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  1. So I talked a friend of mine into purchasing the 53* at the end of last year as he needed a new wedge. In reality, I was also hoping to try it myself because I currently am on my second set of Scor wedges a d I love them... But they need to be replaced. This past weekend I finally got to use his wedge. I hit some shots on the range, used it in the practice area for chipping and bunker play... And then out on the course. I absolutely LOVE the head design. It's not flashy as you can see in pictures, but it sets up nice to my eye, with a little thicker top line than my S
  2. The ranger at Highlands of elgin didn't understand either of those Monday. Apparently because they were "on pace" it doesn't matter we were waiting all day long... With open holes in front of the group in front of us.
  3. Just saw this and thought I'd share if anyone is interested. Seems like a fun event.
  4. Love that south course at Arcadia! Green complexes are fun! Fairways run for miles and you really need to play a bunch of different types of shots.
  5. I definitely didn't see any under dressed folks out there. I definitely had layers. That neck face covering they gave out was great. We were talking to the group we followed and the one guy was mentioning how it was a 5 hour pace both Friday and Saturday. Couldn't imagine being out there in that weather and staying as focused as they need to be. Thinking about heading out there later this morning if I can get my round done quickly and get the okay to be late to the family BBQ....
  6. I did get out there. That was some tough weather, but those guys are like robots... Although they move a lot slower than I'd expect robots to. I get that they have their routines, but some of those guys are sloths. One group we were following, I heard one of the players say "wtf are you doing?!" as another player backed off numerous times, lined up a 20 yard chip and took at least 15 practice swings... Until finally, he hit it. It was legitimately almost 5 minutes until he hit it. We did get to see two eagles in the first 3 holes, one on the par 5 1st hole and another holed out fr
  7. Here's an article about what they were supposed to do with it. Maybe the popularity of golf in 2020 changed their plans? https://patch.com/illinois/highlandpark/city-council-ready-close-sale-highland-park-country-club
  8. It closed a couple years ago. I wonder what's up. I'll have to check it out. Very interesting! I always liked that course.
  9. Like new Power Package Swing Trainer. Great condition. $55 obo shipped to continental US only.
  10. Played Erin Hills today. Good conditions. Great forecaddie. Elevation changes are absolutely unreal and pushing a cart up a lot of those hills was brutal... But no where near as brutal as the 5:46 pace of play. The group in front of us was unbelievably slow, yet marshals didn't want to upset any paying customers I guess. Waited on almost every shot all day long. It's a beautiful facility with nice people, but that's far too long of a round.... Especially with 83* and nowhere to hide from the sun.
  11. For those of you that have considered lessons with Tim Overman at Golf In Motion down in the city, he's released an online program of some sort this week if you're interested. Seems the Chicago shutdown has got him changing things up a bit. www.truemotiongolf.com
  12. Played Glen Erin today for the first time. What a fun course! Wind was whipping, but course was really dry. They didn't get anywhere near the rain we did. Love the layout and the undulation on the course and greens. Only downfall was that the greens were sanded....and are running slow. A few holes I'd certainly play better knowing how the holes and the layouts. I'll certainly find my way back again later on this year.
  13. Glen Erin on Sunday. Looking forward to it. My dad played it last week and really enjoyed it.
  14. That course somehow stays in incredible condition year round. It's amazing. I haven't seen them aerate greens in forever and they're still great. Although 4" of rain might have thrown them off a bit here....
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