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  1. A great deal on a used Scotty Phantom X 12.
  2. I think there is too much instruction where the back (or knee) is vulnerable. I wouldn't blame Foley. Could have been compensation for his (Tiger) knee issues. Issues that started with Butch. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/11/tiger-woods-200-swing-butch-harmon-hank-haney Under Butch, Tiger's swing looked amazing but not even Tiger could swing like that forever. I think Rose knows better than anyone about what he needs and what his body can handle.
  3. I wonder if this is the thread he was referring to in the video.
  4. Watched the "On the Range" broadcast on Masters.com, they said Rose left, tried some things, and then came back to Foley. Foley was with Rose on the range on Friday for sure (didn't watch today's broadcast).
  5. Wasn't a fan of the F9 Driver. Liked the F9 3W, but found the Speedzone 3W to be a step up. Love the F9 hybrids. Cobra hasn't surpassed them yet.
  6. Works well in bringing down the flight of a spinny head. I had it in a PING 410 Plus. I've only used the stiff, but I didn't find it too stout but quite smooth.
  7. Generally Smart Caddie on the Golf Edition is very good. It's my primary yardage tool even though I have a laser capable of slope. There are some nice features: auto advance on holes, a hole aerial overview with positioning marker (a bit cumbersome though), and greens heat maps. I don't use the scorecard but its also a nice feature. Quite accurate when its running properly. But sometimes it doesn't. My last round, everything was off by 10 yards every hole until I got to hole 17. That's never happened before. But its the first round after a recent watch update. Hopefully
  8. I play with an open stance now too. Ball is very straight. Driver thru wedges. Playing my best golf right now. Listened to an instructor say that not having a good follow thru is just as bad as not having a good backswing. I always thought it was my backswing. Nope!
  9. I’m a fan. Though, I’ve never gotten along with their drivers.
  10. 5 TM Cally Cobra Cleveland Titleist If you include the bag, a PING, then 6.
  11. I wouldn’t go that route. I think you will increase how uncontrollable your ball flight will be. Lowering loft lessens backspin and increases side spin on bad hits. If the SFT is too much, I’d get the Max. I would try one of those free store fittings to be sure though.
  12. @Sons_of_Pitches IMO, I find this year's SFT to be more corrective than the 410 version. That being said, I think the 425 Max with the weight in the heel is comparable to the corrective-ness of the 410 SFT. Best of luck!
  13. The Max is definitely less corrective. Plus you have the option of putting the weight in the center when you decide you need even less correction down the line.
  14. His title, not mine. Nevertheless, its not just a swing in/out vs out/in video. If you watch, what's happening in swing may not be so obvious. It wasn't for me.
  15. Not sure if its been discussed here but I was impressed with the explanation of this topic. I welcome any teachers to provide their input. It's a detailed explanation of all the moving parts (from hips to hands) do to the swing (path, clubface) and how different combos of these movements affect the ball. He speaks on positive (in/out), neutral, and negative (out/in) movements. E.g. Looking at my swing: I have an open stance with bowed wrists/ closed clubface (at top). I have a pretty straight ball flight to little fade from wedge to driver. Hearing Taylor's
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