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  1. mosesgolf

    Sony open

    Man Na is such a cool dude. He's been with his caddie for 13 yrs wow. I remember when Na gave his caddy that cool Dodge Hemi Charger when he won. That was awesome. The man can flat out putt. Captain Stricker please pick Kevin as one of your wild card picks.
  2. 2021 is going to be another fantastic year for drivers. Cobra Rad, Cally Epic MAX, Ping G425, TM SIM II, TSI oh my.
  3. Dang I just signed up for ATT TV and paid a premium so that I can get TGC. SUX!!!!
  4. Bryson proofing makes it rough on the shorter guys. Trick up the greens a bit so that it rewards shots that come in with spin.
  5. Well I’m a scratch golfer 3 out of my last 4 rounds at my home course have been under par. I can save a stroke with more fairways hit and perhaps score another bird by being 10-15 yards longer. I’d pay $750 for that.
  6. Hmmmm. I've watch so many TXG videos and not once did I feel they were ever trying to sell me something.
  7. TXG has done 2 Youtube videos on the Autoflex. The 2nd video was even better than the first. So if you could pick up a legit 10-15 yards, swing harder, and maintain or even improve accuracy would you pay $750 for a shaft. For me YES!!!!!!! Heck I paid apprrox $350 for the Ventus Velocore and it was worth it for me. More yards, swing harder, and not spray it. It looks like Autoflex has that and more. I for one am looking to see what happens with this shaft going forward. IMO this shaft appears to be a game changer.
  8. BD also doesn't keep his left foot planted throughout impact so he's not placing undo and dangerous torque through his knees, hips and back through impact. On the surface he appears to have a swing that's less likely to cause injury. Some guys keep their left foot planted through impact and that causes lots of torque to be placed on joints. Bryson will be around for the long haul imo.
  9. He will improve on BK's 4 pack and get a 6 pack. If he continues to chip n putt like they way he did at Wing Foot then I see a very bright major count.
  10. Bryson worked hard to transform his game. He dedicated himself to take fitness to another level to increase distance knowing that it was going to be an advantage and now there are folks whining and beyotching about it's not fair. Well if you're tired of being a short knocker and feel you're at a disadvantage then go practice.
  11. It’s always the short knockers who are envious of the long ball guys. Trying to take away an advantage someone has is a LAME idea. That’s like saying let’s trick up greens to take advantage away from great putters.
  12. The guy who plays SLOW, reads the putt over and over again from 4 angles for a 3 footer and constanly does the George Gankas squat on every hole.
  13. Folks are mad because we have a long drive guy who can hit 200mph ball speeds with a 48" driver. They're feelings are hurt becase there is a guy who already has around 190mph ball speeds with decent accuracy who can chip n putt. BD is only going to get better.
  14. You also gotta give props to Bryson's putting this week. He putted like a US Open Champion should putt.
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