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  1. I play a 3 hybrid and a 4 utility. I also play Vokey in 50* and 54*, but Cally MD CB with lighter shaft in my 58*.
  2. What turned me off was the stock shaft which is too light for most of my wedges. For my 58* however, I do like it light but I already play the CBs.
  3. I also trust Foresight data more (and camera systems for that matter) for the type of data I'm looking for. For me though, I'm losing faith that it's going to be $3k (my absolute budget limit) or that it's coming out within the next month. I don't want anything to do with $200+/yr subscriptions either. There's also the lack of info about its compatibilities and U.S. pricing. These single nuggets of info each week started annoying me so I went with the Mevo+. I had great hopes for this, more than even the Full Swing Kit that I was also closely watching. Both of these units no doubt are a step (or several) over Skytrak and Mevo+. Nevertheless, $500 off the Mevo+ ($200 off, plus no tax and free shipping) which has TGC2019 and E6 compatibility was too good to pass up while being this annoyed. My setup is outside and I will be using an iOS device anyway.
  4. I couldn't wait anymore for confirmed news. Too much speculation and each new tidbit of info discouraged me more and more. As much as I wanted it, I opted for the on sale Mevo+. Ordered on Monday, got it today (Thursday). Hope the Launch Pro doesn't disappoint.
  5. Plenty of people use their mat on grass myself included. Unless your lawn is very lumpy, and your mat flaps upon striking it, you should be fine if your mat has some decent weight to it. If the mat is permanently placed there, just smooth the ground there. (I will be getting the Mevo+ as well if the Bushnell Launch Pro doesn’t work out. So the below comments are from the instruction manual and/or testimonials.) With the Mevo+, the “lowest” setting of indoor, 8-9’ is fine to the net. You do need the same behind the ball to the unit. Lastly, you will still get better readings with the sticker on the ball.
  6. Huge 2021 V1x fan now and this test confirms what I see when I use it. I've played the 2019/2020 TP5 for 2 years now. For my game, I find the 2019 to be a good ball, with the 2020 being even better. The 2021 TP5 I do not like. I was never really a fan of Titleist balls at all, but then I got to try the 2021s... all I can say is wow -- especially for the Pro V1x! My swing speed isn't really high but this ball's characteristics give me a longer and more satisfying flight. It seems to be less affected by the wind and feels great from driver to putter. All with very good durability -- I can play 2 9-hole and at least a full 18 with one ball.
  7. Sorry no pics for now. 1. PING 2021 Anser 2. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport Love them both nearly equally as I feel like I can't miss with either. But that PING insert is something else! It edges out the Scotty by the tiniest margins for me. Greatest putters I've ever had and I have another 3!
  8. Looks like I may be going a bit into this route. Currently in a fitting for a stiff and heavier shaft in my irons. Currently testing. However, my utility 4 iron will remain a regular flex. Fitter agreed it's a good fit for me. My woods and driver are stiff though.
  9. I was holding out from buying a Mevo+ but no now my hopes are slowly dashing. I still hope it can compete with the Fullswing Kit at $4k. If so, I'm still in. But we still don't know how compatible this will be with current sim software. If this requires some form of FSX software...forget it.
  10. I play the Max driver and Speed fairway. Very happy with both even at stock. Nice sound and feel, and I find the stock shaft to be very good. Both play very well for me.
  11. Long time tp5 player and a big fan. The 2019 was definitely inferior to the later models in terms of durability but was still great. And I still have a few dozen of them. I will usually only get one round in with one. They (2019- current) are certainly not short on any club and I hit them the same distance as the 2021 Pro V1s. But I got to admit, I’m more impressed with the Pro V1 over the TP5 this year.
  12. Current a member of Cogorno Golf. He's great if you are starting out, interested in a modern two plane swing, or already swing in a similar fashion. His explanations are in depth and go well beyond his YouTube videos. He has a ton of in depth videos: master class courses, fault courses, and practice routines. Well organized with a video player similar to a online learning platform. He is legit and well worth the money in and of itself (especially if you got the discount like I did). He gets to the point quickly and I find no fault in how he teaches. You can send in your video for direct feedback (one a week I think) and he has weekly Q&As on his Facebook pages. He does NOT teach the single plane swing. By Eric's own admission, he teaches the two plane swing. And a model one at that with on caveat -- he admits he has an old injury that limits some of his mobility on his left side. His fixes also do NOT help single plane swingers. If you try to apply them to a single plane swing, they will bring you further confusion. How do I know? Because I also use the single plane method, and that's after years of using two plane. If you want help with single plane, go Jim Hardy/Chris O'Donnell (Plane Truth), or more Graves/Moe Norman, or Kirk Grunge.
  13. Had the G425 Max. The head was too heavy stock so I got the aftermarket weight to lighten it. Worked better for me but I couldn't deal with the sound (even coming from G410 Plus). After a fitting learned that I also was having a hard time hitting the center of the face consistently. Spin was also high when I did hit to middle. Tried the Cally. Better for me on every metric. They are comparable on paper though so it's best to try them both yourself to see what you hit and like better.
  14. It arguably is the driver closest to actually being one, but fixing your swing fault would do more. The route I took was to get an adjustable driver with above average right side protect so that I can change to neutral as I got better. Though the standard G425 Max fits that bill, the Callaway Epic Max is doing for me this year.
  15. I do 3: FW: 4W (or a 3W set to a 4) Hybrids: 4h and 5h.
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