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  1. Take two identical shafts, say a Ventus Red 7S for sake of argument. If neither shaft is tipped, when putting the shafts side by side, the graphics will be in same place on each shaft, regardless of the playing length of either shaft (shafts are butt cut for length). If one shaft is tipped and the other isn't, the graphics will be lower on the tipped shaft relative to the untipped one. It isn't that complicated.
  2. They mean the graphics (lettering/design) on the shaft itself. If the graphics on two of the same make/model of shafts line up then they have been tipped the same amount, regardless of the playing length.
  3. This topic just came up a couple of weeks ago. The suggestions in that thread for current makers of #9 style putters: Cameron Cleveland PXG Wilson Evnroll Meridian Sub70
  4. New AVX will be softer than Left Dot, Left Dot will spin more with short irons and around the greens, AVX should launch lower with the driver and irons.
  5. Same here. Pre-ordered a Stealth @ 45" and was hoping TM would adjust the SW - there didn't appear to be a place anywhere in the custom order process to speciify or request a SW. Thanks!
  6. Fwiw, on my pre-order it says "Scheduled arrival date" is 2/4....
  7. New Lajosi LP421 - I've been chasing "soft" feeling putters for years, yet my favorite putter ever feel-wise is my Byron 006 with a fine face mill and a sound slot. So I went for the fine face milling with this one and the feedback is incredible. My favorite putter from Kari.
  8. New LP421. I love the clean look and the feedback from the fine mill on the face.
  9. Don't be afraid of the K-grind - the wider sole makes it really forgiving. Just realize that it's meant for certain use cases: bunker shots and pitches around the greens with a mostly square face, and it works great in regular to soft turf conditions. The D-grind is probably a better bet if you want higher bounce but with the versatility to play more open-faced shots. It's not as automatic out of the bunkers as the K-grind is, but it's a good option.
  10. I like the older Vokey TVD K-grind vs. the retail K grinds they've released. The TVD version was a little more versatile to me. D-grind is a higher bounce version of the M-grind. The M-grind never worked for my swing - it felt like I drop-kicked everything. The D-grind is very versatile. The K-grind isn't meant to be opened up. There was a discussion here years ago, where a few folks insisted that instead of opening up the K-grind, one should drop the hands back at address to expose more of the bounce.
  11. This is the discussion I had with my surgeon, specifically related to golf. She said monovision would be awful for depth perception and golf. Since I am extremely left-eye dominant, she did a "mini-monovision" where she slightly under-corrected the right eye to make reading easier. It was a little odd for the first month or so as I was slightly aware that my right eye wasn't as sharp as the left, but the brain does adjust and I didn't really notice it after that (with both eyes open).
  12. Same here - had LASIK done 9 years ago at age 43. It was one of the best things I've ever done. I was nearsighted, -2.75 in the left eye and -2.50 in the right eye. I wore contacts for about 20 years prior to the surgery as I hated glasses. After the surgery I was 20/15 in the left and 20/25 in the right (my surgeon intentionally under-corrected the right eye slightly to stave off reading glasses, as I am super left-eye dominant). Took a few weeks to get used to, but the brain adjusts. I had halos/rainbows for a few weeks after the procedure, but those went away. I'm a little more sensitive to light now than I was previously, especially near water (pool/beach), but it's worth the improved vision. Only other "issue" I've noticed is that my eyes are super sensitive to smoke from the grill or firepit - I never realized how much the contacts shielded my eyes from smoke and pollen. My biggest advice for anyone considering LASIK is to find the best doc in your area and don't skimp out. I was pretty hesitant to do it and put it off a few times. I ended up going to Mass Eye and Ear in Boston and it was top notch from pre-op testing to the surgery to the follow-up plan. It was more $ than the TLC-type places, but I think it was worth it.
  13. I never said that Costco compared the balls directly to Titleist. Titleist objected to the Kirkland Guarantee. "It also is suing Costco for false advertising of its Kirkland brand, specifically the “Kirkland Signature Guarantee” that promises to “meet or exceed the quality standards of leading national brands. In the complaint, Acushnet says: “The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls have all of these characteristics and are demonstrably superior to the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball, despite Costco’s claim that its ball ‘meet[s] or exceed[s] the quality standards of the leading national brands.’ … Acushnet Company has performed testing that conclusively shows that Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are superior to the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball in performance and durability, and thus that Costco’s Kirkland Signature Guarantee is false with respect to its golf ball products.” https://golf.com/gear/ball-wars-titleists-parent-company-countersues-costco-for-patent-infringement-false-advertising-over-its-kirkland-ball/
  14. I believe it was related to some wording on the box and the Kirkland Signature claim of being equal to or better than comparable products, with no testing or data to back that claim up.
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