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  1. The 52s and 57s are essentially equivalent in performance and forgiveness. The only real difference is technology. Both are great. I recently had a set of 57s that I sold for MX-25s.
  2. "No, no, no, don't think of it as work. The whole point is just to enjoy yourself. "
  3. Go with a combo set. 200s 5-6 and 52 7-pw.
  4. If you hit it in the center everytime then there is no difference. If you hit it all over the place, then yes. The wider sole will also help you for shots that would hit fat. A bad shot is a bad shot.
  5. How do you want to hit the ball? Do you want it to just go straight or do you want to shape it? I had a set of MP57s that I sold to buy the MX25s. I liked the 57s, however, I had no desire to shape my shots. I simply wanted to aim and shoot straight. There was no benefit for me to have the more advanced clubs as I saw no benefit. The only thing was that it magnified a draw or fade into a hook or slice. I play much better with the more forgiving clubs.
  6. Its not about the money...that will be a wash. It's more about that great "pure" feeling you get with the 52's. The MX-200's feel OK, but they don't give you that buttery feel that the 52's do. So most of you seem to feel that the MP52's are too big a step up from the MX200s for a bogie golfer. Is that a correct assumption? How is it a wash? The 200s retail for $699 and the 52s retail for $799.
  7. You just bought a new set of clubs. Enjoy them. Your score won't change with anything new. Don't be throwing your money away.
  8. A few weeks back I bought a set of Mizuno MX-25s off ebay, new in the box from GPPGolf. I paid 275 shipped.
  9. Here is a shocker. THere isn't much difference between golf clubs.
  10. You can buy something for a realtor online or ebay. Same guy. rockbottom, proshopwarehouse, gppgolf...it is just much cheaper using their ebay stores.
  11. thoughtsI rolled a few with this guy the other day and it felt very nice. I currently game a Louisville Golf persimmon and this maybe my replacement.
  12. I use a 20* hybrid that I hit much further than my 3 iron. Great club for me to go about 220 or so.
  13. Return/sell some of those 1 month old clubs and buy yourself a nice f****** TV. You'll enjoy it more in the long run. I'll take one of the 54 *wedges.
  14. The 25s are pretty cheap right now. I can't see an improvement in quality for the 300 or so price difference.
  15. How does the mX-700 hybrid compare to the previous versions? The older model can be had for peanuts right now. I have been tempted to pick a few up.
  16. MX-25s can be had for under $300 shipped. There isn't much difference between them and the MX-200s.
  17. Then buy another MX-560. They can be had for peanuts right now.
  18. How the f*** do you have time to play 2-3 per week? Do you not do any actual work?
  19. Nope. Not unless you want to have new sticks.
  20. Good. You can become a good player without having a great swing. I see many new players becoming frustrated quickly because they miss the green and then take 4-5 shots to get in the hole. Become a good putter/chipper and your score will thank you. Once your swing comes around you will be in a good place. Learn to put and chip and you will shave 2-3 strokes off each hole before you develop a great swing.
  21. See if you can exchange for the G5s since they are much cheaper than the G10s. That may give you some extra money to get other items for your bag....putter and wedges.
  22. Your fitting will most likely change as you develop your swing. Right now, it doesn't matter as you can't hit the ball consistently. That isn't due to the clubs but rather your swing. Keep playing/practicing and buy new clubs next year when you are better. You will get a better payoff then. Keep the clubs and use the money for a good putter and wedge. Getting a good short game will improve your scores the most in the short term. Missing the green isn't necessarily a bad thing if you can still make par. It is a problem when you follow that up with a chip/pitch and 3 putt.
  23. Those are the full cavities, they look very tempeting as a back up set though. If I didn't didn't just buy a set of MX25s I would be all over these.
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