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  1. mosesgolf

    Tony romo

    Can Tony shoot -28 over four rounds and play 100 holes with just 1 bogey?
  2. If my aunt had a mustache then....................
  3. Hideki will be like a god in Japan. Bigger than the emperor. Bigger than Godzilla. Bigger than Giant Robot.
  4. Gals got game and they're on a pitch n putt set up.
  5. Strange things happen at Augusta. Why did Molinari and BK hit into the water on 12 2019 that set the stage for Tigers win? Jordan 12th hole 2016? Choke, wind? The wind does strage things there as we've witnessed over the years? Xander birdied 4 holes in a row to get within striking distance prior to 16. Wind gust or grabbing the wrong club is not a choke. Tough place this village.
  6. I meant the game overall is inclusive for all in its current state by mentioning those names. Dial back the ball 10%. 300 yd hitter hits it 270. 330 yard guy hits it 297. Is that fair?
  7. To be frank golf is fine and doing great where it's at. Brian Harman competes just fine with the big hitters. Guys like Kevin Na, DJ, BK are doing great. I would offer that the long ball allows the so called short knockers to compete. Imagine calling someone who hits 280-290off the tee short. Oh my. Making the ball shorter penalizes guys like Brian Harman and Kevin Na.
  8. Sounds like the USGA and PGA Tour are not on the same page
  9. Hideki's caddy bowing to the course after retrieving the flag is one of the most uber coolest things I've ever seen on TV. For some reason that move reminded me of "The Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise. A must see movie.
  10. Jordan has one of the best short games I've ever seen. Put him on the Mount Rushmore of short game specialists. It's more fun to watch someone save par when that person has no business making par or birdie rather than watching someone bomb a 330-350 yard drive.
  11. One of the longest driver's I've ever played. Highly underrated.
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