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  1. I agree - it's weird. They had PGA Tour Live coverage the first two days, but nothing at all on the weekend. Really strange.
  2. I'm not sure if Kari still offers the Bayzie HSM style? I don't see it in his current list of offerings on his site. He does have the LP7, which is a heel-shafted mid-mallet, but doesn't have the cavity. I have a Bayzie HSM with a copper insert - it's a great putter.
  3. What's the SureFit adapter setting? Is it possible it's the 24* but it's lofted down to fit your gap?
  4. He had a Ventus Red in the driver yesterday.
  5. Phil with the Ventus Red in the driver today. Didn't seem to help as he only hit 43% of the fairways, but he hit a lot of greens and putted OK.
  6. I play the CB 801 and had the previous version Forged CB without the y-grind. The y-grind does make a noticeable difference with turf interaction for me.
  7. There was a Team Titleist video call a few days ago about the CPO ball program where they claimed they literally don't have enough stock of the Left Dot ball. I hope it does get released because I'd play it as my regular ball.
  8. It's on page 8 of the manual linked above. "Shot Distance" is a selection in the Golf Menu. Right under "Exit Round". Press and hold the Select button to get to the golf menu, then choose "Shot Distance". I kind of prefer this method to the original Phantom. I was always inadvertently hitting the shot distance function on the original Phantom.
  9. I dispute that it's materially firmer than the regular Pro V1. It feels really close to the Pro V1, just a bit lower spinning. Definitely firmer than AVX, which is one of the softest feeling balls on the market, but nowhere close to as firm as the Pro V1x.
  10. The 2021 Pro V1 is closest to the AVX in terms of feel and has a similar lower ball flight. Pro V1 spins more than AVX with irons and around the greens. If you could find some, the Left Dot Pro V1 slots in between the AVX and the regular Pro V1 in terms of spin (more than AVX less than Pro V1) and feels slightly firmer than Pro V1.
  11. 30X EBITDA. It's the late 90's all over again! Probably a good place for this quote from Scott McNealy, founder/CEO of Sun Microsystems and father of PGA Tour player Maverick, about valuations in the dot-com era: "At 10 times revenues, to give you a 10-year payback, I have to pay you 100% of revenues for 10 straight years in dividends. That assumes I can get that by my shareholders. That assumes I have zero cost of goods sold, which is very hard for a computer company. That assumes zero expenses, which is really hard with 39,000 employees. That assumes I pay no taxes, which is very hard. And that assumes you pay no taxes on your dividends, which is kind of illegal. And that assumes with zero R&D for the next 10 years, I can maintain the current revenue run rate. Now, having done that, would any of you like to buy my stock at $64? Do you realize how ridiculous those basic assumptions are? You don’t need any transparency. You don’t need any footnotes. What were you thinking?"
  12. Think again. Publicly-traded companies making demonstrably untrue statements open themselves up to lawsuits from said shareholders and scrutiny from securities regulators. They certainly do not have a duty to promote their products "at all costs". Company execs can and have gone to jail for stuff like that. If they are having serious supplier constraints and can't deliver product they are hyping, they better disclose that to shareholders and regulators.
  13. Took part in a Team Titleist Talk on Zoom today on the Custom Performance Options ball program. They said not to expect a re-release of the Left Dot anytime soon, as they just don't have the stock available for the ball. It also sounds like it's not a slam dunk that it will be released to retail like the Left Dash Pro V1x. Could be that technology aspects of the Left Dot make their way into future iterations of the other balls. The feedback they get from the consumer release will help determine what they do. They went through a list of the Tour players who play the Left Dot (more than a dozen) and it was a pretty diverse group from bombers (Finau) to shorter players (Jim Herman), and Pat Perez and Adam Scott have played it at times as well. I hope it does find its way to retail as I like it more than the AVX and the regular Pro V1. It combines the best of both of those balls for me.
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