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  1. I'm sure, it just may not have been possible to get the clean weld look given how far back on the head the neck had to go.
  2. It's a 1/4 shaft offset, which is pretty unusual for a plumber's neck. The neck clearly had to be cut and relocated to satisfy that request. Byron said it required "lots of filling" on the Instagram post. He probably warned the customer it might not look clean. Not sure I've ever seen 1/4 shaft offset with a plumber's neck.
  3. I just picked up a pair of the ZG21's - the white/yellow/"blue oxide" colorway, which looks more like green in person, but still pretty nice. These shoes are super comfortable and lightweight, especially compared to the Tour 360 XT-SL. I have a couple of pair of the 360 XT-SL and they are really comfortable but noticeably heavier than my other golf shoes. I wore the ZG21's for the first time yesterday and was pretty impressed. They broke in quickly, look great, and are pretty easy to clean. These are great shoes - hopefully Adidas makes them in more colors.
  4. The Bombas performance golf ankle socks are really good. Nice cushioning with a heel tab and no visible logos.
  5. I've got the Recoil Proto 110 F4 in my irons and the 125 Proto F4 softstepped in the wedges. A little heavier and a little softer is a good combo for wedges.
  6. Clymer is such a boring interviewer, even on his watch-related videos. He has zero personality - his "celebrity' is mystifying. Would have been interesting to see the WITB and range video with Adam's coach with a host/interviewer who had some knowledge/enthusiasm for golf.
  7. Rory is the Johnny Miller of his generation. Stretches of absolute dominance in terms of ball-striking, blowing away fields in majors when he's on, not great at Augusta, and a (relatively) poor putter given the rest of his game. He's not done, he's got too much talent not to win again, but the Tour is much deeper with the great young players coming out of college and winning. He needs to commit to nailing down his wedge game like DJ did. Who knows if he wants to work that hard though. He's set for life many times over financially - it should free him up but instead it feels lik
  8. Miura CB 801's - incredible feel and great looking irons. Super happy with them.
  9. That's great news! It was a nice archive for Byron, Lajosi and Lamont - I wished I had downloaded the photos of all of my customs before the site went dark. Hopefully they're able to restore the old forums with photos.
  10. Could have sworn I saw a LH 620 posted but I looked through his IG posts and didn't find one. Agreed on the social media and website points, but Byron's never been totally "current" with either and does fine. Too bad PutterTalk went away.
  11. Follow him on IG...
  12. Not a ping at all. It's supposed to make the impact sound more audible. I was a little nervous when I ordered it sound unheard back in 2007 or so, but when it arrived I was glad I did. I just sounds great.
  13. Here you go. This feels really soft and muted, especially for a stainless putter. The best feeling putter is my stainless 006 with a minimal face mill and a sound slot. It "should" feel clicky but it's just perfect.
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