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  1. You might want to take a different approach by reading Rotella's books. Seriously helped my putting, short game, attitude, outlook, etc etc. He's gets your mind in a good place which is more than half the battle. Since you're obviously a tournament player, you already know how to hit the shot. You've probably hit the shot 1000x before. Read the book, and go get after it. I've read: Golf is not a Game of Perfect and the one specifically on putting. Both are great.
  2. I think I touched on what I did to get to my hdcp in my extended previous post. Yes, I'm in the gym working with a strength and conditioning coach mostly maintaining and building flexibility AND building lean muscle. Workouts revolve around the core, legs, shoulders, back, and some arms. As far as the bills go, when I decided to play golf full time and not utilize my degree with a real job, I had to make sacrifices. The biggest being living with my parents at 23yrs old. They have supported me in more ways than I can explain here. Other family members have been just as generous and supportive
  3. I think you're somewhat comparing apples to oranges, but let me explain. PGA pro's are better than +5 at their home course day to day. They may be +5's or close playing Tour course layouts in tournament conditions week to week. Playing a course, like me, every day and being a +? handicap is one thing. Doing it week to week on a new layout under ridiculous conditions is another. Even I can accept that. But this is what drives me. A new level of play, a new standard of consistency. Hey come on Bizzub, don't knock the fraternity thing.
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to answer some questions/clear some things up I guess. Anyway, here's my story: I played h.s golf for four years, and was tired of it after. I wanted to go to a big university, join a fraternity, and have a "real" college experience. At the time I was probably good enough to play at a small school. That's neither here nor there though. I started really falling in love with the game again sophomore year of school, playing with fraternity brothers etc. I found that since I had finally stopped growing, my game was back, and fairly quick. I've always been a natural athlete
  5. Thanks for the advice guys. And, yes the tournament is in Dothan, AL at The Highlands (Robert Trent Jones). I have been working on my putter/shortgame. I practice this I would say about 70 percent of the time. Mostly rolling downhill putts to get somewhat used to the speeds I expect to be playing. The course is 7500+/- yds which plays to my advantage as well. Thanks also for the good luck comments. Everything going smoothly, we should be in good shape. Maybe I'll start keeping some sort of a journal on here as I progress through the stages of professional golf. Thanks again.
  6. Playing in first tournament as a professionalHey guys, at the end of August I am playing in my first professional tournament. The Hooter's Tour is coming to Dothan, AL Aug 31-Sept 6th. I am going to be playing the Monday Qualifier in hopes to enter the tournament the week of. Being a +5.1 hdcp and consistently practicing 7-9 hours a day, I think my chances are good to at least get in the field. Does anyone have any good advice/information regarding what to expect once/if I get in the field tueday-sunday? I researched last years winning number at the same course (-17) and believe I have a shot
  7. I have been taking Adderall for 6 years now, and I do play golf with it. Actually, I wouldn't know what it would be like to play golf without it.
  8. Hey guys, Recently I purchased a 35" Studio Select Newport with 15g weights instead of the standard 10g weights. On the shaft of the putter there is a sticker that read's "Heavier. Designed to have a heavier head". Am I understanding this as to mean the shaft is different for a heavier putter than the regular ones? Or is this just referencing the heavier weights added to the putter? The reason I ask is, I am possibly interested in getting new weights for faster greens; so I'm wondering if I have to get this reshafted as well. Thanks!
  9. A lot of great tips here. I do somewhat of a combination of things previously stated. I go through my warm-up routine ending with whatever I'm going to play on the first tee. My nervousness doesn't usually get going until my name is called. But, I take it as me being excited more than scared of what might happen. My mentality gets me in the thoughts of, "Watch this guys, I'm about to rip one and you're going to have to watch this all day." After this, my pre-shot routine goes into motion and it's all over from there. I've done the routine, hit the shot, etc thousands of times so it's no big de
  10. You want to get your lie angle's checked too. For instance I'm 6'3 and play +1/2" x100's in my Titleist ZB's, but they are also upright a little over a 1/2deg. But really, I'm always tinkering with my club guy as my swing changes.
  11. Well, I usually get to the course about 9am (recent college grad, pursuing golf career). I start my routine with putting, always with a putting arc to start. Some 3-5 footers and some 10-15 footers. To me, it's hard to work on putting without some type of aid to see what you're doing wrong. With the arc, at least I know my path is on so I can focus on making sure my face angle, etc are correct. This takes about 45 min to an hour. Next I hit balls, going through my pre-tournament warm up routine. A few 56deg wedges with my feet together (I'm 6'3, so this helps me make sure I'm turning and n
  12. Club face angle and path of the club moving through the ball. Those are the only factors that affect the golf ball. The swing is only a key to getting into those positions.
  13. The best advice I can give is for your warm-up routine, whatever that may be. Pre-round warm up is for just that, warming up. You shouldn't be looking for a swing before a round, just see what your doing (too many fades, draws, whatever) and play to that swing all round. Don't wear yourself out trying to fix something before you step on #1.
  14. Titleist does not make tour issue irons other than custom grinds, etc for guys on Tour. All ZB, ZM, AP2 are the same for guys playing them on Tour as they are for me and you. If you really want to know what the serial numbers should be, I'll go look at my ZB's for you. They are etched into the hosel if you're looking for them.
  15. Anybody have any tips that they've used successfully to get beyond the psychological 'wall'? Mine is from a Dr. Bob Rotella book. Every shot no matter where I'm at on the scoreboard I keep asking myself, "What's my target?" This seems to help me keep my head out of it and focused on the objective.
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