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  1. That bow comment is hardly harsh. It's just true. It's not like the subject of the joke would be insulted or know what it meant. DJ is fantastic for golf and sports in general, gives all special people hope of dominating a fully-capable person's sport.
  2. Journalists really don't do the best when it comes to investing/making an income. Only the very top names, It's more important to spin this for political effect (pick a side - both are doing it). The comment was absolutely warranted and true.
  3. IMO, they all start off with "don't panic" but then a certain subset go off into why this is the most terrifying thing to hit us since the Plague. He was definitely pressing for the latter.
  4. Now the NBA is almost like the WNBA. *rimshot*
  5. I listened to that podcast. He was compelling. Yet for every doom and gloom and fear-mongering immunologist familiar with the subject (of which there are many and more coming out of the woodwork every day), there is another who promotes a "please calm the **** down and be reasonable" approach. That doesn't drive viewership though. I listened to the entire podcast and that guy is seeking to put attention on himself. What he said about this coronavirus could have been said about every other. There is nothing special about it, yet, other than the world's reaction.
  6. Word just in - The Master's will be held on a golf simulator at Revolution Golf & Grille. Players will report for play, there will be no spectators allowed in the venue. They will play the most realistic virtual replication of Augusta National available on the Foreskin Golf Simulator System, endorsed by Ricky Flower and Butch Harmon.
  7. Maybe. Maybe he choked less. Maybe he choked just as bad but got lucky. Maybe the others in contention choked more. Impossible to say. All we can say, with any certainty, was that he choked away more majors than any hominid in history.
  8. They do care. That's why they buy it. They want to be seen with expensive stuff. Like Rolex watches. There's no luxury there. It doesn't do anything that other watches can't (many better). But it sends out the message - "I have plenty of disposable income. I am a success." PXG comes off that way a bit. But they are still a far better deal and more fun than a Rolex.
  9. Brooks was better off when folks thought he had no personality. His actual personality is pathetic. I think he'll figure out a way to make 4 majors wins less valuable than 10 regular PGA tour event wins. What a dud from a marketing perspective.
  10. Who's Ryan Burr? How'd he come up with 5? If you include the TPC, you have to include the WGC events as well. Then the majors. That's way more than 5.
  11. It's always a good idea to stop being fat. The impact on the swing is temporary and a fit, thin person will have a major advantage over the fat person in the game. I don't buy the gravity "connection to the ground" stuff, but I do acknowledge that feels will change drastically the more weight you lose. I lost about 40 lbs a few years back. I felt different over the ball even though I played my way thru the weight loss. I found that it was easier to have too much movement (looser/longer backswing, more flexible shoulder/hips). But, I also felt great. I got used to in about 3 months.
  12. PGA is not the PGA Tour, so are you guys talking about Sawgrass CC or the TPC? I can't imagine the latter choice...
  13. When the cost is what gives something status, the buyers most certainly do care about the cost.
  14. Interesting. Worldwide market? According to Callaway's financials, they had a big revenue jump (came at great cost though). Would be cool to see it all laid out in one place, but generally you have to pay for that type of data.
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