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  1. The commentary had way too much non sensical talk about breathing.
  2. What a year for Morikawa. This guy has got so much game and is so mentally tough.
  3. I put a low spin shaft in my G400 MAX and set it to -1. It's up there with the longest drivers that's been in the bag but also hit alot more fairways with it. I've tried the G410 LST, G410+, G425 MAX and LST. They're all good but the G400 MAX was best of the bunch. After horsing around with the G410s and G425s the G400 MAX just performed the best. They all hit about the same distances. My G410 7 wood is the best club I've ever put in my bag.
  4. Nelly has a knack to make birdies after a bad hole. Remember how she bounced back after that double bogey at the Olympics? NELLY has nerves of steel. I hope she comes to dominate long term like Annika did.
  5. G410 20.5 7 wood w/ Tour 75 Stiff shaft. This and my driver are the 2 most reliable clubs in the bag.
  6. I have a 14* SLDR driver for holes like this. I put this club into play on very tight courses.
  7. I swear I make more bogeys going for par 5s in two with a 3 wood rather than laying up to a good yardage that almost always guarantees a par and often times birds. Hmmmmm
  8. Nice to see Rory back to his old habits. Wow this guy has some talent. His ball speed with hybrid is faster than some of the guys on Tour who hit driver. That is incredible.
  9. Me thinks USGA pushed 46" limit just to irk Phil and limit Bryson. Bryson and Phil are probably the only 2 guys who play 48" and after what Bryson did to Winged Foot and USGA don't give a rats arse what Phil thinks you kind of knew it was coming.
  10. Ricky just lost the number. Double bogey par 5 brought lots of people back into play.
  11. It would appear Ricky spent some time with a "golf whisperer"
  12. Ive added a 7wd and 9wd. Sometimes I put an x stiff shaft into my 9 wd The 7wd is the one of the best decisions Ive ever made
  13. Mizuno makes some of the finest forgings/irons on planet earth. Most if not all of Tiger's US Am wins were with Mizuno MPxx and Faldo's finest work at the 1996 Masters were with Mizuno MPxx. The best blades I ever played were Mizuno MP33's and MP14s. If Mizuno paid as much as Titleist, Callaway, or TM there would be alot more Mizuno played on all Tours.
  14. Could some of these thread topics regarding 4 caps get any more lame?
  15. Ahh Tiger sure gave us a lot of memories over the years. Not going to be another like him in our lifetime.
  16. The gentleman Bobby Jones would say WTF!!!!!!!!! are you thinking?????????
  17. The 2016 M2 is what Tiger put into play when he came back to play in 2018 and also won the 2019 Masters with it.
  18. 5 hybrid seems like the club for you 26* I rotate a 5 iron and 5 hybrid.
  19. Zalatoris 61. Looks like his putter woes are behind him. Hope he has a breakout year.
  20. This is like Bo Jackson playing NFL and MLB. Great stuff Bryson.
  21. I found the G410 Plus to be just as long as anything I’ve tried including the TS3. The Ping is way more forgiving. If you are concerned with spin then get a lower spinning shaft and lift down.
  22. Going forward PR gonna have to auto qualify. He is highly unlikely to get a captain's pick.
  23. Oh man that is awesome news. Bones got lots left in the tank. IMO Bones is on Mt. Rushmore of caddies.
  24. LOVED that driver. Woah was it ever loud.
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