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  1. Thanks... It really is a joy to roll... Butter soft... Softer than my Del Mar Button back... Which doesn't really work for my trashy home course...
  2. Sorry for the pic screw up last time... Here we go again. Super sexy and amazing Epon Zen for sale or trade. It plays to 32" and is gripped with a leather stitch back. Only 300 of these beautiful putters were made. Looking for 800 - trade value obviously different Trade interests are Titleist T-MBs 716 or 718 Ping i200s Seven MBs
  3. The man, the myth, the legend shaped these by hand from a blank chunk of steel... Just breathtaking really. These are 3-PW with Nippon SPB's in X flex. Progressive COG and progressive roundish to square toe from long to short irons. Minimal chatter on these and the only noticeable face wear is on the 9 & PW. Looking for 2000, but also entertaining trade offers, whether it's straight up or cash added. Also have a X2 Hot 2 Deep with Elements Chrome 7F4... Looking for 100 there. Can email or text extra pics if need be. As far as trades I'm looking for high end putters and irons... Cameron
  4. I'd still rather have a set of hand made Scratch irons made the way IIIII want them.... But that can't happen now can it.
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