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  1. How many degrees flat can you do with it?
  2. How flat can you make this driver with the new settings? Thanks Does it go a degree at a time?
  3. > @LaymanM said: > > @"Carolina Golfer 2" said: > > > @SMUGamer said: > > > I didn't read this entire thread so does anyone know if Ping is coming out with a G410 LST? I heard they couldn't beat the performance of the G400 LST and were not going to produce a 410 LST but that just doesn't sound right. > > The LST Version will be out by the end of May. > > > @ace036 said: > > > I’ve read some conflicting info regarding the Tensi Orange available through Ping and the aftermarket Tensi Orange. According to some these are two different sh
  4. Nike Tiger Woods size XL!! Green and Blue never worn-White worn twice! Just a bit big for my liking. $32.00 SHIPPED a piece or $90.00 for all three!! PM me with any questions-Thanks BLUE SOLD AND GREEN SOLD-White pending!
  5. Same here-they have been terrible lately!!!
  6. Sorry only pic I have right now-hopefully you can blow it up. I have played 5 rounds with these and the wearing is not bad at all!!
  7. NEW-HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 70g driver shaft!! (68grams) Brand new with Callaway tip and Golf Pride tour velvet grip!! Shaft plays 45 1/4 when in driver head. $129.00 shipped $115.00 Shipped $105.00 Shipped PM me with any questions-Thanks
  8. I will post pics, but my finish is not wearing that much!! Played 5 rounds.
  9. You rawd the black, if so how? Pics? The black finish is applied to a satin chromed head. In my opinion, they should have applied the black finish to a raw head. They should have just offered these in raw to begin with. I dechromed the silver chromes, not the black smokes. EDIT EXCUSE ME THE SMOKE FINISH IS APPLIED TO A RAW HEAD. NOT A CHROMED HEAD I APOLOGIZE FOR THE MISINFORMATION THE FINISH CAN BE BEADBLASTED OFF AND THE IRONS WILL RUST. WHICH IS WHAT WE ALL WANT Can you post pictures? I have a 3 iron smoke coming and want to to match my 4-P mb's That are the raw ve
  10. I really like mine!! They do wear a bit, but I like that look. If you are hitting them all over the face they probably don't look that good, but center strikes they look fine!!
  11. Can you share pictures? My set came in and do not show any marks from being bent 1* up, but its way too cold in Ohio for me to have hit them yet. I'll put some up later tonight.
  12. I have a set that I have played five rounds with-they look fine!! Also, ordered from callaway 2 degrees up, and no bending marks at all!!
  13. ]Callaway Rogue Pro Black -Standard length and two degrees upright. Comes with Project X LZ 105 6.0 SHAFTS! (ordered from Callaway) Also, black Golf Pride 2G grips. Clubs and grips are in Great shape!! Irons $475.00 shipped $455.00 SHIPPED Taylormade Ardmore 3 putter-34 inch. Like new!! Putter $125.00 shipped $115.00 SHIPPED PM me with any questions-Thanks
  14. Videos are up-takes about two hours to finish!! Then you will be let back in.
  15. Anybody else hitting these shafts? Feedback? Thanks
  16. No - you'd want to look at the Apex CF19. The Apex Pro will be much less forgiving than the Rogue Pro. I agree with D that, that would be the normal thought. However, the Pro's are much more forgiving than I expected......and I've played them all, including Rogue Pro Blacks. The Pros are amazing irons. Do you like the new Apex pro over the rogue pro black? Thanks
  17. Atmos Red 6S-Plays 45 inches-No tipping!! Callaway Tip. $175.00 shipped PM me with any questions-Thanks
  18. according to what we’re hearing T minus 10 days to pre order! My order is already in and I will be receiving on the 19th. I ordered the standard apex forged and let me tell you, they have slimmed down the sole and top-line and it feels really really solid. I also hit the apex pro forged and it also felt really solid but the difference for me was forgiveness. I think once people see the head in person and feel how solid the club is, there minds will be changed about a more forgiving iron. Heck, the Callaway rep even said he was going to fit himself into the standard this year.
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