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  1. I've played both and the blade wedges are more precise for my game. My favorite designs are from Cleveland 588s to the Vokeys.
  2. Ricky's got the life. All the other stuff is just noise. He still has game and he will win again. Maybe this weekend.
  3. I know the feeling all too well.
  4. Blade Shamers are clowns. I personally have big time respect for anyone who plays blades. I bought a set of 712mbs recently as a backup. I grew up playing Titleist and Wilson Staff blades and playing them gives me great joy. IMO you'll get 10x more "ooh cool blades" vs unknowing pompous clowns mouthing off. And even if they do who gives a rats glutes. And all the more better if you beat them playing blades. On a personal level my scores arent much different playing blades vs any other irons.
  5. It's crazy how great DJ played in 2020 and how much he has fallen off since his win in Saudi Arabia back in Jan. Such a fickle game.
  6. Feeling it for Ricky this week.
  7. My previous set were 0311T's and they were fantastic. To compare Titleist T100s 4-PW is $1224. That to me is a no brainer. I moved onto the XF for more forgiveness and the graphite shafts are easier on this old guys elbows.
  8. Have you guys seen the prices of PXG clubs on their website lately? Holy smokes. I guess if you don't have millions in outstanding inventory out to retailers and huge endorsement deals and most orders going through the websites then I guess they can charge what they charge. There's no going back now. Was this PXG's plan all along? Give public perception of ultra ultra premium and then few years later undercut everybody.
  9. Does Wilco miss like Bryson? Maybe its the swing. Wilco hits it so far and it looks near effortless and yet Bryson looks like he is swinging 115%. Same goes for Cameron Champ.
  10. I've played all of them and my fave are the PXG's. Whatever they're doing they got the feel done right. Best performing irons I've ever played.
  11. Bomb n gouge hasn't worked all that great in Ryder Cups. Precision, accuracy and most importantly putting has usually won the day. Ask Ian Poulter
  12. US always has a scary team on paper but they've been shown to be paper tigers. Collin likely to do very well. Only US player I'm interested in at the moment. Mr Sunshine and Mr Wonderful oh man I can feel the static electricity already.
  13. Great leaders are great leaders because they are geniuses. It's not just being about book smart. There is also business smart and street smart. GW was a freaking genius. Most of the founding fathers were freaking geniuses.
  14. So what’s your opinion of Roosevelt, Ike, and Churchill? Holy smokes you just criticized the guy who led an underdog of underdog armies to a decisive victory that was one of the most historic victories in the history of the world because he used a previously successful game (war) plan. Your thoughts on Tom Brady’s 7 Super Bowl wins?
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