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  1. Been a HOT minute since I've been around this board, but how in the hell is this thread still kicking?! I still got mine, take it out every now and then usually at the beginning or end of the year. Remember contacting Rob via PM and he suggested I build one up with a ProtoPype. I used that thing for a LONG time before replacing it. Sure, sounded like throwing a golf ball at a tin trash can, but it was an amazing driver.
  2. I don't think so? I got them for Christmas from the wife in 2019 so 2020 was free for the year, but I never got charged anything this year for them. I assumed I would have to pay the $100/yr or whatever for the full feature set is, but never happened and I still have full use of the app and everything else.
  3. Stinks, but with four kids under 10, I don't have the time to spend working on what I now know I need to. Love the system, works super well, but playing 2x/month at best with no time to practice...juice isn't worth the squeeze. Any questions, please feel free to ask. $225 shipped for all of it Full kit for Arcoss AI system 14 sensors (including normal, non-Superstroke sensor) Superstorke sensor for any counter-balanced grips Arccos link - wear on your belt, on your pocket, so you don't need your phone in your pocket
  4. J, seriously, RELEASE THE REVIEW. Get on with it already **HUGS**
  5. > @ASN21 said: > I think he is going to a non golf brand. Mark King is new CEO at Taco Bell and I believe him and Harry worked together at TM years back. Could be a possibility. With how long he's remaining at Callaway after the announcement, can't think he's going to another golfing brand, at least, not now. If he stays out of golf for ~12 months, then it's just getting around non-competes. The giveaway will be if he 'goes on his own' and magically 12 months from now he lands at another golf company. I met him in person, he's a great guy and was a pleasure bantering with back and forth. I'm sure he'll do great wherever he ends up next.
  6. > @IL2AZ said: > Just read a Jonathan Wall article stating a handful of tour guys that tested the 410 LST were seeing around 200 RPM in spin reduction over the 410 Plus. Saw this same thing and was surprised the reduction was only 200rpm. How much of a difference can that possibly make, a few yards, maybe?
  7. > @Christosterone said: > > @jgonz69 said: > > > @Christosterone said: > > > Chamblee is the skip bayless of golf channel... > > > Once u accept this, it’s kinda fun[ironically] to listen to what he says... > > > > > > > > > > > > -Chris > > Really? > > One has won golf tournaments on tour, the other averaged 1.4ppg in high school basketball. > > > > > > Mine wasn’t a comparison of athletic prowess but one their ludicrous hyperbolic style. > > Skip Bayless, like Chamblee, makes outrageously stupid claims regularly. > It’s part of their “charm” I suppose... > > -Chris Comparing ANYONE to Bayless is about the worst insult you can chuck out there
  8. > @Joker91 said: > > @JohnKHawk said: > > I wonder if Callaway will follow suit again & release an updated Big Bertha Mini 1.5? > > With jailbreak, yes please I inquired to a few Callaway people about this and the response I got was basically, "not enough commercial demand" for minis. I figured Jailbreak, flash face, and carbon fiber with their typical sleeve would be awesome. Just doesn't sound like it's going to happen, but I'll be more than happy to be proven wrong
  9. > @DavePelz4 said: > Great write up and congrats on the success. I made the change last September after a horrendously disappointing year. The bottom of the bag has non-SL clubs as does the top. I was a hybrid guy, playing a 3-7h before SL. Can honestly say they have made a huge difference. The index is down, the GIR is up and the simplicity of playing every shot the same is wonderful. Even went as far as ordering a 4i and I can't remember the last time I played a 4i. Because of more consistent contact with the center of the face, I've picked up at least a 1/2 club on every shot. Huge fan and I can't see leaving the concept...well...until some other new wacky idea is proven to help shoot lower scores. DP!!!! You're now in the SL club, eh? Hope all is well with you friend and the courses around Chicago are open!
  10. > @Nicodimas said: > Mine landed and looks good! > > Will have to try to see if beats my Cobra Tour 3W @ 12. I am hitting the F9 about 248-255 (total) when I hit it just right off the tee. I hit this one quite high compared to my buddies drivers , so hoping dropping the TM mini to 9.5 gets me out there a bit better. We will see !! > > > > > > (They did forget to send a tool.. do companies still send tools?) I think Callaway is the only OEM (maybe Cobra too?) that sends tools with fairway woods and hybrids. At least they used to. I think the rest of the OEMs only send tools when you buy a driver.
  11. > @J13 said: > > @Z1ggy16 said: > > > @J13 said: > > > Saw this in person yesterday. Nice looking mini driver but $400 is crazy. Go buy yourself a Ping G400 LST for $299 new and enjoy. > > > > People said $400 was nuts for M5 3w yet... they are buying them. > > > > Secondly, it kind of sounds like you're missing the point? From my POV, the point is that maybe some guys just like a really small headed driver or they visually struggle with a 45'' large volume head so perhaps a shortened up club with a smaller head on the end helps. > > > > I know for me, I've got driver yips but I can hit my little 3w off the tee on every hole just fine. Something like this wouldn't ever come up in a conversation with G400 LST. It's kind of in a realm of it's own. > > > > What would be most interesting to me is the 11.5* head turned down to be the same as a 460 head and also the 13.5* head vs something like Flash SZ 3+w, from both a distance but also dispersion stand point. > > It's not the size of the head it's the length they play a driver and the loft. People hit a 3w straighter because it's spins a lot more and it's 42.5-43" long. If they set up a shorter, heavier driver they would hit more fairways. I'm not against the mini driver as a replacement I just think **people don't set up their drivers properly**. In fact I know most don't as I rebuild them all the time. I shorten and add hotmelt in my shop and all of a sudden they find the center of the face. I just had a lengthy conversation with a mutual acquaintance of ours on this exact subject, specifically the bolded part of your quote. Short and heavy will certainly be more consistent but people usually miss by not setting the driver up with similar properties of a 3 wood. We gots a test club in the works that I'm letting him do his thing and send it back to me. We'll see how it goes. The only part of the club I know of is the head that'll be used. No idea on anything else.
  12. > @Pack7483 said: > I will definitely check this out. I have been wanting an update to the mini drivers to come out. I wouldn't mind seeing callaway come out with a rogue/epic mini with jailbreak. I was talking with a few buddies the other day and said, "Epic Flash Mini with an 80g shaft option, 43.5", ~10.5* with their normal adjustable hosel; flash face, jail break, carbon fiber." Ended with a Giddy the _expletive_ up so it sounds like they'll sell at least two of them!!
  13. > @chch3 said: > I just scored a mint SLDR mini 12* at GG for $30 last week. I was going to have a shootout with it and my 2 Deep. This is going to get a strong look. I wonder if they will have them in the spring demo cycles coming up? If it happens to have a regular or senior flex shaft in it and you don't want it, I'll buy it from you. I know the chances of that on this site are slightly less than 0%, but I had to ask. My pops-in-law wants to try one and I'd like to snag one for him to try out. > @QMany said: > > @nosedive32 said: > > The SLDR S Mini was a great club. I've had the 12 and 14 degree models in and out of the bag many times. Would love to see how this baby performs > > Coincidentally, I just put the SLDR Mini back in the back two days ago. I rarely hit 3W off the deck (maybe 4-5 times per year), and it’s confidence-inspiring off the tee. I just stuck my 2Deep in my bag a few days ago to mess around with it early in our season as well. I'd love to have it be magic, if only for a few rounds, yet again.
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