, and Schauffele would be my picks. I think anyone +2 or better has a shot.
  5. dwboston

    2020 US Open

    Louis is likely going to be in the final group tomorrow when all is said and done today. Wolff did amazing things from the rough today, just like Reed did yesterday. It caught up to Reed today. Would love to see Louis win another major.
  6. It's the TSi3 - you can tell by the weight setup at the rear of the club.
  7. Nice! Thanks for posting this. I'm currently playing the BB 6S in my driver and was waiting to see the profile of the HD. I'm really looking forward to this shaft.
  8. They were the best selling irons in 1994-1995. I had the driving iron as well and that thing was a cannon.
  9. The original King Cobra Oversize irons were all-timers.
  10. This is correct. Driver adapter has been the same since the 910 series.
  11. There was a forged split cavity LH iron available back in 2010. I inquired at the time - they were really expensive so I didn't pursue it. I found the thread via Google search. Only the Google-cached version is available, and the pics aren't there: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:pTzllmI1nVwJ:https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/334077-scratch-td-irons-have-arrived/+&cd=18&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  12. I think that's already been confirmed in another thread on the forum.
  13. Thanks for the pics Greg! I really wanted to see the TSi2 from the address view. Looks great.
  14. This - I play my 915 D2 12* in the D4 (neutral for LH) setting and it sits perfectly square.
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