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  1. Had the Anser 2. I had the PP59 and then the PP60. Excellent putter if you don't have to adjust anything about it, and keep the adjustable length on the longer side. Below 34", I had a lot of trouble with my stroke (I play at 33") due to swing weight. Also, changing the lie will mess up the paint (fitter kept telling me). I'd have to send it to PING for that and to fix the weight issue. Calling them, I'd have to have the remove the adjustable shaft, and install a standard one. Since I didn't want to do any of that, I found myself changing to fit the putter. I got rid of
  2. 2020 Special Select at 33”, 1* upright used. Like new condition (saved $50) and coincidentally, already at my specs.
  3. I carry a 48* GW which falls evenly between my 44* PW and my 54* SW. It's my 100 yd club as well as, being my fav to chip with. PW = 115 GW = 100 SW = 85
  4. My irons thru wedges are all heavier than stock. My irons are D4 and my wedges incrementally go up to D8. My driver I like lighter however. I usually play it D0-1. Same for my hybrids. My 3W is currently D2-3 weirdly enough.
  5. Had a tip put on at PGATSS and the shaft slowly started to slip out of its adapter over a round and a couple of range sessions. Upon inspection, there was no epoxy added at all, just the prepping of the tip of the shaft. It was wedged in pretty good when I first received it, and didn't budge when I tugged by hand. Thankfully I realized this before my head flew somewhere (like into one of the canals in my area). Needless to say I took it somewhere else after that.
  6. I play the G410 Plus at 9* and I've struggled to get the spin down while keeping the launch up with my preferred ball. If they knocked off about 400 rpm's from what the Plus did, I'd be in heaven with the MAX. 10* would be the optimal loft for me. The shaft i have now has worked out really well though. I wish Alex noted if PING kept the same adjustable collar that the g410 has.
  7. Alex Etches on Youtube just reviewed all the drivers. Edit: well the LST and MAX really.
  8. TM was at my local store on Saturday. Got to hit the p770 with $-taper lites. Had the Apex 19s with the C-taper lites. Currently play the Forged Tecs (FTs) with $-taper lites. I found that the dispersion on the p770s to be better than when I had the Apex 19s. As good as the FTs in that regard. Using the same shaft though, I lost about 8-10 yards carry with the 7 iron compared to the FTs. That's due to the p770's 7i is 3* weaker lofted that my FTs. (33* vs 30* respectively -- my clubs are 1/2* weaker than stock). Though they feel very good, I think the p770s don't feel q
  9. Still play either of these on occasion as well...
  10. Just got these. Barely used and in great condition! 4-GW.
  11. Malaska - for Youtube videos at least. Listening to GG stresses me out. But seriously, personally, Malaska's videos helped me to get onto the right track when things were going real awry. His method is hands and arms focused rather than body/hip led like GG which worked best for me at the time.
  12. I have experience with two and I got them based on what the chart stated. Got the XC for a lower launch in my driver (Had Atmos Blue TS), the DI in my 3w to get the ball launching higher with better flight characteristics (from regular Atmos Blue) . Couldn't be happier.
  13. @Bsudgolf TP5 is fantastic. In feel and performance in all aspects. High Quality ball. Played by a lot of tour players (if that's important to you). It's the ball of choice for me, and works very well with my equipment. Been playing it for about a year now. I also buy in bulk from GolfBallsDirect.com (GBD). GBD is an excellent source for balls. Their stock is low at the moment it seems though. 4A is great and not off from 5A by much. I try to get the 2019 model in both white and pix as often as possible (because it works and available from GBD; not saying its better tha
  14. So then my grips are fine regarding size. Is there a weight issue as well?
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