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  1. Like others I’ve been in search of the perfect golf shoe for years and tried many brands/models. My feet need more room in the toe box, otherwise more normal width. When shoes don’t fit I get blisters. I have flat feet so also need good lateral support. Tried many Adidas spikeless in wide sizes but still can cause blisters. I’ll wear these when riding. I like the look. Ecco Bioms have been pretty good, both spiked and spikeless. Need to keep insert in to have enough cushioning. My go-to right now. FJ latest generation Contours not good. Contour spikeless, from several years ago also not good. Puma spikeless were great- wore them out quickly though. These were 6-7 years ago. I’d try Puma again. TW’s were okay. Not the most comfortable. Nike not good. Blisters. I may check out New Balance the next time I need shoes.
  2. I’m always getting blisters on my big toes, and the one shoe that seems to prevent them is the Biom Hybrid 3 GTX I’m wearing this year.
  3. Do any of the slope models give an actual elevation change in addition to yardage adjustment? I’d almost rather have that number and then work out my own adjustment based on the type of shot I’m hitting.
  4. Previous years’ models seemed more durable than average. What gives?
  5. Getting some calories in tells the body not to conserve energy. So eating something at the turn will help. Losing weight (if you’re overweight) and improving physical fitness should be considered if walking nine is tiring.
  6. Tennis has made progress in better prize money for women. Any lessons there for golf?
  7. First thing I thought of was better search. More precise searching to be exact.
  8. Reviving an older thread, but went from G400 to G410 irons with same shaft, so the only real difference in the clubs I believe are the tungsten toe weights in the G410. I'm definitely hitting more fades with the G410s. ( And hit more pull hooks with the G400s. ) Just figured out this could be the reason. The fade bias is the better miss I guess.
  9. Swapped in a tensei AV blue 65 in my Rogue driver to try a heavier shaft. Only played 2-3 rounds so far. Pretty happy overall, mid trajectory, decent distance, finding more fairways than with the 50 g synergy shaft.
  10. Always felt Srixon yellow balls were more durable than white, didn't scuff as easily. Anyone else? Would that be related to distance difference?
  11. CBS affiliate in Connecticut interrupted the final hour of the tournament to report a tornado warning FOR 30 MINUTES. OMG. Could have conveyed the tornado warning in 30 secs. Never seen anything like it. Unbelievable. Koepka and Thomas were in a dogfight when the interruption started, when the broadcast came back on, tournament was over.
  12. Some OEMs offer lots of shaft options. I have to think these new clubs are coming direct from manufacturer with custom shaft. If 2ndswing was installing, manufacturer warranty would be void.
  13. I have the Seahawk, highly recommended. Condor could be good for more sun protection, haven’t tried it. Condor brim is wider and angled downward. Seahawk has the metal eyelet vents, Condor does not.
  14. I do it unconsciously sometimes after an aggressive swing. Reduces strain on the back as you turn on the follow-through. To me it’s not something to avoid. I figure if Gary Player does it, it must be okay.
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