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  1. .25 over D2 Iomic Sticky Black/White cap immaculate condition No trades as we head into winter here in WI. $950 shipped USA
  2. Standard Length 2* Upright i95 stiff flex(PW has 110S and SW has i95 R) great feel and juiced lofts $550 shipped USA thx
  3. Set has seen 10 rounds or so 2 rounds since reshaft by Champion Golf Standard LIe 1* Strong D1.5-2 specs checked 37.75 in 5i no trades $old shipped usa today
  4. Not a mark on it. 2-10g wts $old shipped today priority mail insured
  5. a little shorter head to toe, sharper lines than the TM790s...a mate plays the 790s.
  6. Standard LLL Barely Used Serial on all 6 hosels TSG Info: A thick straight top blade. Easy to set up, easy to swing through, easy to match lines, sharp but gentle head design designed with professional advice, adopting a unique hollow structure, unprecedented high demanded by professionals A forged iron that can aim at the pin by trajectory and flight. With laser milling and machine processing of the Forged Iron Kuro, spin performance is stabilized by suppressing spin variation caused by miss-hits or wet conditions such as rain. This is especially beneficial for iron because it needs to make s
  7. Excellent condition, very clean 38in 5i The first and arguably the best VG3 offering Nippon 1050 stiff shafts—printing on shafts has been removed. Grips in great shape $459 shipped USA
  8. JDM version 38in 5i D1.5 SERIAL on 7i Light chatter $1140 shipped $919 heads only shipped No trades and priced to move thanks
  9. Very clean. Very Light chatter 38in 5i D1.5 Shimada K's Nine9 Shafts - Smooth feel that Shimada shafts are known for. - 95-gram Constant weight for the aggressive swingers to be able to feel the shaft during motion. STM grips $1275 shipped usa Firm Heads only $1050 Thanks for looking
  10. I haven't played any of the US OEM drivers so would be hard for me to compare Sounds and feels amazing here is a short youtube video:
  11. 45.5 D2 Excellent condition Matching wrench and cover included $1000 for head only google for more info and there are a handful on ebay $885 shipped priority insured usa
  12. 45in 358 pcs made—Shingo inspired Material : Rolled 6-4Ti face with an 811Ti body and tungsten alloy. Specs: 460cc, 0* Square Face Angle, 59* lie angle and only available in 9.5 loft. low spin/hi launch Feels/Looks//Sounds great just need a lil more swingspeed Fujikura Bangvoo Premium Shaft stiff Iomic grip and matching cover got a very good deal and passing it along $365 shipped Usa fully insured
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